Umphrey's McGee
Umphrey's McGee has announced that Joshua Redman will be joining the Chicago band for their set at the 2nd Annual FUNK Festival August 25th. This will mark Josh’s 1st appearance with UM since they did a run of shows together in the Northeast in early 2004. The FUNK festival is held at Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom, Indiana and includes Victor Wooten Band, Honkytonk Homeslice and Groovatron as well as twenty other acts. Tickets can be purchased here.

In other news Umphrey's McGee has posted their Fall Tour with a noticable gap around Halloween (?) while in the middle of their West Coast run that includes shows in Santa Cruz, San Diego, Portland and Chico, CA.

Click here for a full list of dates.

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[Published on: 7/17/06]

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krsmall starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 03:08PM
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does that mean vegoose???

udsh starstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 03:11PM
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sounds like they will be at vegoose

stellarrstarr starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 03:44PM
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that is FOR SURE a vegoose run . . . could it get any crazier?!

The Glick Mon 7/17/2006 04:33PM
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The Glick

Tuesday, 24 October 2006
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, California 95060


spaceface7 starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 06:07PM
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Ya'll have fun at ur vegoose.... 10,000 LAKES, here I come. Umphreys LaTe NiTe...
Think they're gonna do Chi-town for nYe again?? That city is fuckin great.

shf9 Mon 7/17/2006 07:42PM
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does anyone know what day the dec. 1 & 2 shows in new york go on sale? thanks.

Jamhead86 starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 11:14PM
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2 Madison shows. Hell yeah!

biscolives1 Tue 7/18/2006 06:48AM
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If you click on halloween it takes you to so I guess that's a sure thing

officialrx starstarstarstar Tue 7/18/2006 08:11AM
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I'm definitely feeling the NYC weekend run in early December, but we get skipped over in the October Northeast leg!?!? The boys better have something big in store. A return to CBGB's? A stealth Irving Plaza gig? Holding my breath here. See you in the Park!!!

Death Cube K Tue 7/18/2006 09:09AM
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Death Cube K

Wait wait wait... UM coming back to Toads Place? They could play the webster I think. But noooo way, straight to THE joint. I'm coming down from NH to see the boys ROCK my home club. Check yourself before you wreck yourself in New Haven

mikedzie starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/18/2006 03:42PM
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screw Vegoose UM Halloween in Chicago!!!

Death Cube K Thu 7/20/2006 06:55AM
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Death Cube K

I'd like to note that UM is the hardest touring band in the US

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} star Fri 7/21/2006 05:43AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

UM is tooo damn giddy for me.. the flaring guitar solos have NO SOUL.. technically excellent, but soul-less.
U can have them.. I find their music irritating.. peace ya'll. PS> this is simply my opinion, good for you if you find joy in their music..

Jamshyd star Sun 7/23/2006 12:21PM
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Seeing Umphrey's is like seeing a bad 80's metal band and a moe. cover all mixed up in a huge mess. I couldn't agree that their jams are "soulless". The jams are completly repetive and so is their sound. But hey their still young, they have time to grow... Lets hope so atleast.

hnkscrpio Mon 7/24/2006 10:13AM
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It's funny to me that people waste their time trying to knock bands. Nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to listen to Umphrey's. I guess there are a lot of negative people with too much time on their hands.

jimmystewart Mon 7/24/2006 02:08PM
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It is interesting to see why non fans dislike a band. UM guitars are soulless? What does that mean? UM's guitars, especially jake, are top of the line (the best outside trey and warren as far as I'm concerned) in the jam scene or any music scene. And as far as UM being repetitive, I have never heard a less repetitive sound. They play any style from heavy metal to reggae. As I tell my friends who don't like UM, even if you don't like UM's style, you have to admit that they have extreme musical talent. The sky is the limit. Enjoy UM's rise to greatness.

thedonk starstarstarstar Tue 7/25/2006 10:14AM
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well something seems to be missing from this tour........A SHOW IN CHICAGO, the place umph calls home now. I am predicting a show on 8/26 in chicago for the riverview music festival, they havent released anything yet cause no one is buying funk festival tickets. WHY LEAVE CHICAGO for umph when they will here on the 26th. no F.U.N.K. for me.

thedonk starstarstar Tue 7/25/2006 10:17AM
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i will say this............anyone who listens to all the music this scene has to offer knows that steve f'in sweney tears bayless and cinninger apart, and he is the best guitarist on the scene. But I still have a tremendous amount of respect for umph and will continue to support the band.

Zarathrusta Tue 7/25/2006 10:29AM
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I think its important that people who don't like a band comment on these articles. Otherwise all we have here is a love-fest (which has no validity). That being said I'll admit UM is talented and I love guitar driven jams but the last few times I saw UM I was looking around (bored) wondering what all the hype could possible be about.

WILSDOG Tue 7/25/2006 10:31AM
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I agree that it's pretty lame to knock bands. The 2 guitarists in UM are definately sick. I don't love all UM music, but I think it's cool that they take risks and have a very broad style. In response to the last comment posted, that guy obviously doesn't play guitar. Both players in UM kick the balls out of Warren Haynes. He may have some "soul" in his playing, but come on; who can't rip minor penatonic riffs all day long after playing guitar for a few years. I recently watched The Allmans show at the Beacon Theatre with Warren. This was free on "Om Demand." A few of his solos were like 5 minutes and went no where. My little sister could bend 1 note for 60 seconds out of tune all day like he did. Trucks's solo's were about 100 times better and Haynes should have quit if he was ever ahead. OVERRATED would be a good word.

Snatcher Tue 7/25/2006 11:23AM
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WILSDOG is perhaps the most foolish jam fan in the history of improvisational rock. To say that Warren aimlessly noodles around minor pentatonic scales is pure rubbish. Haynes reigns supreme amongst all modern blues guitarists. Whats more, his tone is nearly unmatchable - boasting the Gibson 335 axe with PAF pick ups. Don't even get me started with his slide work. If I ever run into WILSDOG, a heated debate over the current Allman project / Mule / Phil and Friends will surely arise. Sir Warren, you make me shiver.

DirtySanchez420 starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/27/2006 05:20PM
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all i have to say to the um haters out there you should accutally see a show before you judge if you where at 10k you not only saw but felt what a powerful performence they put on they did a 30 min encoure! it was sick ill be at
every um show i can get to in chicago holla at dirty

gonePHISHin2 Mon 8/7/2006 02:49PM
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they didn't do a 30 min encore, about 16 mins or so, but yes 10K was a sick Umphs show and if you don't like them you got it all wrong, they are young and they bring it to every show and will keep bringin it for a long time to come. I recently saw some of them with Brain Damaged Eggmen, which was sick.