Roger Waters
Following the recent news that Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour is set to release a new solo album and tour the world, Floyd's former bassist/vocalist Roger Waters is preparing to perform the monumental 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon it its entirety this summer in France.

Details will be announced Monday (2/27), but Waters' website confirms that Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason will join him for the event. It is unclear if the show in France will be the only performance or if Waters plans to take Dark Side on the road.

[Published on: 2/22/06]

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Promontory Rider starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/22/2006 11:53AM
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Promontory Rider

Bring your copy of The Wizzard of Oz(3rd roar)
(with french subtitles )

fiddlophone Wed 2/22/2006 12:05PM
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Nice headline "Roger Waters to Tour" and then the article says it's not known whether it will just be one event or a tour. Do you really need to misrepresent Roger Waters' plans to get people to read a three sentence article. Par for media I guess.

Ston starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/22/2006 12:13PM
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I know a lot of people are going to criticize Waters for this and say he's only about the money, but, you know, it's his music, or, for everyone else's sake, was a key factor in making the music, so, let him do what he wants with it. If people are willing to go, that's up to them, not the ramblings of some grumpy old has been Pink Floyd fans. Yes, Syd isn't playing either, going to cry about that too? Come back to the U.S. Roger, 2000 in Mpls was one of my top 5 shows ever!

fydo1974 star Wed 2/22/2006 12:37PM
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From Roger's own website:

2 June Rock In Rio Festival, Lisbon, Portugal Multi-artist festival
8 June Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany OWN SHOW
12 June Egilsholl Arena, Reykjavik, Iceland OWN SHOW
14 June Norwegian Wood Festival, Oslo, Norway OWN SHOW
18 June Terra Vibe Park, Athens, Greece OWN SHOW
2 July Roskilde Festival, Denmark Multi-artist festival

I couldn't find any info confirming Nick Mason's participation.

pronice Wed 2/22/2006 12:46PM
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Word! Come on over to the U.S. We need something like this...especially at one of these festies! 10K?
Good point though fiddlophone: is it a tour or just one show? guess we'll find out on monday

PlanetVibes starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/22/2006 01:19PM
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IMHO, this is the guy who wrote the quintesential rock album, who is courageous enough to perform it again, and given his age, I applaud this endeavor. How many times have we seen or heard of a band covering this album. It has been recreated so many times through so many different mediums; seemingly, this is a leagend's time to recreate his masterpiece. A recreation of The Album, on his own terms, and at whatever venue is perfectly in order. I'd like to get my hand's on a recording.

StonerDude Wed 2/22/2006 01:35PM
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<<< Bring your copy of The Wizzard of Oz(3rd roar) >>> mean the 2nd raor

Bylimb Wed 2/22/2006 02:41PM
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Well, well...."give a man a les paul, it doesn't make him Eric Clapton," Give a man like Roger Waters a tour doesn't make Dark Side of the Moon. Throwing in good ol'chap Nick Mason on drums makes it more interesting though. What are they doing? Nick and Roger vs. David and Rick? Besides, Nick won't be the only drummer I'm sure, not like the young,loose Nick of yester year. He'll probably be keeping a backbeat like Floyd '87-88 and '94, letting another drummer go nuts. Gives a whole new meaning to "Us and Them". Let us not forget, Gilmour's guitar never looses it's voice. May it melt the walls of Radio City!!!

bfh Wed 2/22/2006 03:12PM
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All I know, is the solo Roger show I saw in 99 crushed the Gilmore Floyd show that I had seen earlier. Roger plays the dirt, Floyd plays the fluff.

DelicateSound starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/22/2006 05:41PM
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It's good to see that Roger is gonna start playing some shows and he does put on some awesome shows! But, I dunno, I always kinda feel like his shows lack a lot of things! Especially if he's gonna play Floyd songs. The guitars are just not up to par. If your gonna play Floyd songs, there is only one man on the planet that should be on lead and thats David Gilmour. David's playing is the Pink Floyd Sound! His playing was always a huge part of their music and everything they did, especially live!

I think Snowy White is a good player and he has been playing with the Floyd since the 70's so I totally respect him and would have no problems with him playing with Roger. Doyle Bramhall is a good player and I respect him, but he just can't play Floyd songs! He's too sloppy and you can't be sloppy if your gonna play Dave's stuff and make it sound good. Watch Dave play a solo and you'll see that he's relaxed but also very concentrated. He works like a surgeon and moves his hands very carefully and very precise. He never tries to do too much and over play which is what I saw Doyle doing a lot and it did'nt really sound Floydish! Plus, David's string bending and vibrato give him the sweetest and brightest tone that only he can make!

Bylimb Wed 2/22/2006 08:35PM
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Delicate Sound speaks the for bfh...don' be hatin' yo! Let's see Roger break out Astronomi Domine outta nowhere like they did in '94...What about when they did a handful of Echoes opening shows in '87...ECHOES...opening the show!!!....not stuffed in the middle of a setlist with no flow...not too fluffy either. What about playing Darkside complete in '94, somthing that had not been done since the 70's? How about FAT OLD SUN!!! or Terrapin? Maybe a bunch of other rarities in store this time around. If thats fluff, at least it's the fluff that dreams are made of kid.

bfh Thu 2/23/2006 02:17PM
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Hey Bylimb... there is no hate coming from me, I'm just saying that Roger has always held the dark side that I love about Floyd. Know if Syd got his head straight and came back for Astronomi Domine and Terrapin, Thats what I would say dreams are made of.....KID!

Lord-K. starstarstar Thu 2/23/2006 05:22PM
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In case you did not notice Roger is releasing a cd. This is a just about the money. Big publicity stunt to do the dark side thing then tour with his new cd.

Mdpickles star Thu 2/23/2006 05:45PM
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Would it really be that hard for THE lineup to play a few shows? Cmon, they should put thier limey cohorts Cream to shame with a full on Floyd tour. That would make me..well, cream

Blake4 starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/23/2006 06:12PM
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PLEASE GOD, PLAY IN THE STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bylimb Thu 2/23/2006 10:14PM
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Right...Sid comes out of retirement, but then everyone would have a heart attack on stage....Shine on you Crazy Diamond!! the way, w/o Gilmour that song should not even be touched...."It's the uh..stuff that dreams are made of kid" that's just a little Humphrey Bogart old time quote...I'm all about hearing Roger doing Careful with that Axe and madness like that but that's really all just dark caotic coverup. How about playing all of Final Cut???? Most likely get Pro's and Cons material...oh double joy, an extra helping of Radio Kaos...mmm mmm good. Live 8 was a sign of things to come...everyone was smilin', not a dry eye anywhere..

bfh Fri 2/24/2006 09:18AM
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They definitely need to ge it together and play as a united Pink Floyd, even if it is just for the money. I was very excited after Live 8, but then David had the quote about his tour saying, "I hope everyone relizes that this is the only band I plan to tour with." Took some of my hopes away. As long as they are all living and healthy, we can still dream!

mark15 starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/24/2006 01:15PM
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No one has the right to speak bad about any members of floyd. They are the greatest band to ever play hands down. No one can do it like they can!

Davey_Longhair Sat 2/25/2006 06:07PM
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Roger Waters broke the band up with is ego. The only way I'll see him live again is if it's with the complete
Floyd. There is no way I'm giving the guy responsible for breaking up my favorite band my money.

I've had friends who have gone to see him and I blasted every one of them for going. All of his music after Pink Floyd is a pathetic rehashing of The Wall.

maxfreeride starstarstarstar Mon 2/27/2006 06:07PM
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yeah really, is this Waters and Mason vs. Gilmour and Wright, im seeing Gilmour in chicago in april and if waters comes ill probably have to go to that too, but i dont know, seeing Waters playing floyd material without Gilmour just makes me quench inside, and my dad actually got to see when they played echoes on that 87 tour i believe.

MoeFan311 starstar Wed 3/8/2006 08:27AM
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Man i wish he would tour in US so bad pink floyd is by far the most influental band that was and ever will be!!

ecarsman Thu 3/9/2006 08:48AM
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Forget all the controversy, I got my tickets, see you in france.

zenstone Fri 3/10/2006 12:21PM
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All of this talk of Waters v. Gilmore.....face it, Gilmore IS a great guitarist but forget the fact that you're not getting the "licks" that Gilmore plays, Roger Waters is a legend, one of the most creative and visionary conceptual artists....and the one whose vision propelled Pink Floyd to what it was. And for those who say he's touring to sell an album...."Ca Ira", an opera, was released last fall and has been performed in Italy, France, Spain, and soon NYC. If nothing else, Waters deserves respect for the talent that he is. Screw Gilmore, post-Final Cut Floyd is just a lame excuse and doesn't deserve to carry the name Pink Floyd...just call it the David Gilmore Show.

pauldmoody145 Tue 3/14/2006 12:02AM
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I didn't have the stomach to sit through and read all of these entries from random "jits" that think they know all about Pink Floyd. I agree with those that have told the majority that they don't have the rights to talk down about any of the members of the institution known as Pink Floyd. Why not pray that they forget their petty differences and rejoin...forever, or atleast reunite in their entirety (with obvious exceptions taken into consideration). Look, the majority of you don't know what you're talking about and are looking for an excuse to rant, I hope those of you choke on dry meat.


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