Trey Anastasio and Robert Randolph Late Nite (Friday Night :: Pre-Goose)



Britney and K-Fed

Medeski Martin & Wood with Maceo Parker

Jack White - The Raconteurs

Kool Keith

Tom Petty

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

Stanton Moore with Galactic

Fiona Apple

Mickey Hart - Rhythm Devils

The Yard Dog Road Show

Phil Lesh
Phil & Trey with Mike

The Roots

Jim James

Widespread Panic - Halloween Show

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[Published on: 11/2/06]

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NickBoeka Thu 11/2/2006 04:42PM
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Dave - yet again, some fine captured moments. I tell you, not being there to see Maceo rip it up with MMW (I got many of audio uploads from friends who were nice enough to remember me) was a huge disappointment. Keepin' my eyes peeled for those crispy tapes. More late night shots??

sleewell starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/2/2006 05:22PM
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phil and trey late night changed my life, easily best show ever, awesome vibes, amazing music, it had it all. thank you to everyone there for making it so special, that is why i see music, moments like those. phil you are an inspiration to us all, you rock more than anyone i know. keep it up, that show was special.

EVILFUNK Thu 11/2/2006 06:00PM
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thanks for the picks... a few milestones; Medeski, Anastasio and Lesh onstage together. Herring with Panic (my first exposure...anyone got tapes?). Maceo with MMW. still glad i didnt support with my attendance.....jambands are dead.

jcharlen Thu 11/2/2006 06:14PM
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EVILFUNK: we're all deeply sorry that the part of you that can appreciate jambands has died. as you can see by the poor turnout at this and other "jamband" events, we could really use your support. pleeeeeease come back? no? we'll just have to find a way to keep on keepin on without you.

tom petty, mars volta, black crowes, fiona apple, the roots, ben folds, the raconteurs, damian marley,gomez, j5, band of horses, guster...MAN, the list of JAMBANDS just goes on and on...

what a tard

phishyflanker starstarstarstar Thu 11/2/2006 06:31PM
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This year, despite the lack of hype and lower attendance, was actually more enjoyable for me. As much crap as superfly takes, they still rule the festival circuit.

STEG187 starstarstarstar Thu 11/2/2006 08:12PM
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Well done, Mr Jurick, looks like quite the weekend. Hope you enjoyed the music as vividly as your photographs capture...

Upful InI,

whyglide Thu 11/2/2006 10:33PM
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where's the yonder pics?????????????????????????

tensgrl starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 12:04AM
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vegoose was the shit this year....more energy last year though in the line up, but still an emayzn time!! late nite particle on sunday killed it and brought the ghoulishness that the halloween weekend needed. new material sounds good...ben combe was one of the best guitarists i saw all weekend. fiona apple was another standout!

snappy Fri 11/3/2006 04:04AM
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Nice one, boys. I'm often struck by the sense of energy, of the moment unfolding, that Vann and Jurick capture. A great live shot makes you ache to have been there, offers a sense of intimacy AND scale to things.

FormulaOBX Fri 11/3/2006 05:12AM
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Late night Phil and friends was absolutely amazing worth its wait in golden chips.Thanks to all the fun people.Only complaint was not enough trash cans and not enough seating.Last year partying inside the stadium was a better choice.The vibe was great and thanks to the Oregon girls.Honkey "the clown" was the greatest.

nuke_ticketbastard Fri 11/3/2006 06:58AM
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what a blast , vegoose was tons of fun , both days had some great moments , raconteurs covering Bowies " it aint easy " was hot , praxis was the shizzle - would have been cool to see them late night also though , sunday was great , rythm devs , phil & trey , w/ widespread closing left me happy happy happy!! one thought though why not have it setup that if you have a vip bracelet you get the discounted drinks at all stands instead of having to walk back to vip area everytime you need a drink??????
ps. kush high cheerleaders rocked

DJ Saturday Baxter Fri 11/3/2006 07:09AM
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DJ Saturday Baxter

Jcharlen: you actaully consider Tom Petty, fiona apple, the roots, ben folds, the raconteurs, damian marley,gomez, j5, band of horses a jamband??? are way off bro. i am so sick of the term jam band. call a band by what kind of music it plays. would you ever say that herbie hancock is a jamband??? but yet he totally jams. Tom Petty and fionna apple....dude...weak!

cocheese Fri 11/3/2006 07:39AM
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i'm still kickin' myself for missing fiona apple, DAMMIT!!!

The1AndOnlyDJCT Fri 11/3/2006 08:27AM
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I think someone missed some sarcasm somewhere in these comments.

blower starstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 09:07AM
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Nice pics! Its good to see the children still squabling at jambase.

breckenridgejam starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 09:23AM
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This was the best music I have ever heard at a festival! Every musician that came to Vegoose brought their A-game and all the severe heat that was in their bags of tricks. I often found myself in a sureal dream world with friends in costumes jammin their arses off wherever I went! I was on cloud 9 for Trey and Phil late night and the Halloween Panic show threw some major curveballs (Airplane and Sharon, good lawrd!) not to mention People are Strange, Right on boys way to tear the roof off the MGM Grand. I have seen Panic since 1998 and I'm pushing the 100 show marker and Jimmy is one of the best things to happen to WSP in a very long time! I have never heard the boys sound so crisp and smooth, I'm gettin a hard on even thinking about it. I vow to come back to Vegoose every year from here on out as long as it's around. Not to mention I won over $400 playing blackjack, I couldn't ask for this festival to go any better, Rock on and long live Vegoooose!

wspfishwater Fri 11/3/2006 09:42AM
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Panic on the 30th was unreal. Morning F'N Dew....Insane (Over 1900 shows since last played). People were standing around looking at each other in amazement. Definately the most special night since the last night Mikey sat on stage and played for us all

phaslam starstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 10:05AM
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Yo, sick shots of the 'goose. this was definately a magical moment. not quite the power punch of last year, but equally stimulating of the mind. and where's all the sts9 love. their late night was sick. i know most people were rocking phil and trey, but come on, these boys are bringing some heavy heat right now. and yes, the panic show on the 30th completely blew the minds off of everybody around me.


PCPrabbit Fri 11/3/2006 11:12AM
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if we all liked the same bands, every show would be sold out!

amazingbobby Fri 11/3/2006 11:17AM
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Nice photographs!
I had a great time this year. I think it would have been better to have the main stage in the stadium again.

Panic and Keller Willams Incident did it for me.

Phil..... Man, I love him, but I wish people never had held up the "Let Phil Sing" signs at Dead shows. Brutal, but honest.

It really was priceless getting of the shuttle at the Mirage and walking by the line for JET with 90 phreaks in full costumes and concert regalia. I'm sure some of you know what I speak of!

letshavesomefun Fri 11/3/2006 11:30AM
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i have to agree with breckenridgejam. im not a huge Panic fan. and the only good shows ive seen are bonnaroo '03. But they just played in Wisco in the Mil. and they were hot. Herring makes them such a solid band. By far the best show ive seen of them since '03

cocheese Fri 11/3/2006 12:38PM
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come on bobby, i love it when phil sings, its classic! he definitely has his own style.

nuke_ticketbastard Fri 11/3/2006 01:00PM
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featherlight Fri 11/3/2006 01:21PM
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Panic was what is was all about :)
Even with an almost identical show from IndIana last week it was super strong...loved the mood during little wing. The MGM show was even better except me and about 100 others got our tickets taken away for hopping on the floor? It didn't stop me from buying another ticket :)

iamkickinit Fri 11/3/2006 02:18PM
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Commenting on Tom Petty - I saw Petty at Bonnaroo this year and then saw him again at Vegoose, the difference between those two shows was night and day. 'Goose blew the 'Roo show out of the water. Im not a huge Petty fan by any means, but kudos to him and the heartbreakers, they rocked.

Snotz starstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 02:57PM
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first time at vegoose i liked the atmosphere, dislike the fact that you have to pay more to go see the night shows isnt the fest price enough n the air fair, hotal room. but it was all good cause i won 900 on black 13 so that paid for my trip. check out the MAD-SWEET PANGS they tossed a whole bunch of cd's at the festival and you should check them out they are new and grooving

Durkin starstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 04:19PM
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The whole jamband thing is it a jamband or not? Do we call them jambands? What the funk is a jamband anyway? All I know is I saw some killer music, meet some kick ass people, and had a funkin good time. Jamband or not.

Hotchkiss starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 04:44PM
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great pics!!!

i was very dissaponted with the crowd this year. fights, drunken loud fools, not to mention the trash. not since ozzfest had i scene so much trash on the ground at a festival.

this years line up looked freakin great, then bands stated dropping off. by the time they released the schedule it was not that great.

briangearing Fri 11/3/2006 05:24PM
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The shots of the grounds are gorgeous! Nice work, guys! If the Arcade Fire had played again, I would have been there. ;)

Rebacreates Fri 11/3/2006 06:04PM
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Hotchkiss Fri 11/3/2006 06:26PM
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if by blows you mean kicks ass, you are correct!

theorb419 Sat 11/4/2006 01:18AM
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that one shot of just phil is kick ass.

frieddogg starstarstarstarstar Sat 11/4/2006 06:36AM
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vegoose was great again this year and Mike Jurick is the man, his scenery pics were so vivid. i liked the fact that the stages and tent area were bigger. vegoose is so classic because with all that music you still have time to rock vegas.

kmink starstarstarstar Sat 11/4/2006 10:59AM
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i agree....the photography linked to this article is great....but what about late night particle pics? that shit was unbelievable, raged until 10 in the morning....and was THE best show of the whole festival. new guitarist...ben...blows my mind.

luap Sun 11/5/2006 09:35AM
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Vegoose was the shit!!, started out with Trey Friday night simple twist up Dave and first tube opener, fucking face melter. the whole show was ragging, TREY IS GOD!!!!!, next day Yonder kicked ass, The peyote is kicking in, we where not fucking around last year and we ain't fucking around this year, who remembers that shit? Then Trey and Phil late night opening up with ghost, what the fuck is that, next day the rythem devils doing wedge the Trey Phil shakedown opener, Late night Freaken cheese off the hook jungle mother fucking shit!!! Then the Panic throw down, Jimmy Herring is a monster, I had atleast three Panic attacts'the first set, Awesome weekend, awesome music, awesome city. VEGAS FUCKING ROCKS

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Sun 11/5/2006 12:54PM
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yes, mumia...these kind of assholes never really supported jambands and jam events untill, well...we started presenting mainstream acts at flagship jamband events. i blame the american mainstream for jamming things in our ass that dont fit....superfly is a money maker. they got the music sewn up tight and all but after all, if a bunch of stupid party jocks throw and event you should know to lace up your gloves because these kind of jerks cant get themselves laid - even at an e festival in vegas! and you know what sportsfans love to do when they cant get laid!


trini. starstarstarstarstar Sun 11/5/2006 05:48PM
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Trey Friday night. HIGHLIGHT of my weekend!

jcharlen Sun 11/5/2006 09:59PM
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yo fluffdon: check it out bro...

dogbeach Sun 11/5/2006 11:37PM
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Reading these comments about Trey & Phil makes me feel like I'm in Superman's bizzarro world.

Listen to the tapes or check it out online somewhere. I really hope the kid who wrote "best show ever" was being sarcastic. Trey is beyond unprofessional at this point.

As for the rest of the show, the photos are great, MMW was great, Robert Randolph is a badass, and the inclusion of hip hop is excellent... except let's see some rappers out w/MMW next time!

sleewell starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/6/2006 09:32AM
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i'm the kid that wrote best show ever, and no i was not being sarcastic and no i dont need to listen to the tapes because i was acually there for the show and was sober and have done my best to remember every second and every note. did you actually attend the show or are you just basing your half witted claims on listening to the tapes or a webcast? if you had been at the show you must have been the only person i didnt talk to that didnt agree with my opinion and who wasnt completly blown away. the show kicked major ass and was way better than the unproffesional nametag you fooleshly threw around with no real reason or basis for such a ludicrious comment. i have toured with phish, phil and wsp and this was a memorable show. when else do you get three superpowers in the music scene on one stage playing music that wasn't just some superjam at a festi, but actual rehearsed and polished songs?

also trey is doing a lot better lately and your retarted opinion makes no sense if you actually were at the show and saw how flawlessly he played, and how healtly and sober he looked. maybe you should stop basing your opinions on tapes and actually get out to some shows and speak to some people that know about music because its obvious your opinions arent based on anything resembling reality.

PCPrabbit Mon 11/6/2006 09:43AM
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I'M IN A JAMBAND!!! don't call it anything but a jamband! all we do is jam! it's amazing! we blow guster and O.A.R. out of the water! hahah, there was a period of like 2 weeks when saying jamband in every sentence was really cool. i think it was in '02? anyone?

breckenridgejam Mon 11/6/2006 12:02PM
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Right on Sleewell, I too have toured with Phil, Phish, and WSP and the late night Trey & Phil show blew my mind! I was groovin like disco monkey on acid, ghost opener what, what, what?!?!? The Trey-Medski-Phil battles were truly a sight to see and a sound to be heard. I haven't had trey throw dirty funk jams in my face like that since about 2000! Trey and Phil late night along with Panic's MGM Show were by far my favorite of the festi and may well be some of the best unes I've heard in the past 5 years.

sleewell Mon 11/6/2006 12:35PM
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dude i am not going to let some tool that probably doesnt ever leave their house to see music bad mouth a show that had everyone in attendance dancing like they were getting paid. never have i been at a show with such a good vibe that is why i am almost totally sure that douchebag wasnt there, he would definatly have spoiled the amazing feeling of being in the presence of greatness and the truly spectaluar show we all witnessed. yeah the ghost was sick, but what about the Wharf Rat or the completly disgusting Viola Lee Blues???? Honestly i love phish but i usually dont like trey solo tunes and even the trey song they played was awesome. phil kids that truly hate trey were coming up to me saying "why didnt you tell us he rocked this hard?" you dont leave many shows hugging all the people you were around, it was awesome and no one in the world could take that feeling from me.

Its so easy to jump on the 'trey sucks" bandwagon espcially if you really dont know much about whats going on. and honestly i am getting freaking tired of such nonsense. i would love to see anyone go up on that stage and put on 1/1000th of the performance that man did, it was incredible. to say he is unprofessional just completly pissed me off, how dumb do you look right now? calling the man that wrote some of the best songs of our generation, that could completly destroy you in any style on guitar, and can jump in and play with a variety of different musicians unprofessional makes you look like the dumbest person in the world.

blower starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/6/2006 02:17PM
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Sleewell-Damn! You had fun cool. Its good to hear that Trey stepped it up. It may have been the best show in the world for you, but dude, lighten up.

Maybe the other show in Vegas, but rumor has it that Trey blew Row Jimmy to the point where they had to stop and restart. That is pretty unprofessional to be headlining Vegoose. I am not saying I could do better nor that the show was bad. I have heard other reviews that were less than stellar and many that were great. So what? What sounds dumb is you saying crap like "phil kids that truly hate trey said it was great" A Phil Kid that hates Trey? In what world does that person even exist?

It sounds like the vibes were great. Probably becuase Evilfunk was not there. The show rocked especially for Phish fans. I think I will listen to the show and hear for myself. I wished I could have been there. Especially for the JH Panic!!

knibbs starstarstarstar Mon 11/6/2006 04:44PM
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Wow its comical to see how much some people complain about stupid shit. I mean the festival was off the chain, the so-called jambands were all right, but the Raconteurs, Mars Volta, the Coup, the Roots, and even Fiona Apple and Ben Folds were fresher than the nostalgic acts of Phish and Dead Cover groups. Cuz when it comes down to it that's what they were. P&T late night was nasty, so was the RD's and P&T's set at the festival, but it sad to see the different members of 2 of my fav bands not playing with their old mates. If this lineup stays diverse this is and will continue to be the best festival out there. For a bunch of kids who are supposed to enjoy music, a lot of you need to get your facts straight. Word Chi-Town luv
Awesome pics, by the way.

sleewell Mon 11/6/2006 04:49PM
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in what world does that person even exsist??? what are you talking about???

dude i dont know if you are aware of this or not, but there are a lot of deadheads that really dont like phish. its actually not that dumb of comment, old deadheads that dont like phish or trey coming up you and saying he rocked kinda proves a point that not just phish fans loved the show.

Nookiebox starstarstarstar Mon 11/6/2006 05:36PM
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no...trey didn't really mess up...the crowd was throwing around a huge beachball and it landed by the stage security and the security guy wouldn't give it back, so everyone booed. then he threw it in the crowd and everyone cheered but trey thought it was him so he started over....had to BE there stupid

être starstarstarstar Mon 11/6/2006 07:16PM
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Beautiful pictures, great acts, horse $h!t layout of festival grounds. Vegoose 2006 and the late night shows had everything going to be an incredible festival a second time around. BUT....I was very disappointed by the the proximity of stages. The layout killed each individual show experience. No matter which act I tried to enjoy, the experience was ruined by blaring music in the background. Widespread segueways were blurred by hip-hop. I understand that this is a festival but come on. For as much as the tickets, air, hotel and car cost, I expected much more. The folks at the 10,000 Lakes Festival seem to have a much better handle on an event of this caliber. Vegoose 2007 for me.....I doubt it.

On a positive note; the entire crowd of Vegoose attendees and YARD DOGS ROAD SHOW ruled!

dogbeach Mon 11/6/2006 08:23PM
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Wow. You all are really sensitive. I was at Vegoose. I've been to a whole lot of concerts too!

I was writing about the Row Jimmy set, which was awful. Please listen to it again and just double check. Enlightenment philosophers called that "correspondence"--they wanted to double-check if their opinions corresponded to the evidence available.

Trey is a paid entertainer. In my opinion his music not as good as it once was. Would anyone here really compare Shine to Rift? Was the last tour as good as Fall 97 or Fall 95?

Jerry went through some pretty tough years in the 80's. Paul McCartney was in Wings. Trey is doing that shit now. Big deal.

Hey everybody, look--I wrote a whole post without personally insulting any of you! Can you all say the same?

By the way, I also complimented the stuff I thought was good--how come no one responded to that????

sleewell Tue 11/7/2006 05:55AM
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god you make less and less sense with every post. first of all based on this comment:

"Listen to the tapes or check it out online somewhere. I really hope the kid who wrote "best show ever" was being sarcastic. Trey is beyond unprofessional at this point."

how was anyone supposed to know you were talking about the Row Jimmy set? did you even bring that up or were we all supposed to read your mind?

second of all based on this commment:

"Honestly i love phish but i usually dont like trey solo tunes and even the trey song they played was awesome"

was i really comparing shine to any phish song or tour, no not at all. i was just saying even his solo song sounded great with phil and medeski in the mix.

by the way its hard to comment on the positive stuff you did say when you insult a hero of mine and others without any reason or basis. maybe you should look that up in your philosophy books, i would probably start under the common sense section.

breckenridgejam Tue 11/7/2006 11:25AM
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Does anyone have any reccomendations on where to find the Vegas Trey and Phil, MMW w/ Maceo, or rythem devils shows online

blower starstarstarstar Tue 11/7/2006 12:18PM
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Ok Sleewell-I see you meant "Old Deadheads" not "Phil Kids". At least that makes sense to you. I get your point though. Just to clarify -old Deadheads really don't hate other musicians, that is just a projection by certain Phish fans that think all music fans are as petty as they are. Most old school deadheads are grandparents and were no where near Vegoose.

I think I will base my opinion on the actual tapes rather than some hypthetical old deadheads or Phil kids or whatever. I have not heard the late night show, but I now have the torrent so I will. After only hearing the first show I have to agree with Dogbeach. It is awful! I am an old deadhead and a Phish fan since 92. They were way off. Not just Trey. Out of key, no rythm, and the vocals are horrible. How could such high quality musicains sound so bad? Thank god Jerry and Bob sang most of those tunes, becuase Trey and Phil harmonizing is painful. Maybe they should try rehearsing before the gig. This show is subpar by any GD or Phish standards. I was hoping for better from these exceptional musicians. I am not insulting our musical hereos. I have the utmost respect for Phil and Trey and all of the other musicians on that stage, but they were far from good during that show. I hope the other one was way better and I will give you the benifit of the doubt until I hear it. That said, the constant whining and Trey worshipping is just sad really.

Hoho-You can call me stupid if you like, but it won't make up for the fact that Trey sounded like Dave Mattews on Helium during Row Jimmy and butchered the guitar parts before he quit and restarted. The rest of the band did not really sound any better so it was not just Trey. Who should I believe you or my lying ears?

bigrivermusic Tue 11/7/2006 12:24PM
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sleewell, if you watched what I saw Trey do to Row Jimmy and can still rave about the show, then you must be nuts!!! Jerry, one of my heroes, surely was rolling over in his grave. Trey has lost a few steps for sure, this is obvious. I wasn't there but saw the entire webcast and threw up in my own mouth several times based on the shit Trey was pulling. If you ever saw Jerry (and I'm sure you didn't) you would agree with me that Trey shat all over Jerry's legacy by pulling his "my bad, I'm gonna start that one over BS!" Great pictures!!!

luap Tue 11/7/2006 02:13PM
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How soon we all forget, Jerry Garcia was the king of fucking up song's, but that is O.K., Trey fucks up and you freaks want to hang him in front of Ceasers Palace in Vegas. Atleast Trey addmitted it by saying "My Bad", Jerry would have just stumbled along in his Herion Haze!

bbqribs Tue 11/7/2006 02:15PM
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So what Trey restarted "row Jimmy" It sounded great. And the Help-slip-franklins at the festival was incredible. The late night Trey and Phil was one of the best concerts I have been to in the last 10 years.

bbqribs starstarstarstarstar Tue 11/7/2006 02:19PM
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So what Trey restarted "row Jimmy" It sounded great. And the Help-slip-franklins at the festival was incredible. The late night Trey and Phil was one of the best concerts I have been to in the last 10 years. I am a 40 year old dead head, traveled tons and own a venue. Don't like phil throwing down without you.... Too Bad. Vegoose rocked this year. This was an incredible NEW band. Doing new takes on old music. I knew that soon as I read the comments there would be bad vibes for Trey. It is too bad you negative idiots out there can't just relax and "let the music play." It blew my mind how hard the late night phil and trey rocked. I will never forget it.

ScottMedoses Tue 11/7/2006 02:38PM
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Bitch Bitch Bitch,

economi starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/8/2006 10:55AM
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Beautiful Pictures! Decided to forgo Vegoose for Jam in the Dam this year...the pics make me wish I were there though. Reading the article and comments sounds like most people had a blast.
Maybe next year :)

gangstaPranksta Wed 11/8/2006 11:10AM
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AikoBearzly starstarstarstar Wed 11/8/2006 12:44PM
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Vegoose is worth the trip just for the laye nighht shows.. the other stuff is like an extra scoop of icecream,,, Late night Phil N Trey,, (((((RoCkeD)))).. day show,,,ehhh I am not much for one seeing shows when the suns still shining,, But I thought it opened a lot hotter than it closed,, Modeski on Keys was like a flash back to a JGB show,, he is wonderful on the ivory,, If you were not there you shoulda been,, Without the stadium being used this year many never found the great shakedown out in the lot,, sunny sky's over hollows eve,, see ya there next year..

trini. Wed 11/8/2006 01:11PM
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Sleewell - I'm with you 100%.

alfredo123 Thu 11/9/2006 07:35AM
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where can i go online to hear some of vegoose

être starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/9/2006 08:08AM
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Some of the shows are on the site. Search vegoose 2006


toeJamDFCI Thu 11/9/2006 11:01AM
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Wow, gangstaPranksta you really need to relax. I agree with you that widespread and ratdog are a great show (widespread being the better of the two) but relax on trey man. He is doing what he needs to do to continue evolving his musical style. If you don't like it, that's fine. But all of this hostility towards trey and phish's break up needs to stop.

lovejahlive starstarstarstarstar Thu 11/9/2006 02:18PM
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Great pics!!!
Decided to skip the 'goose this year to see Franti play in a giant tent in the Ozarks(also Wailers,Dubconscious,Madahoochi doing a Sublime set) and after listening to some top quality recordings I'm not mad that I did.The Roots were the shit,but personally I feel the P&T shows are being WAY over-rated.Maybe I'm kind of over it,but honestly it was nothing compared to last year.A show can seem great when you're there,but the true test is to see if you keep on liking it...Listen to the Primus set from '05 and you'll get the idea.I love Phil,I love Trey,but this WAS NOT the "melt your face right the fuck off greatest show ever"
Great recording of almost everything at Vegoose have been up since the 2nd on bt.etree,listen to 'em !!!
Didn't anyone sneak a stealth set-up into Trey and Robert Randolph?Were there mic's flying?Anyone remember?

jcharlen Thu 11/9/2006 11:08PM
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gangsta: you're obviously either young, retarded, or republican if you think it's cool to throw words like fag and gay around as insults. For your sake, I hope your just young. Evolve dude.

jcharlen Thu 11/9/2006 11:10PM
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oh, and I don't mean retarded as an insult.

mott starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/10/2006 02:33PM
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wow! sorry i missed this event..what a line up! pics are great too..
anyone else have a comment/review of the fab "Praxis" show,set list,with the genius,Wizard of Woo,Mr. Bernie Worrell???????? do tell!!!!!!!!!it is awesome to see him wearing the hat i gave him..yay!
also any reviews/set list for his fellow funky brother from Parliment Funkadelic, the soulful Mr. Maceo Parker?
with these 2 there,it had to very funky indeed. remember "funk not only moves,but removes!"

phleming Fri 11/10/2006 04:57PM
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Yeah, Maceo and MMW sent "that funk out to die", Maceo was pretty modest while he played, he'd get up and blow and then take five till Medeski turned around and signaled him in. I don't think we could've handled a full session with the Godfather's sax-man. There was some dirty funk gettin tossed around that festival- didn't care too much for the Mars Volta, Killers, and Ben Folds; but the Coup and Toubab Crew are some acts I would like to see again. Late night with STS9 got funkin dirty.

All Loving Liberal White Guy Tue 11/14/2006 10:36PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy

buckethead and warren haynes are possibly the two busiest men in music today. with all their touring and bands and session work, they're always doin something. the two of them should start a band.

knibbs Fri 11/17/2006 12:50PM
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hey mott, that Praxis set was the shit. There's a review, which I wrote, on Berie was nasty, Laswell is fuckin redic, and Buckethead! I hope there's a version of this set somewhere. Did you hear that Maceo brought out Prince at his late night show!?! I need to hear that.

Teacher1 Fri 12/8/2006 11:12AM
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Knibbs post is the only one that makes sense out of all the inane bitching. It truly is comical to read some of this content.


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