Mucklewain: A Southern American Rock Festival
A one-day celebration on southern music, art & culture

Saturday, August 19th, 2006
Music Begins at Noon
Main Gate opens Friday, August 18th at 6 p.m. for early camping

Whicker Park (new concert location) Harriman, TN

are $ 30 and on sale now at

Steve Earle
Todd Snider
Jason Ringenberg
Allison Moorer
Kevn Kinney
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
Paul Thorn
Garrison Starr
the Katies
American Minor
Southern Bitch
Trent Summar & The New Row Mob
Les Honky More Tonkies
Mic Harrison & The Hi-Score
the Tennessee Rounders
Cory Branan
Dash Rip Rock
Brian Waldschlager
The Yayhoos
Malcolm Holcombe
Will Kimbrough
Tommy Womack
Webb Wilder
David Mead
Cary Hudson

Why: People from the South get a bum deal. Stereotypes persist and are perpetuated that do not have a place in an evolved consciousness. An undesirable effect of these stereotypes has been a heavy burden on our heritage, our form of speech, our values, and our art.

However, a revolution is occurring in which a new southern generation embraces their roots, is cognizant of their history and articulate their passion for this history. There have been some great leaders in this movement, many of which are musicians.

Southern rock is perhaps the most revolutionary from of music alive. It carries on a spirit of independence that other forms have lost. There is always a sense of pride and celebration, of lifting the down trodden and commiserating with the outlaws. The themes of southern rock harkens back to the rabble-rousers of our folk music heritage. Beyond that, they speak of a particular experience: a marginalized existence, which creates a sense of oppression. Because there has been no real organized movement to illuminate this marginalized existence, rebel rock lives on.

Mucklewain strives to be an intelligent and articulate celebration of revolution rock: that good, old-fashioned, southern rock 'n' roll. Mucklewain is the first festival of its kind in which Southern artists, not just musicians, can congregate, celebrated their heritage, and elevate the mass consciousness above the archaic mindsets of old.

It is time to put aside differences. The time has come for people of all backgrounds to listen to each other, respect each other, and grow towards a more harmonies Union. Mucklewain provides an opportunity for all people who dream of progress to come together and build this vision simply by communing with one another through southern music and art. It is possible to build one nation under Mucklewain!

[Published on: 6/2/06]

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cocheese Fri 6/2/2006 12:55PM
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YES! My thoughts exactly. The duality of the southern thing, as the Drive by Truckers put it. It would be great to get them there, and maybe Old Union. I'm super pumped about this. Steve Earle, Allison Moorer, Todd Snider and the human cannon ball Webb Wilder, hell yeah I'm there. This is freaking awesome!

cocheese Fri 6/2/2006 01:00PM
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Hank III would be a nice addition too!

doctordan starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/2/2006 01:07PM
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Remember Webb Wilder credo
work hard
rock hard
eat hard
sleep hard
grow big
wear classes if you need them

auwaker Mon 6/5/2006 06:09AM
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I ahve thought about this concept for awhile, although, I have to admit my lneup would have been very different. How about North Miss. Allstars, Mofro, Drive-By Truckers and some of the New Orleans bands. I love the idea, but I think the lineup needs to be a little more expansive.

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Mon 6/5/2006 08:46AM
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cocheese Mon 6/5/2006 01:20PM
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I agree AUWAKER, but I think before we can get bands like the All Stars and the Truckers we need to show the Mucklewain people that we support their revolution. That means buying tickets and showing up. SOUTHERNERS UNITE!!!

johnnypyro Wed 8/2/2006 04:41PM
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Just wanted to let everyone know that beer will now be sold at mucklewain at a reasonable price. Also, ticket prices will increase the day of the show to $45 CASH ONLY at the gate. So, buy your tickets now at the early bird discounted price of $30. It is suggested that you try and arrive as early as possible if you plan to camp. The free parking and camping is limited, so get there early to make sure that you get a spot. Gates open at 6pm Friday and there will be people directing partons to camp spots anytime there after. There will be additional parking for a minimal fee along with overflow camping, and we hear that a few local farmers will be opening their fields for additional parking for a fee. This, however, is independent of Mucklewain. Thanks to all for the kind words and support.