Legendary rock band The Who will embark on their first world tour in more than 20 years in September.

The trek, which take place in September, kicks off in Philadelphia on September 12 and is set to visit South America, East Asia, Europe and Australia as well as the US.

Along with surviving original members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the band will feature Oasis drummer Zak Starkey, Simon Townshend on guitar, John Bundrick on keyboards and Pino Palladino on bass, replacing John Entwistle, who passed away in 2002.

Watch the press conference here.

The Who's US and Canadian Tour Dates:

9.12.06 Philadelphia, PA | Wachovia Center
9.13.06 Wantagh, NY | Jones Beach Theatre
9.15.06 Ottawa, ON | Scotia Place
9.16.06 Boston, MA | TD Bank North Garden
9.18.06 New York, NY | Madison Square Garden
9.21.06 Holmdel, NJ | PNC Bank Arts Center
9.25.06 Chicago, IL | United Center
9.29.06 Detroit, MI | Palace at Auburn Hills
9.30.06 London, ON | John Labatt Centre
10.3.06 Winnipeg, MB | MTS Centre
10.5.06 Calgary, AB | Pengrowth Saddledome
10.6.06 Edmonton, AB | Rexall Place
10.8.06 Vancouver, BC | GM Place
10.10.06 Portland, OR | Rose Garden
10.11.06 Seattle, WA | Key Arena
11.5.06 Los Angeles, CA | Hollywood Bowl
12.4.06 Toronto, ON | Air Canada Centre

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[Published on: 7/14/06]

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Marc1971 starstarstar Fri 7/14/2006 11:26AM
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whoa. I bet the tickets will be affordable.

Detroit Funk Fri 7/14/2006 11:34AM
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Detroit Funk

haha. right.

bdobby Fri 7/14/2006 12:33PM
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No, it will be. The tour is being sponsored by Depends and Metamucil.

DaveT star Fri 7/14/2006 12:55PM
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The What?? Surely not "The Who". The talented half of the band is gone. It sickenens me they are using the name. At least Page and Plant had the right idea... Could you imagine them going out calling themselves Led Zeppelin. Please! I am sure Ol' Canada will eat this shit up. No integrity whatsoever. Pete oughta call it day. Maybe he and Gary Glitter can go hang...

Marcsmall Fri 7/14/2006 01:35PM
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Who is The Who without Entwistle?

Cosmicsailor Fri 7/14/2006 01:56PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


375 for nose bleeds...

mikemix Fri 7/14/2006 02:30PM
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It would be worth an arm and a leg to see pete T's arm fly of during the wind mill jam. Pack up the bus - Magic bus... Cause I feel like a deaf, dumb and blind Kid see ya there tommy.

Jason Woodside Fri 7/14/2006 06:29PM
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Jason Woodside

the two best members of the who are dead, moon isnt even that great. so why would i pay for this?

recordman100 Fri 7/14/2006 08:04PM
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Pete n Roger still rock hard--the songs Pete penned and Roger sings are timeless and they bloody love what they're doing and it shows. Long live Rock!

hippiessmell starstar Sat 7/15/2006 09:59AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


heckler Sat 7/15/2006 04:22PM
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If Pete Townshend is in the line up, it can be called, "The Who." Oh yeah, Keith and John were great musicians.

jefftothec3075 Sun 7/16/2006 07:10PM
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I agree it would be best to not call themselves "The Who" but you can't say the most talented half is dead. Did Pete not write almost every song?

aji1 Mon 7/17/2006 04:26AM
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The talented half? I love Moon and Entwistle, but Pete wrote all of the songs...I saw them shortly after Entwistle died; excellent show.

mjoffe18 Mon 7/17/2006 09:27AM
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so many bitter fans on these discussion boards!! Can't you guys just be happy these guys are even making an attempt?? I saw them @ deer creek on the last tour, it was friekin' awesome!! Stop complaining, and ticket prices really are affordable on this tour. They go from $52, $77, $97, then $202 for the great seats, at least its like that in Chicago. GO SEE THEM!!! you won't regret it and pete and roger DO have integrity left!!

tommymac1965 Mon 7/17/2006 10:21AM
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Lots of nasty comments..Whats the big deal about using The Who name? Last time i checked Pete Townshend wrote 95% of the material.Do i wish we still had Keith and John with us?
Of course,but there is nothing wrong with carrying on the musical legacy.For the record,as far geezer acts go,the Who blow away the Stones musically at this point.Its not even close.Unless you have actually seen the band perform,you're negative comments are just ignorant.They still can play.

EVILFUNK Mon 7/17/2006 10:43AM
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mjoffe...i think jam-fans bicth becaues we have created higher standards and expectations for our shit in the past few decades. when mainstream rock and roll bullshit like $200 tickets that dont include lots of legend-in-the-making acts (like the Duo or Umph) and camping we are just like "go sell that shit to our parents generation, they grew up picking stems and seeds out of thier experience, we have created somthing better for ourselves"

thanks, jambase for covering the Who reunion and alot of other stuff. god bless the who, jambase, high standards and the future!

Rainking04 starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/17/2006 02:27PM
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I don't get how people can have such disrespect for pete townshend...he has done so much for expanding musical concepts and The Who was such a huge part of everything rock and roll is today. I don't think they should call themselves the Who either, or that they should charge as much as they do for tickets but it's not like they're doing anything unforgivable by any means. I think it's awesome that they're still into what they're doing this far down the road

DaveT star Tue 7/18/2006 09:25AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I never said Pete didn't write their songs; I said the talented half of the band is the musicianship and excitement John and Keith brought to the fold. (What I personally look for in a live show). I repeat, Pete and Roger have no integrity calling themselves the Who. The Who is a BAND! I think it's great they still WANT to play. I'd see them again on a club tour, for 20-30 dollars... as long as the Marquee said "The Townshend and Daltry project". I saw them in Milwaukee in '82 with some no-name black guy drumming, and it wasn't the same...even with John bubbling all those notes. Gee whiz...wasn't that one billed as their FINAL TOUR?! (How soon we forget, or how much we don't know...depends on your age) You all run off at the mouth half-cocked. Get your info straight. BTW- Direspect is not capitalizing someones name (Rainking04). Although off-stage Townshend deserves no respect. Read up on your current events...The what?! Gimmie a break.

broomnaradio Tue 7/18/2006 11:07AM
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My first rock'n'roll concert was the Who back in 1980...several weeks after 11 people were tragically killed at Cincinatties' Riverfront Arena. My mom swore I would not be attending the show, But the ticket was in hand and there was no stopping me...By the way it was only $7.50 with a $1.00 service charge... I was a rebellious 13 year old.
Pete Townshend was my first real Rock hero. I was crushed when Kieth Moon died but still got a chuckle when the news paper said he had passed from "Apparent natural causes"....even at age 11 I could smell the B.S.
When the Who Rallied 2 years later I was stoked. The show was emotional for sure but the band looked as though they had recently been through a war. as Townshend himself said "The whole tour should have been stopped but the promoters have a tight grip on you...And the American people have a grotesque habbit of sending me home increadibly wealthy" Pete has always shot from the hip and has almoast never minced words....I love him for that.
But the Who's time has clearly passed. If they love to play together they would do it more often than they do. The fact that they bill themselves as the "The Who" could arguably be called fraudulant. But make no mistake "The Who" brings in money that "Towshend & Daltrey" do not The Promoters like it and Pete And Roger like it. They are marketing themselves for the cashola...If they couldn't they wouldnt play together.$200.00 bucks per ticket for the "Whos Left Tour"....I think not

AdkinsJ Tue 7/18/2006 12:02PM
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I've seen the Who once with the original 4 and several other times after Moonie died. It's still not enough...I need more! You bet your ass I'll be there. If Pete and Roger want to call themselves the Who, what do I care? The "Dead" w/o Jerry is no less sketchy and Pink Floyd w/o Syd and Roger was even even sketchier. Big deal. It's not the name, it's the music that matters. Pete and Roger will have that band dialed in and cranked up. You want to hear the Who's songs delivered the way they're supposed to be? You can't get any closer that this.

And by the way, as far as suggestions that Pete isn't deserving of respect off the stage, perhaps you should read up on your current events, my friend. Clearly you didn't follow the story to the end. It's a shame when the ignorant are so quick to leap to judgement. It's funny...that's a problem our little jam community faces every day. You'd think that we, of all people, would be better than that.

Long live rock!

crystalcafemac Tue 7/18/2006 05:12PM
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One thing Townshend should be known for...he was responsible for helping Gregg Allman get off smack..that seems pretty admirable to me, and would require some intergrity

aji1 Wed 7/19/2006 09:52AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Are the Mule still the Mule without Allen Woody? How about Umph after Mirro left? And the Allmans without one of the Allmans or Dicky Betts? The list goes on; personnel changes happen...The bottom line is that Townsend was/is the creative genius behind the band and Daltrey gave them a voice. All Who fans miss Moon and Ent, but, as long as Pete and Roger are there, they are The Who...

EVILFUNK Mon 7/24/2006 11:41AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


if the who Want to impress anyone with a live show they shoulsd hire Joe Russo.