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David Gilmour :: 03.20 :: Heineken Music Hall :: Amsterdam, NL

D. Gilmour :: 03.20 :: Amsterdam

The David Gilmour show at Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall was phenomenal. The first set was a mixture of old and new, highlighting many songs off his recently released album, On An Island. Gilmour effortlessly switched from acoustic guitar to slide to electric guitar, displaying incredible skill at each. Although the first set was great, the second set was the reason we all came out for the show. In Pink Floyd style with big lights and bigger songs, Gilmour blew the crowd away. From "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" straight into "Time," a couple of Division Bell tunes dropping into an absolute rocking "Echoes."

To close out the best show I've seen this year, an encore of "Wish You Were Here" > "Comfortably Numb" left me and the folks around me speechless. There's not enough that can be said for Gilmour's ability to throw down a raging rock set, but it's nice to see him promoting his new mellower tunes as well. The show let out about 11 p.m., just enough time to hit one more coffee shop before catching a little Bisco and the STS9 set at Jam in the Dam. Truly a great night of live music.

David Gilmour :: 03.20 :: Amsterdam

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Words by Super Dee :: Images by Kevin Quinn

Jam in the Dam :: Day II :: 03.20 :: Melkweg :: Amsterdam, NL

R.Stasik - UM :: 03.20

We are two-thirds done with the Jam in the Dam, and it just keeps getting more and more interesting. Day two's festivities began with Umphrey's McGee in The Max. The set was packed with goodies, twists and turns making relatively new Umphrey's fans shake their heads in disbelief. The JitD crowd is chock full of Umphreaks from all over the States (and Europe for that matter) singing along with every song. Deliberately leading us from "Atmosfarag" into "Der Bluten Kat," Umphrey's incredible knack for communication - both with each other and with the crowd - really came alive. The new song "Liquid" from the upcoming Safety In Numbers had an amazing outro that led into fan favorite "Wife Soup," which was full of antics. Another new one that was oh so mean, "Eat," wandered through a space jam and eventually into "Nothing Too Fancy." After a shit-talkin' shout out to the Biscuits, they closed the set with a rousing "In the Kitchen."

The Duo w/ Mathis & Previte :: 03.20 :: Amsterdam

At the end of the Umphrey's set, the Benevento/Russo Duo was underway in The Old Hall. Except, upon arrival, we found that the Duo had grown considerably to include Brian Haas, Jason Smart, and Reed Mathis from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. The boys were rocking and then lo and behold, out walks Charlie Hunter, who sits down between Marco and Brian Haas on the keys. Moments later, drummer Bobby Previte (!) slides in and quickly takes over the situation. Reed Mathis and Bobby together were laying down a beat so nasty a snail could dance to it. Bobby Previte's Coalition of the Willing (Bobby, Charlie, Steve Bernstein, and Jamie Saft) are currently on tour in Europe and decided to come down and see what their ropeadope buddies were up to in Amsterdam. Lucky for us! Definitely the musically magical moment of the evening.

D. Phipps - STS9 :: 03.20

After the pure Duo rocked out the end of their set (with a great mosh opportunity in "Smells Like Teen Spirit"), it was back to the other room for round two with The Disco Biscuits. The set started strong with some newer songs - "Caterpillar" > "Cyclone" > "Caterpillar" - and then it "morphed" into high-gear. We had an enormous "Mindless Dribble" sandwich, and in the middle was "I Got a Feeling" with buddy Brendan Bayliss on vocals, giving a glimpse of the Brain Damaged Eggmen from Jam Cruise.

After the Bisco encore of "Have a Cigar," it was back to the other room for STS9's closing set. It felt like we had traveled back in time with STS9 as they funked and rocked the late night crowd. They created the dance party that everyone was looking for at that hour as they moved from "Arigato" to "Blu Mood" and then some. A highlight for me was certainly the old skool "Hubble," but they had a huge finish after much persistence from the crowd with a double encore - "Dance" into "King Pharaoh's Tomb." From there, the satisfied crowd was unleashed onto the Amsterdam streets until tomorrow...

Additional Images from Day II of Jam in the Dam by Kevin Quinn

The Melkweg - Jam in the Dam

Jake Cinninger - Umphrey's McGee

Joe Russo - The Benevento/Russo Duo

Joe Russo - The Benevento/Russo Duo

Benevento, Haas, Mathis & Russo

Jason Smart & Joe Russo

Marco Benevento & Charlie Hunter

Jam in the Dam

Aron Magner - The Disco Biscuits

Hunter Brown - STS9

David Murphy - STS9

Be sure to check back soon as Jam in the Dam: Day III will hit soon...

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