I thank my lucky stars every day for the music I've been blessed to hear. Never having been a fan of the radio, I found my home in searching out the best of the unknown. Three songs into From the Gecko on my first listen, I knew that I really liked The Slip.

With their Spring Tour announced, The Slip are ready to take on America once again with a rigorous touring schedule that will take them from Chicago out to the West coast and back up to the East coast.

Allow me to highlight a few stops along the way. Here in Chicago, where the tour begins, we’re all getting fired up for The Slip, who have left us begging for more in the past. The organic jazz ofJacob Fred Jazz Odyssey will open this all-ages show at the House of Blues. With this dynamic duo of trios, somebody better keep the firemen on call! It's gonna be HOT! You hear me Chicago?

After Chicago, they continue along the midwest - going back to college over at Grinnell, stunning St. Louis at Cicero's and Lawrence's Jazzhaus on their way to Colorado. I predict Boulder should buy those Fox Theater tickets ahead of time because after they hit the Bluebird Theater in Denver, the Heads are definitely headed your way.

The boys hop back in their trusty van again and give a drum call to The Alley in Flagstaff, AZ and then over to California, where their following is getting real thick. Heads Up Family, we've got a JamBase Presents show going on in San Fran at Broadway Studios. We've got mood food as an appetizer while you anxiously await one of the best bands of our time. Let me make it real easy... buy a ticket now!

With a few stops in Oregon and Washington, The Slip move onward to round out the best of the West. Somebody in Eugene, take those boys to the hot springs by moonlight, will ya? After a trip out West I always feel energized. Madison and Ann Arbor, you should be sure to wear rubber soles to these shows -- the music is gonna be electrified by more than what's plugged in!

Back on the trail, they make their way home where the lights are bright over on the right coast. I know there's family over there leaving a light on for them. When the music is this good, the light comes from the heart and the soul. So Buffalo, Ithaca, I know it's cold... Lend an ear and get some warmth down to your toes at The Tralf and The Haunt! Northampton and Boston, be sure to show your face. There's nothing more special then seeing the ones you love. They'll be off once again before they call it quits for this tour. All those around the Higher Ground should be sure to catch this one... The Earth will move. So New York, it's up to you. The tour ends at The Wetlands and I know the band will want to share and celebrate with you all that life and this tour has given them.

Kimmy Mooney
JamBase in Chicago

The Slip's Complete Spring Tour Dates

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[Published on: 2/21/01]

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