Vibes for Peace
A benefit for The Rex Foundation

Featuring: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Mike Gordon, Steve Kimock, Jen Durkin with special guest Bob Weir & Sikiru Adepoju

Featuring: Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju and Giovanni Hidalgo

12.01.06 :: The Warfield :: San Francisco, CA


I: Piece of My Heart, Comes Dawn, Seven Seconds, Cumberland Blues, Your House, Fountains of Wood*, New Speedway Boogie*, Good Lovin'*

II: Scarlet Begonias* > Fire on the Mountain*, Next Dimension > Drums > The Other One*, The Center* > Lovelight*

E: See You Again
* w/ Bob Weir JamBase | San Francisco
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[Published on: 12/4/06]

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toestothenose starstarstarstar Mon 12/4/2006 03:12PM
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Nice images Sue!

alans starstarstarstar Mon 12/4/2006 03:30PM
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wish i was there..

geomakla starstarstarstarstar Mon 12/4/2006 04:37PM
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Very nice!!!! As always, Susan, you are my eyes, when the tapers are my ears. I just heard this today. What a warm event!!!

YEM9 starstarstar Mon 12/4/2006 06:38PM
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wow look like a great time

McGannahan_Skyjellifetty Mon 12/4/2006 07:11PM
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what do they sound like?

and is that felicity?

bigchris starstarstarstar Mon 12/4/2006 10:56PM
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great pics. Real fun show, super cool crowd. Planet Drum was a great opener, Zakir Hussain is a master. The Devils did a nice job, even though Gordon sings about as good as Phil(haha). Kimock was great with his solos, awesome tone. Things really picked up when Bobby got up there, really liked the 'Other One', most of the Dead stuff was great too. Great night for the Rex folks, they did a outstanding job once again. Sound and Lights were top-notch. Hey Now!

shpilkie Mon 12/4/2006 11:25PM
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Thanx for the pics susan,

erocstar Tue 12/5/2006 08:46AM
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Wassup kidz?
This was not one of the best shows i've seen recently. I love every oportunity to see the boys, but i thought Jen Durkens voice can be a little repetitive. Bobby stole the show with the other one.

letshavesomefun Tue 12/5/2006 08:53AM
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Saw them in the MIL. Thats in Wisco for all of you who don't know. And gotta say the were alright, nothing special. But its all about Gordo and Kimock

The Glick starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/5/2006 11:02AM
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The Glick

i thought it was a great show. Jen sounded fantastic. Kimock and Gordon are the new 'Duo'. Sue your photos are wonderful, thanks.

qwanzarompa Tue 12/5/2006 11:58AM
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Man wish I was there too!!! Looks like a sick show. Way to capture some awesome moments Sue. You sure have some good eyes.

daveapaug starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/5/2006 04:16PM
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Wow, great images....What made the show great for me was the dinner table sseating that remained throughout the evening. Another great meal Charlie, Looking forward to many more. The best part was after dinner, before the show started. Everyone just kicking back, digesting some great food, and puffing away like we were in northern europe or something....

cliftonhanger starstarstarstarstar Wed 12/6/2006 09:18AM
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gordon and kimock sound like they would be sweet together. don't knock phil or gordo's voice, i happen to like them both, just not on particular songs like Terrepin. i would have loved to be there and i hope they do more shows, maybe this summer. Western N.Y. (hint hint)Gordon was a great choice for bass and it's good to see Kimock back, he really stepped up to the plate during The Other One's 98' tour. Peace.

rpmills starstarstarstarstar Wed 12/6/2006 12:40PM
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Show was a good time for sure...not mind blowing by any stretch. I really liked Steve and Mike's contribution to the music, these two seemed locked in each other quite nicely. Bob, who I always love to see, just couldn't seem to get into the groove, imo. With many of Mickey's Planet Drum friends sitting in, I believe the rhythms were just too foreign/fast/electronic for Bob's fit. Many times throughout the night he was waving his hands at stage hands or was turned around messing around with his amp. But you gotta love those "jus a little bit higher" yells that are oh so rock'n'roll Bobby!!!!

Would see it again but not for the $80 that I had to pay.

And Sue, your pics are outstanding as always!!! Cya around the Conn. Yankee soon or later.

rjd999 Wed 12/6/2006 02:48PM
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such a great line up, great pics from the show as well... i saw them play at the birchmere in alexandria, va, and they had this cat named something like atom smith doing computer bullshit through some of my favorite dead songs, he also cut kimock off a couple of times when it looked like kimock was gearing up for solos. the rhythm devils definitely provide a unique show, but with that techno geek messing with some of the more rock n roll sounds of his bandmates, it turned out to be a good, but not great show.

swanroad starstarstarstar Fri 12/8/2006 12:07AM
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Kimock was hot. Nice pics, Sueshi

Grape Drank starstarstarstarstar Fri 12/8/2006 01:16AM
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Grape Drank

Sueshi's photos are always the shiznit! Thanks Sue for keepin' me in view of the Bay Area music vibe, now that I'm back home in the bayou...

GRATFULGABE Thu 12/14/2006 09:40PM
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rjd999- I really thought Kimock was holding back at that show.In hindsight maybe it was the techno guy...holding him back....