Ken Babbs, one of the original Merry Pranksters is set to make a special appearance with CUBENSIS to celebrate 40th Anniversary of the Acid Test.

November 28, 2005 (Los Angeles, CA)- One of the leaders of the social revolution that occurred in America during the fifties and sixties was Ken Babbs. He, along with Neal Cassady, Ken Kesey, and several others were part of a group called the Merry Pranksters. What started as "Happenings" soon spread across the globe and infiltrated minds for lifetimes.

Ken Babbs explains a "Happening" as something that, "can't be planned... It just happens! It takes place in public or private and involves everyone present. In Phoenix in 1964 we painted 'A vot for Barry is A Vot for Fun' on the side of the bus and waved flags and played stars and stripes forever and drove the bus backward down the main street. This qualified as both a prank and a happening." The "Acid Test" was born. What the "Test" DID was set up a format for the multi-media concert experience: throwing lightshows and participation in with the musical performance. Prior to that- a rock and roll concert was just the music on stage and an audience watching in seats. The Grateful Dead were THE band for those "Tests."

What is CUBENSIS? An experience in Grateful Dead Music.

The Grateful Dead introduced to the world, in 1965, not just music, but a way of life. Shortly after that the "Deadhead" was born. The devout followers of the band that kept on truckin' until the death of front-man Jerry Garcia in August of 1995. But prior to that, one particular group of "Heads" got frustrated with the lack of Southern California shows played by the Grateful Dead.

This group of musicians decided to bring the music of the Grateful Dead to the folks of So. Cal. on a fairly regular basis. So they did just that by forming CUBENSIS in 1986. Jerry Garcia then gave CUBENSIS the extra incentive they required. Craig Marshall, CUBENSIS' "Jerry," met him during a shared airplane flight to Eugene, OR. Marshall said that he was in a band that played Grateful Dead music, to which Garcia replied, with his signature grin, "Oh yeah? So am I!"

Marshall obtained Garcia's blessing to perform the Dead's music. Garcia's only request was that he "Do a good job of it." Ever since, CUBENSIS has promised authenticity and delivers pure Grateful Dead-inspired music like it was meant to be heard, keeping the Dead alive and re-creating the magic one show at a time.

On December 18, 2005 Ken Babbs, the man who launched a social revolution that made the Grateful Dead what they were, and CUBENSIS, the LA band that plays to keep that way of life alive, will unite for one night at 14 Below in Santa Monica, CA. Ken will join Cubensis on stage that night for what will no doubt be a flashback into history.

[Published on: 11/28/05]

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