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David Gilmour kicked off his North American tour last night (April 4) at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The first half of the show featured material from Gilmour's new album, On an Island, which debuted last month at Number 6 on The Billboard 200. Along with guitar, Gilmour performed on banjo and saxophone.

The second set began with Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and also featured "Breathe," "Echoes," and the Syd Barrett solo song "Dominoes." Throughout the evening, David Crosby and Graham Nash supplied vocal harmonies for "On an Island," "The Blue," and "Crazy Diamond," as well as for the Stephen Stills number "Find the Cost of Freedom." The show ended with the classic double-dose of "Wish You Were Here" and "Comfortably Numb."

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

04.05 :: Radio City Music Hall

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[Published on: 4/5/06]

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All Loving Liberal White Guy Wed 4/5/2006 11:41AM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy


musicphairy starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/5/2006 11:49AM
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I saw David Gilmour in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. One of the most AMAZING shows I have ever been to. I highly recommend catching a show if you can

rpmills starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/5/2006 11:51AM
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Hell yeah, can't wait to see this show on the West Coast. A taste of some new tunes along with old nuggets, sounds like a blast. Those are some great pics. And how about the guests for the show? Crosby and Nash, not too shabby. Anybody know if he will be busting out guests all tour? I can't even fathom how sick it would be to see Phil sit in at the Oakland show. Talk about a potential space odessey.

GregRN starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/5/2006 02:52PM
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It figures the one time I miss Dave, he fuckin plays Echoes. God damn it.

TroyMcClure starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/5/2006 09:58PM
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This was a great show! Definitely worth the trip down to NYC!

Flat5 Thu 4/6/2006 04:45AM
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nice pics, Jurick

Panic in the Cave starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 07:57AM
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Panic in the Cave

Look forward to the show downloads. Can't be there. Can't stay awake long enough to hear the entire new CD. It's great insomniac(sp) music. Sweet and gentle. Have fun those lucky enough to see this master.

citrusmonster starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 09:26AM
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the best show ive been too since robert randolph warren and dave last year at bonnaroo

Justandy starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 10:37AM
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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude..... Those lights look sweet. Wish he was playing in the south. Love nash and crosby 2.

Gargamite starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 01:03PM
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This show is amazing.. Do WHATEVER it takes to get into one of these shows if you can!!! ECHOES for crying out loud!!

Putnameter Thu 4/6/2006 01:56PM
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I am so fucking jealous! That show would have meant so much to me to see. I need to hear this show! Tapers?? Please put this up on archive.org!!!

theBigLip starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 03:19PM
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I'm going to the Oakland show on Monday, April 17th. Can't wait. This post just gets me even more jacked! Glad I live within driving distance although I'm sure I would be willing to get on a plane to see this show. I'll report back after the show.

DelicateSound starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/6/2006 05:28PM
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I've seen some pretty amazing shows in my life(Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Crazy Horse,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Jane's Addiction,Rage Against the Machine,The Who,etc.)but last night's show was by far THE best concert I have ever been to!!! Nothing can come close to this show,NOTHING! David was insane alll night long!! His band is absolutely ridiculous and the lasers,lights,smoke, and everything else were just incredible! They played Echoes for almost 20 minutes, the best part of the show in my opinion!! Shine On,Breathe,Time,High Hopes,Wish You Were Here, and Comfortably were so moving and touching! You could see David and Rick Wright playing with such emotion,I'll never forget any of it. This show was a chapter of my life!! Even the first half of the show was awesome! I think his new album is a great piece of work, but the songs played live sound soooo much better!

My message to anyone going to any of the shows coming up. Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!!!!

unc2004 Fri 4/7/2006 08:18AM
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INCREDIBLE!!! I was there 4/4/06 & it's like nothing I've ever seen or heard... realllly makes me long for a reunion tour!

posa starstarstarstarstar Fri 4/7/2006 11:58AM
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bahnbahn Sat 4/8/2006 04:32AM
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I like Dave, and enjoy Pink Floyd. Always a good light show, but his choice in guests?? Just doesn't seem to fit?? Not a big Crosby fan, sort of disappointing.

Jamjan starstarstarstar Sat 4/8/2006 05:23AM
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I am going to see the concert at Massey Hall in Toronto tomorrow (Sunday) with my 14 year old daughter. I have seen a load of concerts in my lifetime but have not been hyped so much for any of them. I feel like a teenager again and can't wait to go. A true star-studded line up. I am sure this is going to be hard to beat!

maxxhaze starstarstarstarstar Sat 4/8/2006 03:42PM
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They played Echoes!?!?!?!!! I'm such a scrub for not going.

rockarolla starstarstarstar Sun 4/9/2006 05:26AM
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Very amazing, almost surreal like, to be able to seeHEAR Gilmour play-AGAIN! Gonna catch the Apr 16th show in Oakland. I gotta ask- why so many people without tix? I seen pink floyd 12 yrs ago & the atmosphere was the most beautifiul feeling I've experienced ever at any show of any kind. Nothing has ever come close. Experienced masters of their craft. You gotta get a ticket somehow!

Lucifer_Sam Sun 4/9/2006 05:21PM
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I was fortunate to be at both nights at Radio City. I thought that the first show (4.04.06) was better...although how can you really go wrong. The harmonies from Crosby/Nash were fantastic and I definitely saw tapers both nights, so the shows are out there somewhere!

Bylimb Mon 4/10/2006 08:23AM
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Not only did I have trouble sleeping the night before the Wednesday show, I had nightmares of missing the show!!! I too was as giddy as a school girl. Just seeing the Radio City marquee with DAVID GILMOUR ON AN ISLAND TOUR 2NIGHTS SOLD OUT would not prepare me for what I was about to see. Love the new stuff...he changed the arrangement around and kept us on our toes...Crosby and Nash were repeat guests and did not dissapoint..their harmonies sounded just like they did on the album. Second set I almost lost myself!!I had to keep pinching my leg to make sure this wasn't a dream, It all seemed soooo surreal. Shine on was wonderful, never played the same way twice. Then came my personal highlight.."Whots...uh the Deal". I saw Tuesdays setlist had "Fat Old Sun" and "Dominoes", so I was praying for this one. Would have paid $100 just for this song alone! A nice Rick Wright "Wearing the Inside Out" followed, then another twist of the set list...a rare "Coming Back to Life",combining wonderful guitar intro, smooth Gilmour vocal sweetness into funky Guy Pratt signature leg stomping bass lines! Fantastic!!! Then "Breathe>Time>Breathe" was done nicely,"High Hopes" is always fresh too... Gilmour is obviously THE MAN!!! Echoes was F..king Ferocious!!! The lights, the sound,the wierdness, the FUNK!!!, then more haunting wierdness, then light at the end of the tunnel!!! SICK..SICK..SICK!!!! An Enorece of Wish You Were Here had everyone singing, Find the Cost of Freedom acapella with C&N resonated throughout Radio City, finally, I climaxed with Comfortably Numb!!!!!!! And I was.

Kaleidoscope Eyes starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/10/2006 09:02AM
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9 days till the first of two nights in LA.....Anxiously I will wait..This should be intense

goguest starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/10/2006 10:31AM
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absolutely stunning....life changing...epic...i couldn't speak for days after seeing the show.

no one has mentioned that Wednesday's second set opened with Shine> WOTS...UH THE DEAL?
WOTS...UH THE DEAL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When he said he was playing "Deal" my heart stopped.

unbelievable rendition

nothing compares

i feel like a different person

Gilmour is the REAL DEAL

weinbda starstarstarstar Mon 4/10/2006 12:05PM
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I'll go see Pink Floyd when its Pink Floyd. Gilmour is a stellar writer and performer for sure, but its a shame that one of the best bands of the 20th Century can't reconcile their differences after nearly 25 years and do a tour for the original fans and a new generation of listeners.

DelicateSound starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/10/2006 05:10PM
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I love Pink Floyd, they are without question my favorite band of all time! But the Floyd is done and a lot of people are gonna have to accept that! They will never play another tour and they sure as hell won't put out another album! The only way they would come back and play again is if it was a Live 8/charity concert sort of thing!

The band has done it all. They've sold hundreds of millions of albums. Played some of the biggest tours ever and pushed rock music wayyy past the regular boundaries! The name Pink Floyd itself is worth millions! When a band becomes that big, the members of the band really feel the weight on their shoulders and it just becomes harder and harder to keep the band going and keep the music pure.

I remember reading about when the Dead went on a hiatus in the mid 70's and Jerry said it felt so good to be able to play in a small club with a different band and not have to be the guitar played of this huge band like the Dead!

koss starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/13/2006 02:25PM
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Sell everything and see this show!!!!
Chicago last night was SICK!!!!
Wots..the Deal, Fat Old Son & Echoes!
I gots your Jamband right hear............

floydian_hemptress starstarstarstarstar Fri 4/14/2006 12:12AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

High to all you Floydheads!!! I just joined after I got the link to the picts from my new friends, John and Ashley, who I met in NYC. We were all there for the 1st night of David's show. Awesome picts! They were, as always, the best and the classiest show I have ever seen! I saw Floyd the 1st time in '73, 3 times in '87 and 5 times in '94, plus David once in '84 and Roger 3 times on "In the Flesh". Now, I am very blessed to see David's show, 3 times! 1st night in NYC and Chitown and the 2nd night in Oakland! Yes, they are my favorite group! Like a few others said, Crosby and Nash were a delight, esp. Nash when he was getting off on watching David jam right there in front of him! I wish I could have been him! No special guest in Chitown, but a fantasic show again and this time, I got to see Wot's...uh the deal? Bravooooo! Of course the highlight for me is all 23 minutes of Echoes since it's my 2nd fav Floyd song and I hadn't heard it live since '73. I can't wait for the 17th in Oakland, my seats are on the floor and the sound will be sooo much better than on the side balcony at the Rosemont! Awful compared to the middle. They were great anyway!

BTW, I have 2 extra tickets in row EE on the floor for the 17th! I'll either trade them for similar set for the 16th or sell to best offer. They value at $120. If interested, please contact me at 513-684-1086.

Thanx for the indulgence, Jambase!

Also, if anyone wants to get together before the show, please contact me!

KEITHFLOYD starstarstarstarstar Fri 4/14/2006 12:19PM
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roberto767 Sat 4/15/2006 06:13AM
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look at these pics!! http://www.jurick.net/archive/gallery/06.04.04_davidgilmore/

nyhippy starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/17/2006 09:20AM
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Nothing compares to Gilmour live. Radio City was the perfect venue for both Floydian music and tradition of exemplary visual effects, which came to a pinnacle during the epic (and complete) performance of Echoes. The final notes were earth shattering. This was how live music is supposed to be.

nyhippy starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/17/2006 09:22AM
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David Gilmour proves on stage that he is the essential element for live Floyd. Any performance of Pink Floyd is truly lacking depth if lacking his presence.

rismoon starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/17/2006 12:47PM
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Watching David Gilmore live in concert was far beyond my imagination. I woke up this morning thinking that it was all a dream. He shook my soul. I honsetly don't think any musician can match the level of his performance. Just the best. What I saw last night in Oakland can not be put into words, one has to experience it.
Breath, Comfortably numb, High hopes, Pigs on the wings, Shine on you carzy diamond, Whish you were here, Echoes were some of the old stuff his sang. His new songs are just as great. Just look at the pictures and do the math yourself. I highly recommend catching the show if you can because it will stay in you for the rest of your life.
"This event desrves 100 stars rather than 5"

roberto767 Tue 4/18/2006 06:57PM
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Here's some more sweet pictures from Gilmour's website. There's some really nice laser shots here...


peridot starstarstarstarstar Sat 4/22/2006 11:34AM
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I saw the Gilmour show 4/4/06. My rating is 6 zillion stars. I loved every micro second of the show. There is no comparison. FANTABULOUS and anyone that missed the show missed out big time.

uncwsnook starstarstarstarstar Thu 6/15/2006 12:42PM
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If you crave some sweet pink floyd shows, as well as a mixture of david's stuff and roger's, check out www.thedoctor.cc absolutely amazing, the radio city music hall show is on there from april 4th. plus tons more from the 70s on.. great stuff