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High Sierra Grandstand Stage by Dave Vann
As many of you are aware, this summer's festival yielded many calls and emails from festival-goers regarding their negative experiences with law enforcement. It was clear that in order for us to return to Quincy we would need assurance that changes would take place. Toward that goal, we have been working diligently with the local community, county officials, and the Sheriff to bring about the substantive improvements necessary for us to feel comfortable in returning. We are pleased with the results of our meetings and are happy to announce that we will indeed return to Quincy for the 17th annual High Sierra Music Festival, July 5-8, 2007. Plumas County Sheriff Terry Bergstrand has written a personal note to all High Sierra Music Festival attendees outlining some of the measures that will be taken to improve the relationship between patrons and officers. Major points of his commitment include a citizen Walk-Along program, fewer patrols, moving law enforcement headquarters off-site, removal of the SWAT vehicle, officers staying on main pathways, and daily briefings with us in order to immediately address any issues. We will continue to work with the Sheriff and county in the months leading up to the festival to make sure implementation is meeting our expectations.

We want to thank the High Sierra fans for their patience, thoughtful input, and vote of confidence these last few months. Thanks also to the residents of Plumas County for their continued vocal support which bolstered our cause and gave us the momentum we needed to move forward. Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors as well as Sheriff Terry Bergstrand for working together to create a positive outcome. With this decision behind us we can now focus our attention on producing the best High Sierra Music Festival yet! Tickets will go on sale thru our website Monday, December 11. Stay tuned and have a happy Thanksgiving holiday.


[Published on: 11/20/06]

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gurgi617 starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 09:25AM
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thats what i love about high sierra, the people are all there to work together to make it a great festival. the safety concerns were addressed and an understanding was reached in order to keep it as great as it has always been

EVILFUNK Mon 11/20/2006 09:53AM
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...yes. how verry verry fucking sweet of Sheriff Terry Bergstrand to remove the SWAT team from the MUSIC FESTIVAL...for those just tuning in last year at high sierra oficers supervised by Sherriff Bergstand were standing outside of peoples tents at night looking for the flicker of HSF campers lighters - using this as probable cause to search camps...when they found contraband Bergstands officers had a processing station on site to book the campers on thier way to jail. no shit.

i think its awesome that the promoter cares enough to try but i fear for my saftey in any place where the sherriff department would set up for a MASSIVE HUNT like this.

its too bad...the music at this event always looks awesome but ill wait untill they move to a better area - a SAFER area!

Jamon starstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 10:26AM
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High Sierra is an awesome event. I think this article shows that the promoters are working hard to address the situation.

Don't let Evilfunk's paranoia discourage anyone from attending. Just be extra careful about when and where you light up.

See you there!

Sizlunt Mon 11/20/2006 10:37AM
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Cops ruined this festival last year. I saw them doing things that were outright against the law. Coupled with the expensiveness of it, I doubt I will be back, regardless of what that sheriff says.

thewormisgod starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 10:37AM
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long live the BEST FEST OF THE WEST! dont know if i honestly see the po stepping down though...

Sizlunt Mon 11/20/2006 10:46AM
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Just read evilfunk's comments. He is exactly right about that, although I didn't know they had a booking station on site. The cop patrols through the campground were outrageous, although it did make for some entartaining "cop games" at first. But those things get boring quickly. The police presence was so overwhelming at this festival last year that I felt nervous even drinking beer, and I was 28 years old!

Like I said, for me, the fest is too expensive these days, and I don't want to take the chance of Barney Fife getting uppity again.

cocheese Mon 11/20/2006 10:59AM
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what was the SWAT team ther for? do they not know what kind of folks show up these fest(well most of the people peace loving folks)?

philhitz Mon 11/20/2006 11:01AM
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SWAT teams pretty much say all that needs to be said & for those of you who do not know what SWAT stands for it is Special Weapons And Tactics

futhepharmer star Mon 11/20/2006 11:01AM
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This is just scrambling by all involved to make sure everyone (including the po-po) make money. Face it folks, the festy days of old are gone. younger punks who care nothing of our culture, only about our drugs. Cops and under covers have moved in as a result, and the whole festy experience just isnt what it used to be. If we truly want to make our point known about the law inforcement issue, we must boycott events that have colluded with said law inforcement. DON'T GO TO HIGH SIERRA THIS YEAR! this is the only way to voice your displeasure. that way nobody makes any money including the promoter , the town of quincy, and the state park itself and especially the Gestapo Law Inforcement team. it kinda sucks, but take away the money and people listen. AGAIN, DONT GO TO HIGH SIERRA MUSIC FESTIVAL IN 2007!

NickBoeka Mon 11/20/2006 11:08AM
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Well despite my inclination that this summer we will see the same type of activity seen at a bunch of the summer festivals from last year (Greater Police Presence and Bookings), I still plan on attending this years HSMF, just because it was one of the few reasons why I convinced myself to move to Cali from Colorado. my lady and I are very much looking forward to experiencing Quincy, rather than lawrence this year. Plus its a lot closer to me, than last years drive. Lets hope that the promoters and the locals can find the common ground to allow the event to run like the bunches of other festivals I have been to, without incident and grimmace.
Another thing to think about is maybe acting with a little bit less care-free-ness this summer and doing what we all do in the real world now when we want to have "fun", just be careful and sneak-a-tokes, and controlled partying....it's really not that hard to have a good time AND stay in complete control of yourself.

Sizlunt Mon 11/20/2006 11:12AM
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If you were there you'd have seen what we mean nick. They were searching at random, completely without any probable cause. Sitting in our campsite in Hogan's Alley, they'd walk through the campgrounds at least 4 times an hour. It is just hard to relax when you feel like you constantly have to worry about the police, at any given moment you feel like you can be messed with, without any probable cause or warning at all.

If they do change it this year, good for them, and I'll go next year.

Hotchkiss Mon 11/20/2006 11:15AM
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are you out of your mind?

i'm glad you won't be at high sierra. the police activity was not a disturbance to my festival expirence at all. though it was disturbing to hear some of the stories told.

the police were targeting one part of the camp more than the other's. the people around me had no problem with smoking weed, selling mushrooms and getting blind drunk. we were in the family camp. kids in the shady grove camp ground were unfairly targeted.

if your a dipshit who thinks you have the right to smoke weed where ever you want and get piss drunk and stumble around in public, maybe you should not go.

Sizlunt Mon 11/20/2006 11:21AM
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Not out of my mind, and I don't smoke herb anymore. If you had a good experience with the police, then I am happy for you. I didn't.

HOPEFULPHAN star Mon 11/20/2006 12:04PM
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imo anyone who goes back here or wakarusa is taking a huge risk. the fact is cops and any govt official for that matter cannot be trusted when it comes to kids partying. so regardless of what the sheriff said, they will still do whatever the hell they want. it really sucks that kids got busted w/o any probable cause, and whats worse is that wont matter in court at all.

Sizlunt Mon 11/20/2006 12:10PM
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Actually, in all but one of the searches I witnessed, the people being searched didn't have anything on them it turns out. They shouldn't have been searched to begin with as they were doing nothing more suspicious than walking through the festival.

My deal is that I don't want to shell out $400 for a weekend, plus the additional cash for late night shows, to have to worry about being hassled by the police for no reason the whole time.

And like I said, if people didn't have a problem with the police, more power too you, I wish you more good times this year.

Hotchkiss Mon 11/20/2006 12:47PM
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my question was for futhepharmer.

sleewell Mon 11/20/2006 03:16PM
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i believe that pig about as much as i believe any other pig, that letter was complete horse sh!t and i would be embarrassed if i was the promoter to post such lies. does he really think people are that dumb to believe a lying sheriff from some two bit town, that probably would lie to his own mother if he could make some money over it. yeah he will just patrol the outside and move the swat team back to the station, YEAH RIGHT!!! maybe so, but they will probably pull a wakarusa and have cameras all over the place.

i agree that the days of old style festi's are gone, if you are smart you would avoid high sierra, Wakarusa, and every other huge festi that cares more about money than the enjoyment of the attendees. the only way these bastards will learn is if you dont give them your money, thats all they care about anyways.

beadiamondsomday starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 04:45PM
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i wish i was too stupid to do anyting w/ my life, then i'd join the police and put out bad karma all day, for victimless and non- violent crimes

beadiamondsomday starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 04:46PM
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and if you know how police can be, you'll be carefull, at ALL times

Hotchkiss Mon 11/20/2006 06:11PM
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you have got to be pretty spineless to let police scare from a music festival.

Leatherface starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/20/2006 06:36PM
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High Sierra Kicks Ass!! If your dumb enough to get arrested you deserve it. People forget we live in the USA!! DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL!! Maybe if people went to High Sierra to watch music, instead of pretending that their in some kind of UTOPIA, they wouldnt have so many problems. I indulge myself every year in the herbs and chemicals that god has given me to enhance my enjoyment of the festival, but i also keep in mind that im in AMERICA. Dont blame high sierra for the society that we live in, blame yourself. If you want things to change, get up off your lazy ass and change them.

Bill Clifford Mon 11/20/2006 09:19PM
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Tom & Leatherface have it right.

I too know Roy, Becca, and Dave, through my dealings in the industry. As an east coast fan, I've only had the pleasure of taking in one High Sierra fest - I think it was the fourth year - back when Box Set played the fest. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

I was not in attendance over the last two years, so I did not get to see the cops behavior. I don't doubt that what happened was an awful experience. But I do know the "type" of festival goer's the po are looking for are the hoser's who are on all kinds of hallucinogens and major chemicals that really don't have any place even in a festival environment such as this.

Anyone who has attended High Sierra should be well aware that Roy and the krew of High Sierra are not in this for the might $$$$. I'd go back to HS if I had the money to send myself.

Astronaut Jones starstarstar Tue 11/21/2006 07:22AM
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Astronaut Jones

their = possession as in those are "their" brownies
they're = contraction for "they are"
there = as in I am going over "there"
too = also
to = I am going to work
two = 2
Just thought some of you might not know the correct way to use these. Know why people like law enforcement won't take people of our culture seriously? Because we can't even use simple words correctly. Drugs are illegal. I don't like it anymore than you. Get used to it. Weed will never be legal here. Get used to it. Know why? Because any dummy with 3 square feet of dirt can grab some seeds and grow some reefer. It may not be kind, but it'll be something. Uncle Sam can't tax that. That's why it'll never be legal. Just be careful out THERE guys. I love you all.

cocheese Tue 11/21/2006 07:33AM
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isn't it funny the only drugs the govt. makes legal are the ones they can easily tax. "it's okay to destroy your lungs and those people's lungs around you, and it's okay to to kill your liver just as long as we get our money, BOUT MY MONEY!" money, it's a hell of a drug!

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Tue 11/21/2006 12:51PM
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so..its not a matter of grammar...or a matter of weather we should or should not get arrested because the promoters have friends who will vouch for them...the facts are that TONS of peoples rights as americans were shat on by Bergstand. now the promoter has a BUISINESS MEETING with a flat out PIG who has proven he does not respect HSMF festival goers. Good people do not meet and discuss anything with crooked law enforcement...cooperation + complycity = a true missunderstanding of how to deal with bad cops. also a shure sign that we are in danger if we smoke a joint at a festi.

I saw NO trouble at the Sierra Woprld Music Festival this year for one reason - they mooved the event to a county that respects people. PERIOD.


Sizlunt Tue 11/21/2006 01:18PM
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Here's the thing. If I was smoking herb, I would do so with the full understanding that I might get a ticket. That's not my issue. It's that I felt like even though I was doing nothing wrong I still could have been hassled. I know by paying for the festival, I was supporting the bands. However, I was also paying for an experience, and that (not cheap!) experience was somewhat lessened by overzealous law enforcement. I certainly did not pay for that.

So again, to all who are going I wish you a very happy and fun fulled festival. I just don't think I will attend until I have some gauge as to whether or not the police have reigned themselves in; I simply do not trust them. If this year goes off well, I'll be back next year.

sotak Tue 11/21/2006 01:42PM
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Who are we all kidding. Yes the police pressence has been more over the last couple years and yes we are not able to buy our year supply of x,lsd, or whatever floats your boat, but by not attending the music fest then we are letting the cops win. We need to show up and show them that there is an alternative life style, that the police/repulican point of view is not the only one.
If you still want to particpate in drugs then just be smart about it. Do not try to buy anything at the fest and do not try to smoke a joint as you walk down the main path. I know that the police were hasseling more and more people, but if we are smarter then there would be less problems. We need to remember that people are getting arrested for illegal behavior not legal behavior.

cbm0329 Tue 11/21/2006 06:58PM
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I didn't go to High Sierra but I was at Waka and it was ridiculous. A few people getting arrested is to be expected but when you feel like you're on a military compound it kills the feeling of the fest. By the 3rd day at Waka you could tell everybody was on edge. I still had a good time and I'm sure a lot of other people did, after all you can't let cops bother you so much to where you don't enjoy yourself. But I shouldn't have to deal with cops constantly riding golf carts by my tent at 15-20 mph. Last year I went to Langerado in south Florida, Wanee in central Florida, Waka in Kansas and Bonnaroo in Tenn. My friends went to Summer Camp in Illinois also. All of those places were fine except Summer Camp and Waka. Bonnaroo isn't the same and probably never will be. The crowd was lame and the music lacking, but it is still the most open environment. I'm sure some people got arrested, possibly by Feds looking for big fish, but I didn't ever see a single cop messing with a single person. I heard some stories about Langerado but not much and never saw a problem myself. Wanee always has a few random arrests but never very many and I have yet to have a problem there.

I didn't realize High Sierra was so bad. I'm not surprised that Waka was like it was, after all it is Kansas but I would never think a festival in northern Cali would have a problem. The bottom line is it sucks. I really like Lawrence. The people at Kansas University and in the town are some of the most polite, nice people I have ever met. But now I don't think I will ever go back. They ruined it for me. I was planning on making it to Sierra sometime in the near future but if they don't fix it I guess I won't be doing that either. I'm no idiot, the chances of me actually getting arrested anywhere is pretty slim, especially at a music festival. But I still don't want to go to any place where I am constantly reminded that if you aren't a cop, you're really just a second class citizen.

trustme starstarstar Tue 11/21/2006 07:29PM
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Last year was my first HSMF and it was great. We did all kinds of super duper drugs, danced, laughed, ate well, drank well, shopped, found new favorite bands, slept in, woke up to fine music, great weather, smiles all around. I know that john law is a buzz kill, but if your smart about it, doing naughty stuff under the nose of the law adds to the thrill. I saw people getting f-ed with and it was B.S. but it doesn't warrant a boycott! HSMF deserves the support of the scene. The vibe at the fest is top shelf. Just party like an adult and not some rookie. Sometimes I think we forget that our "party favors" are illegal, hello. Don't be pissed if your breakin the law and get caught. Be careful with your party. I was out of my head most late nights all within a few feet of johnnylaw. It's possible to have a gooood time under the radar. Don't advocate a boycott of a sweetfest just because the cops are there. Just be careful and let the good times roll. See you in Quincy!

omslice Tue 11/21/2006 08:19PM
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check this: the sheriff's note said that they have a "continuing duty to ensure the health and safety of festival patrons"...to that, all I have to say is that where we were staying, in artist camping, AMBUSHED in THE NIGHT by the cops, TRAMPLING US AS they tried to catch a musician that was about to play a late night show!!!!! where did they end up????? TRAMPLING OVER TENTS THAT HAD SLEEPING CHILDREN INSIDE!!! YOUTH!!!!! F*cK their claim to keep us safe...they had GUNS...Fire burn a babylon...the show will go on...just wanted to share the story so that if you are heading to the festival with children, PROTECT THEM FROM our so-called PROTECTORS...

ps...is anyone sick and tired of the festival being right next to the lumber mill? what a sad sight to wake up to after such blissful music!

Andi80 Tue 11/21/2006 09:24PM
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AMEN Trustme!! Couldn't have said it better!

paulygparty Tue 11/21/2006 11:41PM
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Have fun. Without me.

BAJA BASH get your sh_t together and get that festival going again. Looks like I have some extra cash and I'm looking for a festival.

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire Wed 11/22/2006 04:43AM
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Ah, California, where HMSF takes place, also one of the states(Wakarusas KS does as well) in the USA that takes DNA samples from citizens accused of a crime or arrested for a crime but not yet CONVICTED of a crime.

Not cool.

Read on: http://www.stateline.org/live/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=136&languageId=1&contentId=129960

cocheese Wed 11/22/2006 05:26AM
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SOTAK, why did you have to throw the "republican point of view" in there? Do you think Democratic leaders are hanging out at High Sierra, and all Republicans are out to get ya? Sounds pretty petty and ignorant to me.

the420cloud Wed 11/22/2006 08:53AM
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High Sierra - assume the position!

HOPEFULPHAN star Wed 11/22/2006 11:02AM
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10klf is where its at. security is always 90 percent locals there to have a good time aswell.

RedHeaven starstarstarstar Wed 11/22/2006 01:27PM
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OK Folks, heres the problem with Quincy Cops: They eavesdrop and harass. These are the things that need to stop.
A lot of you are going overboard on the whole thing besides these facts. If the cops stay away from eavesdropping and hassling folks minding their own biz, then HSMF will be back to normal.
HSMF has always been modeled after the "jazz fest of the sierras". this makes the Quincy fairgroudns a perfect place to make this come alive. The mini streets, the buidlings, the ammenities. Having cops around for this size and location is NOT the problem. Pre 2003-04, everything worked just fine at HSMF. Personally I do NOT mind being under the radar with smoke and etc. With the cops presence at HSMF generally speaking, withOUT harassment issues, things are just the way HSMF should be. Its not a private location, its like our own little city in the mtns. I actually like the fact that theres a few cops mingling as long as they arent hassling. I do love a festival where people play things smart. It takes out the sketch factors to a large degree. People dont come to HSMF to sell drugs or wares. Its a spirit of HSMF that you feel like you are on VACATION with everyone else, not at a hippie flea market. But thats besides the point....
So, this is NOT the problem.
The probelm has been HARASSMENT> And no, NOT on a federal level like Waka. Its at a local level. If the cops stop harassing people, things will flow nicely and we'll have our vibes back.
I'll take a few cops for the experience HSMF is as a whole. I think everyones gtting ahead of themselves in this comment discussion. Lets stick to the real problem, hope its fixed. besdies blatant harassement and eavesdropping, if you cant handle afew officers at a festival then stick to your 90.000 huge ass Roo or go to small festivals, or festivals in big cities.
There is NOTHING like High Sierra....I love the surreality of the Wood Mill, and its water vapor has been a memory staple for those Quincy sunrises that only bring joy to my mind, thankfully. For some, theres not a site out there that would be quite like Quincy.
HSMF promoters are CLEARLY not in it for the cash. If youre in the know, then you KNOW this. Dont speak too soon unless you know your facts. To move a festival is a really huge endeavor. If the law officials break thier promises this summer, then HSMF will start the shift. I have a really good feeling that things will work out this summer, but if not, then we can expect thigns to change for 08. The move would cost HSMF to have to skip a year this round, so in a way this year is the grand experiment. The town of Quincy would lose MUCHO revenue, and the law officials know this, and know its their last chance to make things right for THEIR community. This fact gives me hope that we wont see the problems HSMF has had.
If you were not hassled or didnt know anyone who was hassled, HSMF is by far the best time Ive had at any event. Even this past year, with a line up that I wasnt hugely fond of and the probs, I still had my best HSMF to date. So while some of you are complaining, others are finding the magic. Sometimes magic shines brightest in times of issues....There IS an inner entitiy that IS High Sierra. Whether you feel that or not, its THERE, its its own specific community that will not die. This community is one of the most caring and cautious and spirited community out there. We know how unique our HSMF spirit is and all anyone wants to do is patch things up so we can keep on keepin on.
There are festivals, and there is High Sierra.

tourmaniac Wed 11/22/2006 01:39PM
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A lot of you should be glad that High Sierra is standing up for your rights since apparently most of you are too lazy to do it yourselves. The fact that they were able to get the sheriff to write a public letter of this nature is absolutely astounding. Do you think that Johnny Law wants to admit that he was wrong? Of course not but that is what they have done. People who are pissed off that HSMF met with law enforcement to begin with are not living in the real world. You have to deal with the local authorities no matter where you go. To assume that the people running the festival or anyone else for that matter can just thumb their noses at the "pigs" is ridiculous.

While law enforcement was pretty heavy-handed at a lot of festivals last summer there are ways of changing this for next year. File complaints, write local politicians and newspapers (you would be surprised how much that can help things) or take any number of actions that might get you labeled an activist. This boycott nonsense is like running away with your tail behind your legs. It would likely do more harm than good anyway as it would effectively kill these festivals off. The only people who would be happy about that would be law enforcement.

The bottom line is that people need to start taking more responsibility for their actions. The police didn't just show up randomly. They are there for a reason. Fix the problem (and I think we all know what the problem really is) and the police will go away.

RedHeaven Wed 11/22/2006 01:50PM
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Disclaimer: I did hear of Spoondogs incident and that was by far the worst thing Ive ever heard about at HSMF. That sucks fiercely, and this is the kind of stuff that must stop. For all who are wondering, its not like this happens all the time, but the few instances are enough to piss anyone off. There has been a HELL of a lot of talk in Quincy between the locals and the cops, and this year everyone is well aware of the consequences if they (cops) dont shape up. I think this year more than any this is being taken seriously. A few REALLY bad apples in their law enforcement destroying Quincys economy will not be put aside this year like it has in the past. I expect change.

LisaB32 starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/22/2006 02:24PM
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If High Sierra ran from Quincy the cops would go about their business & assume what they did was OK. "Sweet, we ran them hippies out of town!"

At the same time, anyone who can't see that a festival where folks are openly doing illegal stuff will attract police attention is delusional. If you must partake then do it uber-discretely, don't over-indulge, take personal responsibility for your behavior & watch out for your friends! Those few simple things would the problem down a heck of a lot.

Granted, the police crossed the line this year and there was definitely unwarranted harrassment going on. I for one am proud of High Sierra for stepping up and telling the Sheriff that sort of behavior is NOT alright. Then taking the time to work through the issues with the backing of the local community, the majority of whom were on High Sierra's side in this matter.

If more people joined together & stood up for their beliefs/rights, and then backed that up with action instead of just bitching & moaning, this world could be a very different place...

I'm really looking forward to signing up for a shift on the community walk-along patrol. Hmmm, maybe a neon colored shirt with the words "I'm watching the police while they walk through the festival" would help alert folks to their presence? Or a big sign on a stick that says "POLICE -->". I'm definitely bringing my camera too. Could be fun ;)

rowjimmytour starstarstarstar Wed 11/22/2006 03:52PM
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HSMF is all about family and the people you know and the ones your going to meet. I love quincy and the fact I can bring my family to HSMF evcery year for a four day vacation and there is something for all of us to enjoy. My son (13) has friends he looks forward to seeing ever year and I look forward to being able to tape in the most taper friendly fest out there. Long live HSMF and I well see ya in '07.

DeeStar starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/22/2006 06:16PM
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I'm very glad that High Sierra took action, and I'm not really surprised at the outcome. Remember that the Quincy locals, for the most part, DO want HSMF in their town, AND that the position of Sheriff is an elected one. I think everyone has taken the right steps to smooth things out a little - now it's our turn - to do our part, we should all GO TO HIGH SIERRA, BE SAFE AND CAREFUL, AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!

BTW, I know for sure that HSMF isn't just out to make $$$$, I've seen countless examples over the past 17 years. Plus, I'm the one to whom security handed a hundred dollar bill when my wallet was missing (I paid them back when it was found with my cash & cards still there). I noticed the huge mound of cops, but wasn't bothered by them - but I was camped in family camp, which wasn't hassled at all.

omslice Wed 11/22/2006 08:50PM
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It's all goood...

tourmaniac...I actually did report this trampling incident in writing to the correct people...and I think a lot of other people told their own stories in their own way, so I don't think it's fair to assume that the only place people are taking action is by moaning here in these comments pages...and if people want to boycott, then that is indeed a very powerful form of action! shit, I boycott McDonalds every day of my life. Does it mean they are closing their doors? hell no, but they won't ever get my dollar...I respect everyone's perspective on this issue and as long as their action is non-violent and with good intent, then I respect that too...bitching about things is a start...not the most effective, but a start...

and redheaven: i really dig what you said...next year will be an experiment and I admire HSMF staff for choosing to move forward...and in a way, it's good that you can view the lumber mill with different perspective...to me, it is not surreal at all, but a fierce slap of reality...all those trees laying dead in a pile...needing to be sprayed with water 24 hours a day to keep from catching fire...please don't get me wrong...I use things made from wood like everyone else...it's just a sight i wish i didn't have to face while experiencing the surreality of thousands of awesomely inspiring people dancing around to sweet sweet music!


Sizlunt Wed 11/22/2006 10:48PM
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You can bet that this isn't the only place I voiced my opinion about Quincy's Barney Fife's. Don't think that just because we are complaining about it here, that this is the only place we've complained.

trustme starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/23/2006 10:09AM
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Uhh...those of you upset about the cops obviously have never seen a wookie in the wild. Well I have and it aint pretty. Things go down when wooks are allowed to roam free. You'll come back they'll be passed out on your sleepin bag! They always sleep with their mouth open and the vapors from their gooball diet seep into your clothes. I'm serious, these cops are brave. A hug from a wook can render you helpless quicker than taser. I know, I know it's nice to mingle with wildlife, but they'll chew your arm off if they get a whiff of some molly hidden in your pocket. I've seen it. People feedin the wooks gettin their pictures taken....it's all fun and games till someone gets their arm chewed off. Let's all thank the pigs for protecting us from the wayward wooks!

rowjimmytour starstarstarstar Thu 11/23/2006 01:29PM
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HSMF is all about family and the people you know and the ones your going to meet. I love quincy and the fact I can bring my family to HSMF evcery year for a four day vacation and there is something for all of us to enjoy. My son (13) has friends he looks forward to seeing ever year and I look forward to being able to tape in the most taper friendly fest out there. Long live HSMF and I well see ya in '07.

DragonSlayer Thu 11/23/2006 08:06PM
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Be careful out there, the "fertilizer" is thick and getting thicker. Sheriff Bergstrand's letter is an obvious dissemblance.

For example, why increase the perimeter police presence if not to support additional detention, confiscation and arrest? The increased presence appears to be aimed at keeping people from escaping rather than entering illegally.

Why add an "onsite protective custody facility" for intoxicated attendees who have committed no other crime? Is this function not already performed and better served by medical personnel?

I encourage festival goers to re-read the Sheriff's last w├śrds with the following translations: "We truly do welcome you (which means you must be in our jurisdiction for us to arrest you), want your stay in Plumas County (in our detention centers) to be a safe one and hope that the changes I have written above (but am not obligated to institute on site) will make you feel welcome (more gullible) and comfortable (unaware that you are being watched with video-surveillance equipment in your surroundings)."

Don't be fooled. I loved HSMF for many years, but until the festival is moved to private property, where the sheriff's officers are "by invitation only," then the likelihood that HSMF will become "safer and healthier" under the jackbooted Plumas County Sheriff's Department is not only vanishingly small but patently preposterous.

Save your money and go festies that do not capitualate with persons who persecute us. Remember, if you don't want someone to tread on you, get off of the sidewalk.

Hotchkiss Fri 11/24/2006 01:29AM
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high sierra will be lot better this year. it seems that all the spineless, fearful dope fiends won't be attending.

scarcrow75 Fri 11/24/2006 12:49PM
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hey my brothers and sisters. HSMF for years was my highlight, a dream realized year after blissful year, until 2005. while returning to my camp friday after the end of the main stage for a much needed night of rest (worked 16 hours tuesday and wednesday then drove thru the night to arrive early thursday, then ragin' til friday, you know how it is...), i came to the main gate en route to my spot in shady grove, and ran into an old friend, a security guy from San Luis Obispo.
he and i caught up for a few minutes, while i picked up trash around the gate. as i said my goodbye, a cop, trailed by 3 more approached me and said, "are you drunk?" "yeah, idrank a couple beers but i'm headin to my tent to sleep." "no, you're not, come with me." then the other 3 cops surrounded me and escorted me into the detention center (for those unaware, the portable building by the main gate). they frisked me, asked if i had weapons or needles and went thru my pockets and backpack and wallet, where they found my chillum and a jar with a bowls' worth of bud. laughingly they said, "gotcha." They then read me my rights, cuffed me and took me to jail a half mile away. i thought this was bullshit, but would soon be processed and released as i was in California.
But nope. After about 16 hours of being avoided and ignored, and unfed (unless u count spoiled bologna sandwiches), i continually called out to the jail administrator, who eventually (and thankfully), stopped and paid me enough attention to ask me name. two hours later she returned and said she had no record of me. "why am i here then?" i asked. much thanks to her, she smelled the bullshit at this point and apologetically said "sorry sir, but the arresting officer apparently 'forgot' to turn to turn in the arrest report." "Sure" i thought remembering the officer bragging on the ride to jail, "you're not going ANYWHERE 'til Tuesday". thank god for that lady in the jail. she radioed the prick (pardon my anger but my blood still boils a bit when i think of it) and made him bring her the necessary paperwork to release me. fortunately Jim, the originator of high sierra, and a helluva nice guy, heard my story and gave me another wristband (as the police ripped mine off upon arrest) and i got to see kimock saturday night.
now yes, i had a small amount of marijuana which i knew to be illegal, but i was by no means being blatant nor a "dumbass wild wookie" some of u seem to blame for the problem, hell i was picking up trash! not to mention the tales of injustice i heard from many others, including cell-mates (i don't really believe in jail-house talk anyway, everyone's always innocent inside), but all weekend i saw instances of blatant rights violations, too numerous to mention.
now i'm on probation for 18 months which is fucking with my teaching certification, owe $1,200, and sadly (though i wouldn't return anyway) am not allowed in Quincy by law, for 2 years.
i'm glad they are attemping to remedy the problems, and will always have found memories of my blissful days and nights spent there, but i for one will not return until either they relocate, or a new fest-friendly sheriff is elected. No offense Jim, i love and respect you (thanks for the hospitality at symbiosis as well), your vision, and the possibilities you provide for people year after year, but i do not trust sheriff whatever you call him. since his election in '02 (i believe) i've seen the invasive rights abuses get more and more severe. Smart, effective, proactive deals can't be made with snakes. Period. i love the location but for this lover/friend of the world, that place is ruined without drastic change. I'm not suggesting boycott, HSMF will continue with or without me, there or elsewhere, to be the dreamspace people actually get to inhabit, for a time. Thanks and praises for that and all the people who make it happen every year, and even a shout to few cops who actually just did their jobs- keeping the peace. even the die-hard haters have to realize that it's not cops we have beef with, it's rights violations, hate-itself, and ignorance.
not trying to preach, just tell my 2cents worth. sorry for the poor grammar and dis-jointedness, but i presently have a broken clavicle and can only use my ungraceful left hand to communicate. but when i saw and read this article i felt compelled to tell me tale.

YYYYaaaarrrrrrrr ya'll

love n' light to all you beautiful freaky people, hope to see you somewheres down the line at some beautiful crossroad
timmy D

amazingbobby Fri 11/24/2006 09:06PM
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as Trustme put it:
Uhh...those of you upset about the cops obviously have never seen a wookie in the wild. Well I have and it aint pretty.

Amen. Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm sick of that crap, too. I had no problems at HSMF. I wasn't being an idiot. I know some people were wronged, and I hope it will be different in 2007.
But I really can do without the anarchy of the feral wookie.

It will make me have disturbing flashbacks of the Sierra Nevada Music Festival in the Marysville days.

Craig Judkins Mon 11/27/2006 02:08AM
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Craig Judkins

What you kids need to do is not do all them drugs and just remember that Jesus loves you.

cocheese Mon 11/27/2006 06:52AM
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did someone say WOOKIE? arrggggghhh!!!!

gmoo starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/27/2006 04:02PM
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Its take-a-wookie-to-work week!!! Careful though, they might sleep in your trash can like the ones I saw all summer.

trustme starstarstar Mon 11/27/2006 04:48PM
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Shushhhhh! Don't wake em up! Don't you know there is a wookie mafia. They've been known to shave and delouse a member to infiltrate the non-hip communities, ya know to keep tabs. Or was to find tabs? All I'm saying is let a sleepin wook alone. It also a good idea to keep a few wooks in your life. It earns you a ton of hippie street cred if your seen with em. We need to live in peace with wook nation, we don't want another Hep A incident like that year at Hornings. Every one one knows that the wooks were settling a score with that one! Be good!

blower starstarstarstar Mon 11/27/2006 06:44PM
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Anybody that comes on here claiming that we are the problem or that patrons at HSMF don't know what they are doing is full of B.S. People were arrested for drinking, which is legal for adults so fuck off. Quit blaming the victims. In northern Ca we are not used to this becuase it is chill here. Fuck Quincy and their pigs. We are responsible at HSMF, have jobs and families. To claim that 10,000 lakes or some other fest in the midwest does not have equal law enforcement is misinformation based on never leaving the midwest. There is no fest in the midwest anything like high sierra. I grew up there. The cops in Quincy are wrong and the cops in MN are worse. In Kansas I would hate to even guess. Cops don't harass me in my local bar in CA or in the park or wherever as long as you are not a hazard. Remember herb is legal for many. So fuck off with your party like an responsible adult bullshit. With a script you can smoke in public. I go to fests to not act like a goddamn responsible person. In this country wookies have have rights too. Or at least used to.

HSMF and others that wrote the Quincy newspapers etc.. have done what we can. It would suck to get busted. But I'm still going. Because the cops are still way more mellow than at a concert anywhere else. If you don't believe me you must live in Northern CA were you are not used to facism. But Trust me. If this fest was in Kansas or Minnesota you all would think it was great that the cops were so easy to deal with.

trustme starstarstar Mon 11/27/2006 07:01PM
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Blower, chill. We all love wookies, we're just kiddin. Kansas had every fed agency they could roaming around. HSMF is the shit, no doubt. No F-bombs needed. We're all down with wooks it's just fun to poke fun.

DragonSlayer Tue 11/28/2006 05:52AM
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Fascism may be the theme, but the real issue is the violation of our Fourth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure. The excesses of local police and other authorities in Kansas or Minnesota is no excuse for similar behavior in California.

So, if asked if you have been drinking by a police officer, say "no" or "not lately." The appearance of drunkenness or disorderly behavior is being interpreted as "probable cause."

If you are being detained, ask "Am I under arrest?" If the answer is "no," say "May I go now?" If the answer is "yes," leave the area immediately. If you are under arrest, say nothing!

If you are read your Miranda rights, ask for a public defender to be present for any questioning.

If you feel in any way threatened by the police (verbally or physically), you are entitled to make a "citizen's arrest."

Declare to the arresting officer that you are making a citizen's arrest and wish to speak with the officer's supervisor. This creates a lot of additinoal paperwork and buys additional time.

Never submit to a search of yourself or your belongings. Ask to see the search warrant.

Remember, you are the greatest advocate for your own rights! The Sheriff's Officers can only violate those rights with impugnity if you allow them to do so.

If someone else's rights are being violated, use your cell phones and digital cameras to video as much of the scene as you can. The new California State Attorney General (Jerry Brown) would be very interested in documentation of these abuses of police power in Plumas County.

Most importantly, be careful and very discreet if you are in possession of contraband. It may not be the "good old days," when HSMF flew under the radar, but the festival still offers great people, great music and a kid-friendly scene.

EVILFUNK Tue 11/28/2006 09:26AM
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dragonslayer you kill me! hahaha! citizens arrest! i mean, you are right...philosophically and in spirit i am behind you 100% and we both know you are right legally and all but i think you should really think for a sec.... in a situation like this the averedge jambase reader would not only get thier ass kicked by the crooked rural cop but in enough situations the superior officer might want a peice of the shit talking hippy also! dont try to arrest a cop who is threatening you! they will say you were resisting arrest and than they will hurt you phisically! than you will be hurt and in jail. the rest is pretty good advise, i think. spiritually im with you.

my advise; remember that cops are criminals too! they are also liars and they usually get away with being violent when they want to be. they always have and always will. i say - know your rights but also know when where and how to excersise them without geting yourself in deeper.

i hope high sierra keeps working on a plan to move the festival. i would really love to be on board supporting what these people do. i am not willing to risk harassment by visiting Quinzy! i will not go into the world afraid to enjoy music!

folks...youall should have seen the mendo cops at the sierra world music fest! mendo sherrif deputies walked the main walkways keeping the peace while they laughed and joked with people... respect! no bullshit! no intruding into peoples camp sites or tents looking for trouble. they dont want to arrest you at all. they will if they have to but they are not there to put you in a cage! thats not thier MO. the county wants our buisiness so they treat us right! this is the only kind of place deserving the energy that goes into an event like this!

High Sierra can do better! BAD COP - NO DOUGHNUT!

RedHeaven Tue 11/28/2006 05:17PM
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Thats Cool Evilfunk, too bad SN World Music Fest doesnt interst me in the least bit. It aint no HSMF thats for sure. hahaa I laff at that.....THOUGH, this IS the year Quincy Cops shall either learn or we WILL move away and create something special elsewhere.
Sure I'll take WOoks over cops, but man, I do appreciate the non shady element HSMF offers. Get rid of bad cops #s 1, 2,3 and 4 and it totally beats any other scene IMO.

I mean...so ironic....I truly hope that the Quincy law got a smack in the face and will comply with the HSMF world. Its for their own benifit and the towns benifit. IM GOING BACK to HAVE THE BEST TIME in 07 and Im not going to let the crooked jerky law have their way. Those who really care about HSMF community will be thre strong ready to stand up for our favorite festival.

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire Wed 11/29/2006 04:28AM
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I agree with most of what was said by dragonslayer, except I would not say 'not lately', I would say: NO! Don't be vague. Be strong in your answer.

Also after asking 'Am I free to go' and they say no and if they do arrest you ask specifically what it is that they are charging you with but say nothing further. The only information that you have to give is name and DOB, nothing further.

Also if you do not consent to a search sometimes an officer may do a 'Terry pat' to look for weapons yeah this is a stretch but they can probably get away with it. During a Terry pat they may only pat you enough to feel for a weapon. Anything further is intrusive. If an officer goes beyond the scope of a Terry pat continue to tell them that you DO NOT consent to any further search.

If they show you a warrant READ IT! Look to see if the correct officers name is on it. Look to see if the Judges name on it is one in that district. Familiarize yourself with the names of the magistrates and judges names in that district before you go to a festival. This gives one an edge over the LEO.

javagogo Wed 12/6/2006 10:37AM
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Greetings Music Lovers,

if you truly dig live music, HiSi offers the best 4 days/nights of music hands down. you can still ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, and not get incarcerated. everyone knows what is illegal and who may be watching. BE DISCRETE. the VAST majority of locals LOVE High Sierra, and will have the sheriffs head if he runs the fest outta town. so, buy yer tix for 2007, support the peeps who bring this amazing collection of musicians together, and don't give the federales a reason to hassle you.

see ya on the dance floor in quincy !!

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire starstar Mon 12/11/2006 09:36AM
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Brett Mosiman and Wakarusa are continuing as well. June 7th through June 10th.

Boycott if you dislike what HAS happened in the past.

Stay AWARE for everyone who decides to attend.

Kansas is one of the states in the USA that takes DNA samples from citizens accused of a crime or arrested for a crime but not yet CONVICTED of a crime. They also make it difficult if not impossible for the DNA records to be expunged. I'm sure they'd like nothing more than to swab you and put the results into a database permanently without any oversight. Read the below.



EVILFUNK Mon 12/18/2006 11:41AM
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javagogo - i dig what you are saying but i also think that after all that we have contributed to Quinzy financially we deserve respect as a culture. we dont go into the local residents homes and tell them how to pray or go to thier church and remove them phisically and against thier will for anything they do there and i expect them to honor tent city as my home and church. if i like to stand infront of a live performance and smoke a joint i think i deserve to have my actions respected! im not hurting anyoine by doing so and im over the idea that we are all doing somthing wrong by doing so! these people have benifited from our presence and they should respect cultural differences. they should not treat us like assholes. there is nothing wrong with smoking pot! you can smoke ciggarettes in Quinzy and anyone who can think for themselves or read knows that second hand tobacco smoke is harmfull!

Sherrif Bergstand, you are wrong wrong wrong!

"if you settle for nothing now, you will settle for nothing later" - Zack D.

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Sun 12/31/2006 11:52AM
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red - i was commenting on the venue and the attitude of local law enforcement at the mendo fairgrounds - not the music...it was cool but i would be the first in line if a killer jam fest like High Sierra happened in a place like mendo. any place but Sherrif Bergstands juristiction! he does not deserve our support. he has not earned it!

two things i have heard lately from employees of the fest - one had a typical story of a cop approaching him - playing 20 questions with him (usual dickaround) and eventually calling out " got you" and pulling out cuffs. the other was some woman trying to glaze the whole thing over by saying " we took care it" i tried to engage her "what do you mean? how did you take care of it?"...."its been taken care of - we talked with them and its all taken care of" she said again, with an intoxicating smile...way to try to spin it, sister! say what you will to protect your investment. I dont co-operate with crooked cops and tend to fear those who do! HSMF - aim higher!

jasonthehead star Tue 1/16/2007 11:29AM
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Dude, what's going on with HSMF this year??? Where the F**K is the initial lineup for 2007? Every year, mid-December, like clockwork, they announce the initial lineup, which is usally a week or two after tickets first go on sale. Tickets for 2007 have been on sale since early December, yet as of mid January, there is NO LINEUP ANNOUNCED AT ALL! NOTHING! WHATSOEVER!?

I think this is a very bad sign for HSMF 2007.