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The day has arrived. The SLIP have signed to the acclaimed Bar/None Records (Architecture in Helsinki, Evan Dando, Yo La Tengo, They Might Be Giants) - and will be releasing their new studio album EISENHOWER into the world on November 7th with the warm fuzzy pride of new parents. Co-Produced by The SLIP and Matthew Ellard (Elliot Smith, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Morphine) and with additional engineering by good friend and fellow Montre-alien Drew Malamud (Stars, Metric, The Dears), EISENHOWER easily stands as the most cohesive and evocative work The SLIP has released to date. Stay tuned for even more shocking and fantastic news.

Election Day also kicks off two weeks of U.S. Headline dates that run from Seattle on down the coast to LA before cutting back across through Colorado and beyond. Montreal's critical darlings The Lovely Feathers will be joining the band out on the road to support them for all dates up until the 23rd. Following Thanksgiving, the band will catch up with My Morning Jacket on their tour for seven crazy nights in the Eastern U.S. to bring it all back home proper.

"After a minute on the Boston music scene, we suddenly found ourselves the winner of one of these shiny BMA trophy items, despite a sloppy rendition of Pixies' "Wave of Mutilation" at the award show (props to Melissa Ferrick for winging it with us). We're really grateful to all of you who took the time to vote. You made it happen. And a big congratulations to our co-conspirator Matthew Ellard, who walked off with his own award for 'Best Producer'....Thanks, everyone!"
- Brad, Marc, and Andrew

[Published on: 10/3/06]

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mojofolk Tue 10/3/2006 01:11PM
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I love the Slip, but I have to say that I miss their instrumental work... It seems that they are moving into a more indie-prog rock direction (which they are doing well), but I really dug some of their drawn out improv stuff

peaton Tue 10/3/2006 03:46PM
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I see you're point mojofolk. I loved seeing their more jam based live performance. However, I am glad that you point out that they are playing their newer genre well. They still play a great live performance and their use of digital looping really makes them sound more full as a live band. It is hard to believe that they are merely a power trio. I think you are right about them stepping away from their jam roots, but then again, atleast they aren't selling out.

Andrew W. Tue 10/3/2006 04:35PM
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Andrew W.

The Slip do what they do better than anyone in the game. What they do is constantly evolve and create beautiful music!

CalebW Wed 10/4/2006 12:43AM
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The Slip have been one of my favorite bands for years. At first I was excited to hear new songs live that really got everything moving (Children of December, Even Rats etc.) Yet I feel like the past seven or eight times I have seen these guys, it has been the exact same show. I hope that with the release of this album, they can cool it on promoting these new songs and not have to play them every night. I definatly enjoy the new sound and direction, but a Slip show just isn't the same as it was even just last year. I want the old live shows back. I mean what happened to their two set shows?

aaronbenor Wed 10/4/2006 03:13PM
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mmmmm the slip

origen starstarstarstar Wed 10/4/2006 03:39PM
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I love the Slip - it looks like an awesome tour but why aren't they coming down south? It's been about 2 years since they've come down here.

rossco8 starstarstarstar Thu 10/5/2006 09:25AM
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I love The Slip, but I think The Slip of yesteryear is tighter and sweeter.

Ned8 starstarstar Sun 10/8/2006 09:01AM
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Story is fine. Comments I can understand but I wanted to comment due to the fact that I'm a fan of all music and this is what makes me a fan of the Slip. They hit on so many feels in flavors and authenticate what they do quite naturally and I think that folks on jambase and in fact jambase itself have opened up to taking in music in what ever type they are experiencing as to remove a sect to it. I'm sure the Slip will make albums in the future that will bring themselves into a jazzier realm but for now I'm enjoying this time as much as the other feeland compositions. I say; embrace it all. KUDOS to the Slip

Ned from Norfolk

dedhed6111 starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/20/2006 01:50PM
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still no love in the south. guess i'll have to drive 15 hours to see one of my favorite bands. to address the complaints. like their old running mates, sts9, the slip adhere to the "live as time changes" aspect of things. they are unclassifiable, and always will be. wait a year or two, and they'll be on to something completely different from now.