Words & Images by Richard Clarke

Steve Kimock, Jerry Joseph, Reed Mathis & Morgan Kimock
05.19.06 :: Mexicali Blues :: Teaneck, NJ

Steve Kimock & Jerry Joseph :: 05.19.06

Every so often, a show comes along that requires more than merely penciling it in on the calendar.

Some shows merit something more definitive - a Sharpie boldly circling a show that cannot be missed. May 19th was such a show. Jerry Joseph (Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Stockholm Syndrome) and Steve Kimock (Steve Kimock Band, Zero ) played together in Joseph's band Little Women, a reggae-infused rock band Joseph fronted in the 80's and early 90's. The two old friends performed an impromptu duet show at Mexicali Blues Cafe over the winter, and this time out they added recent Steve Kimock Band member and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey bassist Reed Mathis and Kimock's teenage son John Morgan Kimock on drums.

Kimock, Reed Mathis & Joseph :: 05.19.06
Joseph and Kimock began the first set on electric guitars as a duo, playing two songs - "Bears That Dance" and "The Jacob Ladder" - from Joseph's solo acoustic album Cherry. "Bears That Dance" was delicately played, but things really heated up with "The Jacob Ladder," which began with the story of how Marc Chagall's stained- glass windows depicting the biblical Jacob's ladder inspired the song and ultimately led into a beautiful guitar duet.

Jerry Joseph :: 05.19.06
"Steve and I wanted to rock out, but Reed and John want to stick to some light country music," Joseph said with a chuckle as the rhythm section settled in. Calling "The King of Love" light country is a bit of a stretch; however, it is one of the more sensitive ballads in Joseph's deep and varied catalog of music and Kimock served up some country- flavored guitar licks. The whole band got their chance to rock out with an incredible version of "Amazing Grace" - Kimock's Zen-like guitar style meshed well with the rougher-hewn guitar style Joseph welds with his power trio The Jackmormons as the two mixed it up toe-to-toe on a wicked jam featuring a "Nobody's Fault" Zep tease over the smooth ride laid down by the rhythm section. "Syracuse," Joseph's homage to the forces that pull many of us back to return to the places we grew up, brought the show back to the more sensitive side before kicking it up a peg with a few new tunes. "Panama" is featured on the new Jackmormons album Into the Lovely and came with the story of Sammy and Sandra Sandoval and their gossip-spreading musical barnstorming performances across South America. "Muzzle," a brand new Joseph-penned song, took the band to set break with plenty of intensity.

Kimock, Mathis, Kimock & Joseph :: 05.19.06
The second set began with "Supper's Ready," another Joseph song that resonates with his interest in gospel music. Joseph began the song solo before the rest of the group chimed in with gospel and blues-fueled accompaniment. Somber, passionate and beautiful, "White Dirt," written by Joseph and Dave Schools for their Stockholm Syndrome project, sounded incredible with Kimock scorching the song on slide guitar. Joseph is fond of saying he loves to plagiarize God because he won't sue you, but "Pearl of Great Price" is just a great song inspired by Mormon scripture. The group played a crushing version of it with explosive rhythms from Reed Mathis and John Morgan Kimock augmented with stellar guitar work from Kimock and Joseph. "War at the End of the World" seemed like a fitting way to end the show, and the band responded to the audience ovation with an encore of "World Will Turn," a song that dates back to the Little Women-era.

Old friends from bands gone by don't get together too often, but when it's a prolific songwriter like Jerry Joseph and a guitar guru named Steve Kimock, be sure to mark it on your calendar - with a Sharpie.

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