Editor's Note/Warning/Parental Advisory: This is not your typical JamBase article; and likewise, this is not your typical JamBase band. The interview/feature that follows is raw; very raw. If you are easily offended by sexual connotations please stop reading. Like the music Eagles of Death Metal make, this is full of deep sexuality and sleazy as hell - but so are the roots of rock & roll for that matter. This is not for those who like to keep it clean. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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By Dennis Cook

Homme & Hughes
It's hard to know how seriously to take the Eagles of Death Metal. There's just SO much cock in their rock. They ooze decadent, flamboyant cool, but their darting pink tongues always seem jammed in their cheek. Even as they windmill their Flying V guitars beneath a shower of stage pyrotechnics, they seem curiously aware of the comic nature of their shtick. Perhaps being taken seriously isn't all that important if you know what you're laughing about.

"I'm not ashamed of anything I do. This ain't no Bible study. This is rock n' roll," proudly offers Jesse Hughes, lead singer and axe man in the Eagles. The band is a sleazy hook-heavy pop metal barrage that first came to prominence as a side project for Queens of the Stone Age main man Josh Homme, who drums in the Eagles under the name Carlo Von Sexron. Back on it like a tick on a hound in 2006, their sophomore platter, Death By Sexy, is a hellacious flailing-limb soundtrack for go-go cages and whiskey nights. "There's supposed to be an element of shamelessness. It's supposed to boogie, and little sweet honey girls are supposed to smile," says Hughes. "And because I have a soft boomerang of love and the greatest moustache in rock history – as I've been told, that's not me – it works very well for the ladies. When I get this boomerang of love in motion and the hairs are ticklin' them all over their body, oh my God, it's like magic."

A little voice is saying I'm a bad man
Don't you listen!
Just keep on rollin'!
It's a chemical reaction
We'll shake some tail feather baby
'Til we see the sunrise

Hughes & Homme by Varity Smith
Hughes and Homme have been best friends since they met as teenagers in Palm Desert, California. While Hughes went to college and became a journalist, Homme made his mark first with legendary heavy THC-centric groovers Kyuss and then with the Queens. When the pair finally found time to record together, the results were, to borrow a line from Almost Famous, "incendiary." Catchy as a venereal disease and near as fun as contracting one, EODM stuff thick riffs into threadbare denim and make them cavort with damp, inhibition-stomping glory. After an appearance on Homme's always-wonderful Desert Sessions series, they debuted in 2004 with Peace, Love & Death Metal. The follow-up sharpens their resolve, drawing inspiration from the earliest days of rock, updating and channeling '50s wildness and the dusky rawness of old blues sides.

"That's what we're drawing from," says Hughes. "Little Richard is one of my heroes. The Big Bopper is one of my heroes. When something loses its way, it has to return to its source, for lack of a better analogy. That's the music that makes me dance. For me, Little Richard epitomizes death metal because he showed up in a pink suit with a cheeseball moustache and eyeliner and scared the world into burning his records. It was like 'Hide the womens, children and the mens 'cause Little Richard is coming!' It scared the world, and that's darkness. That's the true power and fury of rock n' roll, not dressing up in Kabuki makeup and talking like the Cookie Monster. That's not scary!"

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