By Kayceman

In honor of the Beastie Boys' 24th Anniversary, Capitol Records released Solid Gold Hits. The 15 selections are fairly predictable and somewhat pedestrian, but one should expect this going into a "Greatest Hits" purchase. What is perhaps most unsettling is the unfortunate decision to feature only two tracks from Paul's Boutique ("Hey Ladies" and "Shake Your Rump"). On the other hand, we do get a taste of what the Beasties built their kingdom on - and that may be the critical point here: The Kingdom. We've all heard the hits, and most of us already have the albums. This is a chance to consider just how dope the Beastie Boys really are.

For starters, can anyone explain how three white Jewish guys from wealthy New York parents turned hip-hop inside out? No, you can't - if you could, you'd be Rick Rubin or some shit. The story of the Beastie Boys (which is sorta what a "Greatest Hits" compilation is all about) is arguably as interesting as their songs "Pass The Mic," "Root Down," and "Intergalactic" (all featured here). These three freaks invented rap-rock. Back in 1981 they took punk and drove it through the ghetto while laughing out the window. They couldn't play instruments yet somewhere along the line, they learned, and on 1992's Check Your Head, they played every single one. After conquering the charts, they created their own record label - Grand Royal - and started a mag by the same name. By the time they switched gears from kegs at mom's to the instrumental funk-jazz record The In Sound From Way Out!, they were super stars, and when they segued from porno mags to forming the Tibetan Freedom concert, they were full-blown legends. The arc of their career is staggering. From being hated by hip-hop purists and feminists the world over to more than twenty years of doing it how they want when they want, the Beastie Boys will certainly go down as one of the most influential groups of the past two decades. Solid Gold Hits is a nice reminder of how far they've come and serves as a warning to anyone who laughs in the face of change. If three Jewish white dudes from the 'burbs can hijack hip-hop and make it theirs, anything is possible.

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[Published on: 12/19/05]

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Ston star Wed 12/21/2005 11:54AM
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The Beasties have been a great soundtrack to grow up with, but this Solid Gold Hits is embarrassing for them. For a group of 3 well liked individuals, isn't something like this just about the money and not the people that helped get them where they are today...ahem, the fans? However, the Beasties at Red Rocks was the best concert I've ever seen...hands down.

Death Cube K star Fri 1/6/2006 10:41AM
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Death Cube K

FYI, I saw this CD at borders for 18.99

dizamian starstarstarstar Tue 1/10/2006 12:27PM
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What was neglected in this otherwise informative review is that the Solid Gold Hits is available for the SAME PRICE as a double CD/DVD set with accompanying videos for each track, including a Fatboy Slim remix and a live track from MSG 2004. Not just the usual Greatest Hits crap! Also, each track is digitally remastered for 5.1 surround and sounds frickin' SCHWEEEET on a decent system. The story behind this is that the Beasties were under pressure from Capitol to release a greatest hits album, they didn't want to, so they did the best they could and made it more than the usual lame greatest hits CD. Go get it onsale and you'll be lovin' it. Beastie Boys NEVER let down their fans!

Beastie Boys at Key Arena in Seattle 9/19/04 was the best show I've seen in years by any band anywhere.

tanqueray Tue 1/10/2006 05:20PM
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the in sound from way out is also a compilation, no?

dizamian Fri 1/13/2006 04:43PM
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In Sound from Way out is an instrumental album.
The previous anthology Beasties "Greatest Hits" release was Sounds of Science a few years ago. Again, instead of settling for the usual lame compliation, Beasties made an offer to fans via their website to choose their own songs for the double-disc package. The available tracks included many rare, live, unreleased, and/or remixed cuts not availble commercially. Make no mistake people! The Beastie Boys love and respect their fans and would NEVER rip them off with greed-motivated projects! - Damian