Slightly Stoopid
Get ready to bring the party! Slightly Stoopid and Pepper, two of the most innovative dub-rock bands out there, are set to co-headline their Fall 06 tour that takes off October 19th in Anaheim.

Southern California's Slightly Stoopid fuses acoustic rock and blues with reggae, hip-hop, dub, metal, funk, and punk to create a signature sound. Ranked by Pollstar as one of the Top 50 Touring Bands this year, Slightly Stoopid packs houses across the world with their surf-inspired jams. Veteran music festival performers, the band has played with Dave Matthews Band, Sublime, The Roots, G. Love and Special Sauce, Blink 182, and Toots and the Maytals. One of the most successful independent bands to come around in the last few years, Slightly Stoopid has sold over 200,000 units on their own label, STOOPID RECORDS.

Hailing from Kona, Hawaii, Pepper is a dub-rock power trio with reggae-rock roots. Mixing influences like Nirvana and Black Sabbath with the likes of Bad Brains and Sublime, Pepper creates some of the best "kick back, sunny side, back side, grinding mellow guitar picking, cool wave riding sounds" around. The Fall Tour coincides with the October 3rd release of their latest album, No Shame, the band's major label debut on Lava/Atlantic Records.

This isn't the first time the bands will be touring together. Yesod Williams, the drummer of Pepper says, "Reunited and it feels so good! It's like touring with your family again with us and Stoopid out together for the first time in three years."

"We are looking forward to touring with Pepper again" says Miles Doughty, one of Slightly Stoopid's frontmen. "It is usually one big party when the two bands get together, and it is definitely the best tour for fans."

For more information, check out or Tickets on sale now! Get ready to rock!

[Published on: 10/25/06]

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willm1 Wed 10/25/2006 04:04PM
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i saw slightly stoopid. not cool.

adrock327 Wed 10/25/2006 04:09PM
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"two of the most innovative dub-rock bands out there,"meaning "two sublime rip-offs"?

kimmiet319 star Wed 10/25/2006 04:59PM
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doublecc starstarstarstar Wed 10/25/2006 04:59PM
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i saw slightly stoopid and fishbone last year. it was kickin. these cats are taking the Long Beach sound to a higher level. Check'em out and judge for yourself

All Loving Liberal White Guy Wed 10/25/2006 05:29PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy

right on adrock! ZING!

Lenox Wed 10/25/2006 08:08PM
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oh god people, quit being so negative saying these bands are sublime rip offs. well i guess everything punk after the ramones is well, a ramones rip off... its a style... you cant rip off a style.

bassdrum200 star Wed 10/25/2006 08:51PM
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a style is what you would rip off. if they were ripping off songs they would be just another bad sublime cover band (badfish)

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstar Thu 10/26/2006 06:06AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

their cd closer to the sun is pretty good. I like about 3/4 of it. Its really worth checking out. Never seen them live before, and not sure I would go out of my way.
The best new Reggae band I have heard lately is The Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars.. Great cd, never seen them live.
Peace Ya'll

willyford Thu 10/26/2006 09:04AM
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This band is as tired as Sublime on public radio

sleewell starstarstar Thu 10/26/2006 10:08AM
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these guys are really cool, if you dont live in southern cali you might not enjoy the music as much. its lifestyle music that is best enjoyed at the beach, or cruising down PCH with the ocean by your side, or house parties with good friends. there is a time and a place for everything and sitting in your ice fishing shantee in minnisota or on the farm in kansas isnt the place for slightly stoopid. i saw them live a month or two ago, they were a lot of fun. of course its not incredibly deep music and they arent trying to be sublime (whoever said that is just plain dumb), its just good music meant to have fun with while in the company of good friends.

honestly i have come to expect stupidity from these msg boards and i am contanstly reminded of exactly how lame lots of you are when i read a lot of the posts that frequent this board. is there nothing better to do than argue with strangers on internet message board?

jimcard Thu 10/26/2006 11:50AM
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Who says I can't listen to Slightly Stoopid in my ice-fishing house? There is no better place to crank a boom box than on a frozen lake, -10 below zero, and not a soul around. I highly recommend it, just don't get drunk and fall into the round hole in the middle of said house. Trust me, I have seen it happen.

HOPEFULPHAN starstarstar Thu 10/26/2006 12:08PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

sleewell what the hell is the matter with you?? are u actually telling somone where and when to listen to a specific band? we dont all live in cali brah.. do u think the band cares??? no way dude!..

sleewell Thu 10/26/2006 03:48PM
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not at all man, i was just saying there is a time and a place for everything. i used to live in michigan and my roommate used to listen to long beach dub all stars and slightly stoopid and i really didnt get into it. now living on the beach in cali, i get into this music for some reason. obvioulsy i am not telling you what to listen to or what not to listen to, if you read my post you could have picked that up. i just meant that certain atmospheres are more apt to listen to certain styles of music. they dont rock death metal at a carribean beach bungalo, its always reggae and steel drums.

you are right on one count : we all dont live in california, and for that i am eternally grateful.

Goaty Thu 10/26/2006 05:30PM
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I saw John Brown's body open for slightly stoopid in seattle and they were far better than the headliner, everyone in there was sayin the same thing too.

joshp1731 Fri 10/27/2006 01:13AM
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rpmills starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/27/2006 01:36PM
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I grew up near where Slighty Stoopid is from (San Diego)..defintely a beach vibe for sure and the music reflects that. Then we got Pepper from Hawaii, who moved to Orange County (where I grew up) and started getting a rep for playing cool mellow shows on the weekends. Again another beach vibe. Where was Sublime from folks? Long Beach. I think you get the point. They are a product of where they are from if you don't like, don't listen and don't go to their shows.

Seen Pepper and partied with them a ton and had fun every time, not to mention all the hotties that go to the shows.

I'm more of Phil, RRE, ALO, New Monsoon kind of listener but like slewell times this kind of music fits great, IMO!

manjotar Tue 10/31/2006 03:49PM
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rpmills is correct,
lots of fine ass girls at these beach party shows...

music is good bro-sefs,
who can disagree with the anthematic "everybody wants to smoke some sensimilla..."

martint03 star Wed 11/1/2006 09:31AM
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both sublime rip offs, only the swear more and have much less class, hopefully something horrible happens at venue theyre co-sucking at and we all win! but seriously, they suck, fag music taboot, when you see these on someones boat (which you will if they suck) you can just toss these cds along with legend and song you know by heart right in the drink

j_martin starstarstarstar Fri 11/3/2006 07:23AM
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Well I never got to see sublime so why not check out the bands that are trying to keep dub style alive. People shouldnt be suck musical snobs. I for one catch every show that i have the money for. We're all out to support basically the same cause, we're there because we love the music and the people there. These shows should be a fun experience and one where you can interact with people outside of the usual circle. Do you think a phish show would be nearly as fun if the preshow parking lot experience wasnt so great. Anyway I am looking forward to seeing Pepper at the Newport in Columbus, Oh next week and Im anxious to see some of you there. Cheers till then