Mass Wedding - Photo by Dave Vann

Seth Weiner (Shimon Presents)

1. Brain Damaged Eggmen - They gave everyone the chills with their Beatles/Floyd covers. Most special when they went into "Hey Jude" and brought a bunch of people on stage to join in. It was one of those very special moments that felt just oh so good!

2. Wholy CRAPs - There was a bunch of us on the one craps table on board, the table was HOT, we had it going for over four hours. It was insane and a lot of fun.

3. The Mass Wedding - This was really cool. On the first day at sea we held a Mass Wedding for all those who wanted to get married on board Jam Cruise. It wasn't an official wedding, but none the less it was great. Over ten couples got married by Toast and the Father of the ship. Talk about good energy! Certainly a highlight for many.

Antibalas - Photo by Dave Vann

Adam Haft (New Monsoon manager)

1. The Jam Room - seeing all types of combos of musicians jamming with each other at all times of night.

2. Steve Kimock sitting in with New Monsoon for the band's entire final performance on the boat, as well as Jason Hann and Reggie Watts sitting in.

3. Getting to know so many other musicians and managers.

Everyone Orchestra - Photo by Dave Vann

Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra)

1. During the first Everyone Orchestra performance Michael Travis coaxed Rodney Holmes to finish the EO set on the kit and mid set they switched the kit from a lefty kit to a righty kit, much to the sound person's chagrin. Then the raffle winner guest conductor got ready to start and Rodney busted into a 5/4 groove. Burton, the guest conductor's jaw dropped. The 5/4 was too much! It all worked out though...

2. 5 a.m. jam room on Tuesday night with Reggie Watts, Steve Kimock and the rest of us. Um, I've never heard anything quite like this before. I think Reggie had the biggest smile of all.

3. Late night Galactic on the Pool deck on the last night. The wind was swirling the smoke from the smoke machine, the air was warm and misty - and Stanton was hitting the FUCK out of his drums. This moment embodied the surrealness and beauty of the whole jam cruise experience for me.

Cheme & Skerik with Galactic - Photo by Dave Vann

Jamie Janover (Zilla)

1. The Jam Stage.
2. The Jam Stage.
3. The Jam Stage.

Jamie Janover and the Everyone Orchestra - Photo by Dave Vann

Jeff Miller (guitarist, New Monsoon)

1. Getting to perform three sets... many great moments within... what an honor!
2. Jamming with Karl D, Rodney Holmes, Kyle Hollingsworth, Reed Mathis, etc.. in an organic jam in the jamroom.
3. Singing in the chorus of "Hey Jude" w/BDEM.

New Monsoon - Photo by Dave Vann


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