From www.phillesh.net:

We are thrilled to announce our plans for 3 very special shows at the end of December and for New Year's Eve. Phil Lesh & Friends will team up with the John Mayer Trio for 3 magical nights of music, culminating with our first San Francisco New Year's Eve show in many years.

Phil Lesh & Friends featuring Joan Osborne, Jimmy Herring, Barry Sless, Rob Barraco and Jeff Sipe along with the John Mayer Trio will be performing on December 29 at The Fillmore, December 30 at The Warfield Theater, and on December 31 at the Bill Graham Civic Center. We are planning a New Year's Eve show that would make Bill Graham proud including a special midnight set featuring Phil and John Mayer.

Public on-sale for the San Francisco shows in December will commence on Sunday, November 6 at 10:00 a.m. A special limited pre-sale will take place starting on Monday, October 24. Check www.phillesh.net for details.

[Published on: 10/21/05]

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minutes Fri 10/21/2005 12:37PM
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about a year or two ago i realized that john mayer is one hell of a guitar player and a great song writer. playing with clapton, bb king, buddy guy, and now phil. cant stop this kid.

rjkeats Fri 10/21/2005 12:56PM
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From Wonderland to Terrapin? John Mayer has come a long way. I wonder what kind of collaborations we'll see between Mayer and Phil.

fydo1974 starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/21/2005 01:05PM
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Joan's back! :D

Alex.Anastas starstarstar Fri 10/21/2005 04:54PM
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Philly boy, going with the pop stars these days, 'eh? Wow, couldn't see this one comin' if you all here at Jambase hadn't told me! Wonder what this will be like!?!?

PS: Here's hoping Herbie will show up to treat everyone to an even better show!

Jenny Jen starstarstar Sat 10/22/2005 10:55AM
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Jenny Jen

Not a Mayer fan, but the boy CAN PLAY, period. Doesn't matter if he's in front of Deadheads or sorority girls, he CAN PLAY. PERFECT place for a NYE show! I'm glad this isn't at the Coliseum because Phil's Mardi Gras here at the Civic had a warm/intimate feel to it, good sound too.

gratefullybred star Sun 10/23/2005 08:19PM
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im so tired of this guy, anyone who uses poppy crap to get himself famous can go home. if he let his guitar speak for himself rather than your body is a wonderland, maybe he would get more respect. this is an all time low for the PLF.

CDR starstarstarstar Mon 10/24/2005 07:13AM
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He is a great player with an ability to keep up with the best - listen with an open mind.

dannymo star Mon 10/24/2005 07:44AM
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if i see one more "joan zone"t-shirt i will throw up

tbove4 Mon 10/24/2005 11:35AM
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watch the crossroads music festival dvd where mayer plays with clapton, then tell me he cant play... anyone who thinks mayer is a bad guitarist either hopped on the post phish i hate everyone who is famous bandwagon or just is judging by his name and nothing more... bonnaroo this past year he played with ?uestlove and herbie hancock? they must suck too if they play with him huh?

marcmonbo Mon 10/24/2005 06:32PM
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any people doubting the talent of john mayer are mistaken. however, it sucks he had to break out with a pop star image, playing arenas with screaming girls and writing cheesy ass songs instead of ripping blues as a forthcoming artist. sucks for him, i guess, but still, he's a badass guitarist

rpmills starstarstar Tue 10/25/2005 09:43AM
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Trying to remain to optimistic, but still somewhat skeptical...as CDR suggests, I'll go to the show with an open mind...see eveerybody there.

Jenny Jen starstarstarstar Tue 10/25/2005 12:17PM
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Jenny Jen

not a Mayer fan at all, trust me on that, but the guy played with Clapton!...enough said...all you haters are just too proud to admit the Help On The Way...it's just music guys, image is nothing and music is everything, keeping the Dead a 40 year old secret is not gonna get us anywhere, having fun for what shows are worth will be a lot easier on everyone FOR everyone

danalog Tue 10/25/2005 04:30PM
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I just read every comment above, and about 95% of you are not Mayer fans, yet you all say "what the hell..he's a good player."
John Mayer is a millionaire. He gets richer every day. Many of the hard-working, year-round-touring musicians that we know and love will never see that kind of cash without a cult following, like Phish or the Dead - and even those guys had to work their tails off for a long time.
John Mayer cheated. He's a cheater. He's been a good musician with intentions of jamming all along, and he sold out to avoid hard work.
Now he's trying to scare off his mainstream crowd and jam?!! This is ridiculous. If I want to go witness this "great musician" in concert, will I have to deal with Barbie and Ken in the seats next to me being pissed off and booing? Really bad move John. You won't make a fan out of me. Neither will Phil, Herbie, BB or Buddy. John Mayer is a cheater and a millionaire - I would certainly think he has the resources to improve in his career, but I don't need to watch on NYE.


TBShortman starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/26/2005 04:56PM
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refusing to like john mayer because he wrote pop music teenage girls happened to like is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. seriously. would you call mccartney a sell out? discriminating against someone just because they sell records is ridiculous. if anything, you should be thrilled that someone of talent has actually penetrated the mainstream. Mayer's bank account should have nothing to do with whether or not you enjoy him.

iang2k starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/6/2005 01:06PM
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Anyone unhappy about this, obviously hasn't listened to Mayer's new Trio live album.

i can't wait to download some of these shows

Jack Straw Berry Sun 10/28/2007 10:30AM
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Jack Straw Berry

john mayer = no depth...great talent, however...just needs some life experience or a "robert hunter"(?)...good safe vanilla roots music for the frat party (which is a valuable contribution to society, for better or worse)...now phil and jimmy/joan = nice! No Jackie G?