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Jerry Joseph & Dave Schools Almost Acoustic

Joseph & Schools :: Barcelona
By Kayceman
Jerry Joseph & Dave Schools Almost Acoustic have decided to perform a few very special duo performances this spring. The first date to be announced is April, 8th in Denver, CO with Keller Williams at the Fillmore Auditorium. Tickets are on sale for this show now.

Three more "almost acoustic" duo dates have been confirmed. Jerry & Dave will be headlining the remaining three shows.

04.07 | The Independent | San Francisco, CA
04.08 | Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, CO (supporting Keller Williams) [BUY TIX]
04.14 | Coda | New York, NY
04.15 | Smith's Olde Bar | Atlanta, GA [BUY TIX]

Check out Jerry and Dave in Stockholm Syndrome doing "Tarantula Hawk" on JamCam.

[Published on: 2/6/06]

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phhil starstarstarstar Mon 2/6/2006 11:46AM
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this sounds cool. bring it to richmond, va

Marcsmall Mon 2/6/2006 12:11PM
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The Fillmore show will also feature "Grateful Grass", with Jeff Austin, Keller Williams, and Keith Moseley playing Bluegrass versions of Dead Tunes. I just don't understand why Keller is headlining.

torn&treyed starstarstarstar Mon 2/6/2006 12:29PM
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keller is headlineing cause he is the man

SCI123 starstarstarstar Mon 2/6/2006 03:14PM
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HELL YEAH RICHMOND va show sounds excellent

clarkeart starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/6/2006 03:40PM
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I will make the 9 1/2 hr journey to ATL for this!

pgeano starstarstarstar Tue 2/7/2006 11:11AM
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Keller is not the man. The supporting acts will certainly be better on 4/8. You know who's better than Keller Williams? Tim Reynolds. You know who's better than Tim Reynolds? Bobby McFerrin. You know who's better then Bobby McFerrin? Victor Wooten. 'Nuff said.

TimmyP123 Tue 2/7/2006 01:42PM
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I don't know how you can compare Keller to those three. Such different musical styles. Why does it matter who is headlining anyway? You think Keller won't play with JJ and Schools at some point in the night, either his set or theirs, which happens to be acoustic? The show is going to be sick no matter what with all those musicians in the same building together, quit bitching about who's name is biggest on the side of Colfax.

rpmills starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/7/2006 04:37PM
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Good call TimmyP123. Those three guys are in completely different worlds. That said, could it be possible that Keller came up with the idea of doing the show and that's why he's headlining? Either way, if I lived in Denver I wouldn't give a rat's ass whose headlining, cause I'd be there for the whole show.

ToddWalton Wed 2/8/2006 05:54AM
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every tour should start in Richmond VA!!

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} Wed 2/8/2006 06:05AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

Oh good lord.. Whether you are a Keller fan or not, you should realize he is one of the most versitile and open minded artists out there on the scene.. He may even show up with Phil and friends in the future. He could show up just about anywhere!! He is OPEN minded, and full of kindness, unlike so many bitchy fans that gripe about stupid things in the world of music. Just be happy the musicians are not as close minded as many fans are.. I welcome the pairing. Because all three of these dudes are awesome in their own way. Peace Ya'll....

pgeano Wed 2/8/2006 09:43AM
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You're right. It's not fair to compare them like that. I just don't like Keller Williams. I would go just to see all those AWESOME opening acts, but I don't want to support Keller in any way.

Marcsmall Wed 2/8/2006 12:04PM
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That's what it comes down to for me also.....I just don't like Keller.

freekfreely starstar Wed 2/8/2006 12:50PM
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Thats funny I cant stand the sound or sight of Jerry Joseph and but I love Schools and Keller. So you guys just stay away from Colorado and Keller will headline the Fillmoore with out you.

TimmyP123 Thu 2/9/2006 03:44PM
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If you wanted to see those AWESOME opening acts, you would spend the $25 to see them in such a sick venue, then leave. By the way, did you know Keller is in Grateful Grass with Austin and Moseley?

bwailer Sun 2/12/2006 01:17AM
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I think you all just need to take it easy and enjoy what you are able to hear.

Flat5 Mon 2/13/2006 05:27AM
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schools rocks. jj is cool, too.