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We have all witnessed the organic evolution of the "jamband" scene over the past few years. If you consider Bonnaroo to be the face of jam nation (which many do), it's hard to look past the countless acts that are most certainly not jambands but who are nonetheless a part of the biggest music festival to which this scene has given birth. Indie rockers, Hasidic rappers, and (gasp) even the occasional "American Idoler" have all found their way into our world.

So the question that we pose to you this week is: What role should a band's scene (or genre, or sound, or whatever you want to call it) play in whether or not it should receive coverage on JamBase? If an "indie rock" band or "hip-hop" group can get on stage and put on a killer show, should you be reading about it on JamBase? To put it another way, what kinds of bands do you think "belong" on JamBase?

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  • Think critically about what you have to say. Ask yourself: "Does my reply offer any significant insight or contribution to the conversation in any fashion?" We are asking real questions here, and you have an opportunity to directly contribute to shaping the future of JamBase.
  • Remember that you are an online representation of yourself. We all take this seriously. Let's act like it.
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[Published on: 10/19/05]

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zzdowz Wed 10/19/2005 11:28AM
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Why not write about other bands that are totally killer. Most people on this website are open minded people that probably listen to all sorts of music. Definelty the focus of this site should be on the jam scene but there's no need single out any another band because they might not exactly fit the jam scene. I enjoy reading about all sorts of good music and that's why I use this site and also for shows and shit but we all enjoy different types of music here, so let's not be close minded to anything else.

CDR starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 11:46AM
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I have been struggling with this topic since "other" bands have been appearing on JamBase. I think the frustration comes from wanting to see, hear or read about JamBands in the traditional sense but feeling "duped" because the band doesn't fit into "the jam mold". My suggestion would be to somehow divide the field. I am very open to hearing new music outside the genre. But when I want to be sure I will hear improvisational jam from a new band, Jambase in in a position to help assure that by differentiating the performance types.

cloudhidden Wed 10/19/2005 11:48AM
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To be defined, we need some criteria. Yet, we grow as people and as a social group by cross-pollination. So as I try to consider what "Jambase" should cover it seems to develop a catch 22. The more you cover the less you are a genre based site.

The one characteristic, that I see all bands must have to be covered here, that rises is innovation. The bands and scenes that are news worthy here must be breaking new ground and expanding horizons.

I also check this page everyday for news and happenings and there are many days where there is very little new. So if branching out will give birth to a more dynamic and updated site than I am for it.

TLGskn starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 11:53AM
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yeah bands that are fucking amazing live deserved to be covered. Who gives a shit what "scene" they are part of. If they are good live, write about them.

meganromer Wed 10/19/2005 11:59AM
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I'd love to see more folk/world/americana covered, not just jambands. Lots of bluegrass/folk/swing/Cajun/old-time/Irish/etc. bands list their shows here, why not review them more frequently and recommend their shows once in awhile?

Shlongo starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 12:25PM
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I think jamband music is less a style of music and more a state of mind about the music. I find jamband music is positive, with good vibes, and no negativity. Almost like jamband music = eternal optimism. I feel that any music represents this optimism and positivity should be covered.

Stubbler starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 12:26PM
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Firstly, I would like to comment about the label "Jam Band" and how I feel it misrepresents much of this burgeoning music scene we've all been experiencing for the last several (5-10+?) years. I think this 'scene' can be typified by live music that excels in the 'Moment' and is generally of a positive nature. There are many bands, musicians, and DJs that improvise but are not a "Jam Band". There are many bands that are labeled a 'Jam Band' but have tight compositions and/or lyrics. It's all music of many different forms, all being created and blending together to me.

I have always seen Jambase as a site that facilitates seeing 'Live Music'. Much of the music that is on this site is getting harder and harder to pigeon-hole into one genre or sub-genre, and that's a beautiful thing. What I could always depend on, even if it wasn't the music I'm into, is that the 'quality' of music highlighted by Jambase is always excellent. Of course 'quality' is subjective, when 13-year old girls think corporate enterprises like Britanny Spears is high-quality. But this scene, which is mostly driven by grass-roots organizations and word-of-mouth, I believe has the ability to discern between good music versus music driven by business or insincere means.

That being said, I would personally invite all forms of music to hit this site, as long as the quality-level of the music highlighted stays high. I think, for the most part, that has been achieved by Jambase.

mrcharly starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 12:34PM
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Himmm ? Well... jro421 has pretty much stated what I intended to. I will admit that I have seen a few bands listed on the concert calendar that I did not expect to see here but YOU as Jambase then have the ability to see how many jambase members are attending that specific show. When it seems to be a hot new act, then jambase will probably do a write up of the act. Lets face it, not every jambase member likes noodling jams ( ala Southpark episode ;> ) There are as many multi-genre/interesting jamband fans as their are stars in the sky. It is what it is & has been... & I think your doing a wonderful job. The only thing I wish that was possible is for the midwest vibe to go nation wide...especially in my new neck of the woods, Seattle !!!!
It has just started to happen....Keep it coming !
Peace & Take Care,
Mrcharly :>

bigjohnt1976 Wed 10/19/2005 12:36PM
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I love this site. Plain and simple, it informs all of the "good" people where to go and see great music and find old friends.

rpmills starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 12:37PM
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To me, the jam scene is exactly that, JAM. A mixture of a bunch of different things all smushed and mixed together to result in something that is truly sweet to the senses. And as you all know, there is no one kind of JAM, there's rasberry, strawberry, etc. So that's OUR SCENE, all kinds of different flavors (genre or style of band) made up of all kind of ingredients (hip-hop, jazz, rock, reggae, bluegrass, etc.) So that said, I agree with jro421 that no band should be excluded because they are not what someone envisions as JAM. Because we all like different flavors and to celebrate both the differences and likes is to celebrate what art and music truly have to offer.

However, I would NOT like to see mainstream thoughtless corporate contrived pop music on this website (to this point I don't think I have). If I were editor of Jambase my pre-requisite for whether or not a band should be covered on this website is: Is this band comprised of artists or marketing gimmicks?? If, the answer is ARTIST, than yes I think this community is open to all forms of art as long as it has some layer of soul, feeling and realness to it. If the answer is this band is a bunch of CORPORATE PUPPETS, well than I say let them stay on MTV's website and spare us.
(I want to clarify however that I understand some bands that are considered worthy jambands have big label contracts. IMO, if they are able to maintain their integrity, which the Grateful Dead did for so many years, to me they still maintain the soul that makes them go out there and create music for us to hear. So what I'm saying is there can be fine line, which obviously makes an editor/writer in your position difficult at times. So, THANK YOU for listening to not just the music but also to the community you serve so well.)

karacter0 starstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 01:44PM
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I think that jambase should stay true to it's name and concentrate on bands that use improv in their live instrumental performances. Separate sites should be made for RapBase or PopBase. Free-style hip-hop is not my idea of jamband music, and it's not what draws me to a festival.
You'd have to be schwag smoking custie frat boy to think of Bonnaroo as the "face of jamband". That's as accurate as saying that Warner Bros was the face of Haight-Ashbury in 1967, or Phish sounds like the Dead. Too many bands get invited to Bonnaroo based on the wallet size of the bands fan base. Vegoose has a better jamband lineup.
Jewish/caucasian reggae me want to vomit. Let's leave it for MTV to use as filler between Linkin Park videos.

Hotchkiss starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 02:26PM
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what kind of bands do i think "belong" on jambase?

well, i've never been a fan of lables placed on bands, and i've never been dissapointed about a band i've read about here. all bands that display some sort intergrity, quality, pureness and just a love and passion for what they do "belong" here. even if they happen to be a so called "CORPORATE PUPPET", you have to honestly ask yourself, do i enjoy this music. mainstream is just another label that detours people from good music.

in closing, if jambase didn't cover "indie rock" and "hip-hop" and whatever else you want to label MUSIC as. i wouldn't of gotten turned on to saul williams or broken social scene as early as i did. thank you jambase!

VIBESCRIBE starstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 02:32PM
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All these other bands are great, but the true nature of a jamband is a band that utilizes their songs as vehicles in which jams can ensue. Sure this band or that singer is cool and should be covered in a jamband festival review or something, but if I wanted to hear the song just like the album, I'd buy the album or turn on the radio to the radio station that plays them. Every type of music has an outlet...this one is for JAMBANDS! HARPER

Radio Ryan starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 02:59PM
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Radio Ryan

Fantastic Thread! I think that point of JAMBASE is, and continues to be, a forum for LIVE music by LIVING performers who perform well! Its almost too simple, and when I try to argue with myself over that point, I ask "why is The Mars Volta on JAMBASE" and the reason is obvious when you listen to their music and check out their live show: lots of care taken to express musical thoughts in person and on CD - Brittany doesn't do either, as far as I'm concerned (other thoughts, but not musical ones). I love Umphrey's McGee, and they are a JAMBAND insofar as they do have improvisation and open-ended jams, but their song structure is more Prog-Rock - yet their live shows pretty much fit the JAMBAND mold: improvisation, massive song-sandwiches and segways, choice covers, tons of energy... hard to argue with that!

Sinister Vinister starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 03:28PM
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Sinister Vinister

To me, it seems the evolution of jambands have really morphed many styles and genres of music together. Sure, it's easy to classify a jamband as one that uses it's lyrics and writing to launch into extended jams. Yet, with the different types of jambands now and the broad range of tunes that are being played, it's evident these bands are being strongly influenced by sources outside of the jamband community (i.e. hip hop, electronica, jazz, bluegrass, etc.). It should be asked, "With these other styles of music having such an obvious influence (an influence besides your run of the mill guitar noodlers and so- called "guitar gods") , how can a site like Jambase not include them or even question if they 'belong'?" With that said, great question and a great idea to get perspectives from all around. Keep up the thought provoking forums. Thanks.

BigToad Wed 10/19/2005 05:00PM
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Someone recently said (I think it was Kimock in an interview, but I can't find it now) that the label "Jam" is more representitive of the fanbase than the music. How else could you lump the Grateful Dead, Soulive, The Drive-by Truckers or Yonder Mountain in the same category? Interestingly enough, I'd venture to guess that most Jamheads respect the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bob Marley but wouldn't label them with Jam. Maybe its a generational thing, and maybe its because they don't perform live any more (once-in-a-blue-moon Pink Floyd reunion aside), but it probably has more to do with thier prior lables as "Rock 'n' Roll" or "Reggae." It doesn't make them unworthy of note here at Jambase.

What this site has meant to me is access to musical information; who's playing locally, when is so-and-so coming to town, what show can I go see when I visit that city and a heads up to other bands who share the same fanbase. Its like when you go to see your favorite band and they have a sick opener that you never would have heard of had you not stumbled on them that night...only bigger.

Really, its a lot like an organic referential database...kinda like a musical google where one's interest in the Grateful Dead informs them about Phil Lesh and Phriends and BAM! now you fall in love with Trey and Page and Kimock and Molo. Then you go to another Phil Lesh and Friends show and are introduced to Particle and the Black Crowes. Its like good luck with compound interest.

Whatever has been driving you heads at Jambase, its working. Please don't limit yourselves to music labeled by some cretin as "Jam." Good judgement has never lacked here. There are plenty of times when I don't think This band or That band is any good (even though I read a glowing review here), but I'm never hurt by learning a bit more about them and thier influences and thier side projects.

Keep the fire growing! Keep the music flowing!

Thanks Andy, Ted, Dee, Mike, Kayceman, Andrew and co. Keep up the good work.

jdub104 Wed 10/19/2005 05:11PM
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I feel that all bands that choose to affiliate themselves with the so called "Jamband" scene should be represented on JamBase. Even though a certain band may not be defined or classified as a traditional Jamband (ie. Grateful Dead, Phish, String Cheese Incident, etc.), if they feel most comfortable playing to fans of Jambands, playing at "Jamband Festivals", and the likes, then they should definetely have a spot on this website.

granola17 Wed 10/19/2005 05:55PM
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I dont think it should be constricted just to "jambands". i love jambands but i also love a lot of other stuff. i think most people who really appreciate music, appreciate a wide variety of it. I think the basis for whether or not they belong on jambase should be how well they perform live. most people in this community really love to see a great live show, no matter what kind of music it is. bands that are really talented and put on a good live show should be all be included on jambase.

torn&treyed starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 05:56PM
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I think you ought to send two people to shows or at least to the big ones like cheese and the like. I will tell you I have lived in NYC and Boulder and have seen lots of big and small shows and sometimes I feel like your reviewer's oppinion is supposed to be taken as gospel. So a little blurb ever so often like "I didn't like xyz but some people thought it was the sickets thing of the evening" Or just a fan comment or two from the revewier in the article is all I am asking. Also... How does that work with reviewing shows, can we just review a show and send it in or something??

Also We should talk about other music as long as it doesn't detract from anything jam band related

zepptrekker starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 06:24PM
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This is a very complex issue, and is tantamount to actually defining the music and the scene, yet I am glad it is open for discussion like this.

I think it is interesting to note that some of the bands written about here may not have been widely known in the jamband community before they were written about here. This website sometimes has the power to transform a cool band that may not be widely known into a "jamband", or at least one followed by the jamband community (for me a good example is The Duo- I might not have heard about them or seen their shows had they not played with Gordo and garnered attention here).

So other than playing with a previous member of Phish, characteristics of bands that are covered here might include...there should not be any specific characteristics.

If someone who is an avid reader/contributor to/employee of this site and member of "the scene" feels that an artist he or she sees or listens to is worthy of mention or respect by other members of the community, then they should inform us and let us decide. I trust the judgement of the editors and contritors of this site, who are obviously jamaholics, to present us with content that they feel is worthy and that we will probably like. If we don't, then we'll check out the site the next day for something else.

Things have been going well so far, keep it up!

PlanetVibes starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/19/2005 09:14PM
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Is this all because of the Motley Crue article? Which seems right to the point. The band's nostalgia act is lame, but I applaud the write up. Whether or not the article incensed readers, it was exciting to hear about the musical journey of one musical fan. The odyssey gets us here for one reason or the other. As a community, I believe it is more important to understand the context under which a particular review is comprised. Oh yeah, a Crue cover every once in a while rocks too. By the way, what about an article on the Nuge?

noahjbeck starstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 03:49AM
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i say bring on the Fu#*ING diversity! . . . . . let's be the scene that can't be genre-fied or easily defined . . .

theivywall Thu 10/20/2005 07:27AM
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Music is music. If the music seeks to dissolve the ego and channel truth in an earnest, unassuming way, whether that be through the composition of sound or the syntax truth of lyrics, I believe people should have avenues to experience that music. I think it may be possible, with the help of resources like jambase, and the word-of-mouth seed spreading prominent in jam band culture, to create a much larger, multi-faceted, but still communally progressive and honest community of performers, artists, and listeners. Secularized thinking like assigning a bands' sound to a rigid, specific genre of music seeks to create a false sense of identity for those who connect to that style of music and only that style of music. If fans of jam music would seek to accept and integrate the styles and modalities of other genres of music into their community, this would only further diversify the myriad of influences melting together under love of music. It seems like collective egocentrism to suggest that jamband music is in anyway a more valid channel of universal truth than any other form of music. That's my 85 cents anyway. Hey, anyone on this thread dig Groovatron?

rjkeats Thu 10/20/2005 08:08AM
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Why are we all so worried about labeling our music? This site should dedicate itself to great LIVE music in whatever form or style it is presented. If a band brings it live and they are good people who believe that music transcends cultures and especially labels, Jambase should cover them. By labeling our music we are excluding people who have a terrible misconception of 'jambands.' Great music is great music and to hear it performed live by truly gifted musicians is one of the great joys of life. Jerry didn't just listen to 'jambands' he listened to music in all formats and thats what makes him the greatest. Let us all go see live music and let Jambase cover any band that perpetuates the kind spirit in performance.

trickstand starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 08:09AM
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I agree that generally, most people on this site are open minded to new music, so why not explore that? Also, I love all the jam acts as much as the next guy, but part of the allure of these bands is that they give you something new each night...and so, give us new bands everyday! I would rather hear about some sick band from the boonies that I am unaware of, than some tired review of String Cheese or something (unless of course it's a super hot show). Bottonline, I think it's good that we;re even having this conversation, and change is good, as long as the change you present, is well..umm...good!

DJ Saturday Baxter Thu 10/20/2005 08:09AM
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DJ Saturday Baxter

I think this site should stick to bands that mainly focus on live improvization. Isn't that what the "jam" in jamband means? I don't mean just jazz or could be groovin hip-hop or what ever. As long as the focus is creating music in the moment. And not the face of improvizational music.

Alex.Anastas starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 08:33AM
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A band should receive coverage on JamBase if it means that this site will be introducing their loyal readers to something new and innovative. Music is an ever-evolving cycle and we have to respect that cycle's beauty. In the word's of Mr. James Marshall Hendrix, "Music is magic and magic is life." Therefore, the kinds of bands I think "belong" on JamBase are those that reflect this passion to strech out and not remain stagnant - risk takers within their own rights, ready to expand not only their listeners minds but their souls.

craikes13 starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 09:34AM
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1st off, this is a great idea........asking for community feedback. it shows a dedication to the user of this site, that other sites take for granted.

2ndly, everyone who reads what this site has to offer & visits the venues mentioned here & supports the music being made by artists reported on here, are Connoisseurs.

I think the community surrounding this website has refined tastes in music that require of the artist a more expert handling of their craft. sure, there are a ton of guitar players out there, many of them are really good, but can anyone besides a handful of people really create an emotion w/ their ax like Warren Haynes?

I don't think the genre is as important as the caliber of performance, especially LIVE. Whether I like to listen to rap or bluegrass, or progrssive rock or noodling, I want to hear the person/band that is going to blow me away doing it. I want to hear the best, and I think that 'jambands' are the cream of the crop of their respective genres and that to me is what brings them all to this site.

everyone here wants to hear a bad ass band/artist who makes their mouths drop & ears ring w/ sweet harmonic joy. If the thumping dance hall beat of a 'De La Soul' or 'Matishayu' do that for you, they belong here. On the flip side, if the great singing/songwriting of 'Iron & Wine' or 'Joss Stone' float your boat and take you to lyrical ecstasy, then I feel like they belong here as well.

We are looking for the best act we can find and many of those acts have transcended time and space and cultures and borders. we are a community of love and peace, just like the forefathers/mothers of 'jam' back in the 60's & 70's. true purveyors of the scene look to INclude, not EXclude, so in my opinion, the more artists welcomed to this site, the better.
I might not go see all of them, but if someone is speaking about them the way I would speak about Galactic, then I at least want to feel their joy on this site. I think the next best thing to experiencing my preferred 'Jam' is to hear someone else talk about their experience at their preferred 'Jam'.

Jam on!!!!!

nfenne starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 09:50AM
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Thanks Jambase for opening this forum for our opinions! I agree with the term "jam" describing the listeners rather than the music. I feel that Jambase has an olbligation to provide it's readers with information about the bands that are currently defining the genre in addition to providing it's readers with access to new bands that may not even be considered as part of the jam scene. As much as I enjoy reading about Keller, Rat-Dog, WP and all the other bands that headline festivals all summer long I REALLY enjoy discovering new bands. It seems that as open and accepting as the jam community can be there are still a lot of listerners with very closed minds. Embracing new bands with different sounds can only help the genre change and grow. Enbracing bands that don't fit the jam stereotype can help dispell the connotation that "jam" music is just guitar noodling and long songs with few lyrics.

I really enjoy the interviews on this website and would love to see more in the future. The interview with John Barlow was amazing! Keep up the good work Jambase.

dannymo Thu 10/20/2005 12:05PM
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we all know or at the very least should be aware of "outsiders" view of our scene.first and foremost we are roundly seen as elitist snob hippies with no real diversity or openess to other forms and genre's.that being said I feel that what is really there after you peel back the ol' onion is a ton of rabid,intelligent music fanatics .just don't try and feed us corporate bullshit keep this site dedicated to the grassroots community and all it's different bands.NO motley crue NO white stripes NO gansta shit. stay true to what allows you the honor of reporting on this magical what if we as fans demand technical proficiency and are prone to dig 20 minute jams.peace to all and remember.....talking about music is like dancing about architecture!!!

rossco8 starstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 01:36PM
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This is a site I usually check everyday for tour info., reviews, news, and opinions on the state of the scene. I definitely do not think Jambase should limit themselves exclusively to bands that embark on extended improv. journeys. Please, that's ridiculous. If the music is quality, and both the good people working at Jambase and the regular concert-goer can easily discern what is indeed quality music and what is not, then it should be acknowledged here. Leave it to the individual to determine if it strikes their fancy. That said, I would like to see more references to, and articles about, the roots of so-called jam music. Yonder Mountain would never be where they are without Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson and the funk of Galactic will never compare to the funk of James, Bootsy and Clyde Stubblefield or the Meters. I think that article on "What is Jazz" was a step in the right direction. It caused me to look up and listen to artists I'd never even heard of. It reminds me of when I began listening to Kimock, and then right around the same time I saw a bumper sticker that said "who is Steve Kimock and why does he keep blowing my mind?" There is just so much out there that I still don't know about and probably love.

The music seems to be in a constant state of creative growth, but sometimes I feel the scene is not. Certain bands are going to attract certain audiences, and to each his own. My problem is that I have met some absurdly intelligent kids at shows and through other avenues that love this stuff and have the ability to truly influence people. Yet, I find that some people fall victim to the whirlpool nature of this scene. It upsets me to see kids drop out of college to hop on Cheese or Bisco tour and dome like nine pressies a night. It is a waste of potential because we have the opportunity to mobilize as a viable political, social, environmental force. I mean dead-heads/hippies became writers, politicians, artists (even NBA players) and spear-headed peace and environmental efforts of the late 60s and early 70s. That's not to say that many on the Jamband scene won't do the same, but I don't know if the desire to do so is as strong as it was. I wish there could be some way of re-creating that energy influence that they had just a generation before us. Not necessarily on a large scale, but perhaps just changing one ignorant mind at a time on an individual level. Because there are so many people out there that have no idea about the beauty of music, peace, love, nature and all the other ideals that stand at the core of this movement. And I know, at least on a personal level, that I've turned a couple people on to this and it changes their lives for the better. I think this sort of thing, with the discussion board, is a way to mobilize.

Cirrities starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 01:52PM
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This has been a great thread here! One of the interesting things about this debate is that its all largely subjective. As an example, there have been a few references to "corporate music", and the need to keep it off the site. One posting went on to name the White Stripes as just such band. But the inherent rub for me is that I find the White Stripes to be innovative artists. Their approach to music composition is really quite unique and they put on a killer live show to boot. Yes, they are signed to a big label and have been successful. But they have also come up through the ranks like most, playing small clubs, sleeping on floors and living the artists life. I guess I just reject the supposition that success = corporate. As horrible as pop culture can be, occasionally the masses do get it right and quality bands make it big. That’s not to say JamBase should cover every White Stripes show from here on out. But I do think they should keep their eyes and ears open for great artists, even if they cross over into the mainstream.

dasrunneristgoot starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 02:27PM
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I think Jambase has done an incredible and tangible service to the entire international music community, and I am grateful that I, not just as a Musician but also as a fan of music as an art, have access to jambase as a tool to seek out new bands and scenes. On that note, i would like to encourage jambase to give some of the smaller bands like Groovatron, Starrunner and GreenLemon, oppurtunities to be interviewed and exposed to the greater mass on a more regular basis. Thank you Jambase

magicjam starstarstar Thu 10/20/2005 02:54PM
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i agree with most people when they say as long as the band puts on a good live show, and if their somewhat improv they might as well be featured on jambase. if your not open minded enough to see other types of bands and music on this website then you might as well not consider your self part of the scene. thats my opinion...

appleseed Fri 10/21/2005 06:07AM
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I like music and it doesn't really matter to me what label or name it is called by. If there's music out there that the editors and writers enjoy and are passionate about, please share it with me. If, based on your descriptions, it sounds like something that I would enjoy listening to or seeing, great. If not, that's okay too. What have I wasted? ...the thirty seconds that it took me to read the article. it's not such a big loss to me.

I don't put any limitations or restrictions on what I listen to, and I don't see any reason why you should put limitations or restrictions on what you report on.

frech starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/21/2005 10:27AM
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I don't want to rehash what everyone has said so far, excellent comments for the most part. I just want to say keep doing what you are doing, let the scene expand as it will, let the melting pot blend into what it is destined to do. There will always be the critics who don't want to let in certain band/genres, ie bashing of White Stripes, or even Modest Mouse, but there's no stopping the momentum that this scene has already garnered.

phhil starstarstarstar Fri 10/21/2005 10:39AM
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We all know that the Grateful Dead created something special and Phish used that to take the world of improv rock on a journey that will never be forgotten. They paved the way for the jamband scene. But the thing to remember is the broad spectrum of music that influenced the bands we love. The jamband world is possibly the biggest form of musical fusion the world will ever see, with a fan base more dedicated and pasionate than any. So I believe we shouldnt put many restrictions on what is posted on this site. If I dont like something I wont read about it,but thats not to say someone didnt work their ass off to get here. Jambase has been a trusted companion of mine fo a while now and I trust they will always stay true to passing off interesting, insightful, honest opinions on the music that makes our jam world go round.

Tan starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/21/2005 02:22PM
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I agree with the majority of what has been said below. I, for one, am all about experiencing new music.

However, I wonder if everyone is really as receptive to the new music as they claim. The question posed is slightly loaded. "Are you close minded or what?" Not too many of my friends would say "Yeah, I'm totally close minded. Cheeeeeeesssse forever. Cheese, Umph, and WSP. That's it. That's all I'm listening too." I just think most people think of themselves as having diversified tastes, but their perception of their tastes is not always on par. There are lots of people that only like ‘jamband’-ish music. And those might not be so into other kinds of acts.

For example, one of the JamBase employees listed Kanye West's album as one of their favorites last year, and got nailed for it in a lot of the survey's that were sent out to JamBase users.

All I'm saying is, there is a difference between saying you're into new things, and actually embracing/accepting/enjoying them. People should trust JamBase, as their intent has always been for the FAN. Remember, it's a "community driven database." Such an interesting time to be a music fan, there is no way one should be pigeonholed. It's a shame, but only to yourself.

The other key to remember is how subjective music is. This music invokes so many emotions for its fans, it seems like everyone has to get you to like their favorite band. I'm guilty of it myself. Not everyone is into everything. And they don't have to be. That's the beauty of it. It's how it makes sense to you. What gets you off. And not everybody gets off on the same thing.

No band should be included or excluded due to their lot scene, headiness, or any stupid thing that has no relation to the music. It is, after all, all about the music. So bring it on. All of it. Let’s get fired up.

See you at moe/mule. See you at Bassnectar. And see you at Lyrics Born. All this weekend.

phishead818 Fri 10/21/2005 07:02PM
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Well- interesting topic...

At first I wanted to say- yeah improv, jamband bands only so I can see exactly what I want... but then I thought a little more. Ive come on here countless times and found new bands in my area to go see that I never would have heard about otherwise.

I think the idea of this is to see live music. What might be a great jamband that has awesome jams to me might be incredibly dull to another user...

So I think it best to put any band that rocks it on here, the more options for live music the better, and you can easily skip over bands you dont like by adding your favorites and clicking on "view my favorite bands" to see where YOUR jambands are playing.


bbqribs Fri 10/21/2005 10:05PM
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I believe that the best positive live acts should be represented in Jambase. I don't come here to find out about what gwar is into. Positive psychadelic music is what this scene is based on. I don't think many of the Jambase readers are wanting to leave a show pissed off.

briangearing Sat 10/22/2005 09:41AM
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How about a Vegoose planner like the one you've had for Bonnaroo?

Jenny Jen starstarstarstar Sat 10/22/2005 10:39AM
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Jenny Jen

I agree with pretty much the majority being said here...I'm from Sacramento (not a jamband scene at all), but without Jambase's postings of a wide variety (hip hop/indie/etc.), I wouldn't have found new bands that I'm growing to love nowadays. It should be wide open, this notion of only having "jamband" mentality defeats the whole purpose of the music, of it being IMPROV, NEW, and WIDE OPEN...let's keep it that way, to an extent of course...later

shainhouse starstarstarstarstar Sat 10/22/2005 06:13PM
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Just look at the eight CD's covered this month for the CD reviews section. Is one a traditional 'jamband?' Case and point.

To quote Duke Ellington; "There are only two kinds of music. Good and Bad.

Let's keep covering the good music.

krsmall starstarstarstarstar Sat 10/22/2005 06:24PM
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if it werent for jambase i would not be who i am today (musically speaking) i was a strict phish and dead fan but now that i have myjambase i have seen about 125 shows in the last three years thankyoooooouuuu

how about something about CREAM at msg

bernadette starstarstarstar Sun 10/23/2005 12:17PM
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I really appreciate the great work and the helpful information that JamBase provides and I'm happy to see that the "base" is embracing more and more bands and expanding into other genres of music! I love the feedback loop idea... Thanks for keepin' the scene rockin'! : )

LA Jammer starstarstarstar Sun 10/23/2005 12:42PM
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LA Jammer

Who should JamBase cover?
JamBase should promote bands that don't get played on the radio regularly. Bands that make their name and money on the road. The bands that DESERVE coverage on JamBase are the bands that LOVE to play Live Music. They don't just go on tour to promote their newest release. Bands that don't play the same set list night after night. Musicians that Love to interact with the crowd while they play. Bands that aren't afraid to share what they have created. Bands that are willing to stretch the limits with solo's, guest appearances, multi media art and dance installments, covers, or whatever they can imagine to accompany the music that they have created.
Apparently JamBase only has to put their ear to the ground to know what's happening because they certainly have their finger on what is hot in the music scene. As long as they are not afraid to grow with the bands that they are covering they will continue to be on top of their game.


llamar Sun 10/23/2005 04:00PM
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Good Music=Good Music. Anything type of music deserves to be covered on JamBase as long as it involves talent, thought, organization, and no yelling/violent songs and/or bands

tijaha Sun 10/23/2005 04:14PM
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Like others have said, I think it is great that you have started Feedback Loop. Second, I think what you are currently doing with Jambase is good, so keep it going. I think it is probably better to err on the side of presenting more types of music, so I'd like to see Jambase continue to be more inclusive. I've been primarily a Deadhead, but have become interested in many other bands (Cheese, Umph, DBT, New Monsoon, and others) because of Jambase.
This website is a great resource and is really one of primary sources to learn about all the great new music out there. I have definitely gone to shows because of the stories and reviews I've read on Jambase.

STOTLMOM starstarstar Sun 10/23/2005 07:12PM
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Thinking about this question and reading the already posted responses leads me to another question? What comes to mind when i hear the term jamband, or even the word jam. When I think of a jam I think of something that sounds really, really, really good. After you hear a really good song live you can attest, that it really jammed. After seeing Los Lonely Boys you can say, "Man they really jammed!" Is that to say Los Lonely Boys is a JamBand? If you asked the guys of UM, "Would you consider yourself a Jamband?" what would they say? If you have ever heard SCI cover Micheal Jackson, you might question their jamability. I think the bands covered should be the ones that leave you wanting more, if your into KDTU you know what I'm talking about. I applaud and thank you, Jambase and Relix for you are like porn to me.

icculus2811 Sun 10/23/2005 10:52PM
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To Andy and everyone else involved with JamBase; Thank You! From the deepest corners of my soul, Thank You!

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't read all 49 posts before mine, so I'm sure that some of this has been repeated at least a dozen times before. I've been a faithful and daily visitor for years, first guided here by Andy's Phish page. Lik many of us here, I have been turned onto countless new acts since becoming a regular user. The breadth of music that is covered here currently is wonderful. Are there some genres that could be added or covered more heavily - yes. Are there genres that could go - maybe. But to reiterate what a few have said, most everything here is incredible live. We live for live shows. WE spend thousands to be there, tell all our friends about, then search near and far to find a copy of it. But to say that one whole genre doesn't belong wouldn't be fair.

I will admit this as well, that damn Kelly Clarkson song (Since U Been Gone) is wonderful. I just can't stop pogoing up and down when the chorus comes on in the bar or the cover band starts it up. Ever. Pop music at its finest. Would I ever expect to long on and find coverage of the new KC tour? Hell no. I'd probably chalk it up to error the first time, second time I might leave...

Using the Bonnaroo example is a great metaphor. I've been to all four. I've also been to considerably more "jamband" oriented affairs in the last couple of years. While I think that 'Roo has gone slightly off course that last year or two (strictly a person opinion), I also never would have gone with the friends I did. Different music attracts different people - and I believe that has always been a geat thing about our community. We welcome all and turn away none.

As long as JamBase keeps its roots out of the mainstream, and planted somewhere near the music that brought us together in the first place, your on the right course. Maybe there should be an emphasis on "jambands", roots rock and blues and jazz. This is why we keep coming back. There is always something we haven't heard, and you guys clue us in and rarely steer us wrong.Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share it us and God bless.

degut starstarstarstarstar Mon 10/24/2005 07:39AM
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its a prob. defining jambands.. so i just have recomendations for the site i think anything should be on a jambase listing, as long as there is a band website with some sample music or "mission" statement, that will allow us to make the right choice in hearing seeing what we will enjoy, this gives local bands a place to get their name out at least, also in addition to the "im going" part of the listing there should also be a "recomend" (with the right spelling).

melkava8 Mon 10/24/2005 02:15PM
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I think Jambase has always been an eclectic mix of good music. They should continue to seek out new and inspiring music whatever genre it may be. I personally use Jambase as a resource in finding new music and hope they keep it diverse and fresh always! Long Live JamBase!!

gingerroot starstarstarstar Mon 10/24/2005 04:01PM
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i'd like to see jambase expand beyond the "jam" scene... yall are gettin there... more hip hop reviews!

auwaker Tue 10/25/2005 06:04AM
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I think tast in music is just like a person's taste in anything. Most children start out liking food that appeals to the most basic tastes, like candy, hamburgers or hot dogs. However, as the person grows up their palette expands to enjoy much more complex foods that a child would never touch. Music is much the same way. People begin by liking the most basic "pop" music. However, if these people keep expanding their palette, they most likely will come to enjoy more complex music and music that appeals to them on a higher level.

I love that Jambase provides an outlet to discuss and review music for those people who have chosen to expand their musical palette. I personally have discovered several bands that I now listen to frequently, by reading about them on this website.

Jambase is not for everyone. Just as there are plenty of adults who would wretch at the taste of French cheese, but still eat McDonalds every day, there are plenty of people who are happy with music that recieves radio play. For those who are not, I'm glad there are websites such as this. My only suggestion is offer more information regaridng local bands that may not recieve national attention even in the "jamband" scene. I would love to see a monthly review of up and coming acts across the country.

steady starstarstarstarstar Tue 10/25/2005 06:42AM
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"By the way, what about an article on the Nuge?"

How about not. I'd much prefer to read about the real future of this scene - bands like smokestack, brothers past, umphrey's, signal path, soulive, and yonder mountain string band, etc. than to waste my time reading some tripe about that idiot the Stuge.

Jambase rocks and come see Smokestack!!!!

SilentMark Tue 10/25/2005 10:00AM
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Don't turn into Rolling Stone, please ...

FormulaOBX Tue 10/25/2005 10:43AM
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Music snobs rule...If it wasn't for them we would force fed Green Day even more.

naeco Tue 10/25/2005 03:00PM
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Music! Music!! Music!!! I would love to say what kind of music should be posted on Jambase, but the bands that I may like, someone else might hate, or the bands that you love, I may hate. In my world there are two kinds of music, (GOOD & BAD) and I'm not even sure sometimes what that means, but lets look at it like this. Sometimes i listen to music and I can't believe how profound and great it sounds to my ears. I love listening to music like this! It has changed my life and I'm sorry to say it has been categorized into the JamBand community, because there is other GREAT music that doesn't have anything to do with the Jamband community. Music is music and it shouldn't have to be categorized. This is why Bonnaroo has been so successful. Superfly is breaking boundries musically, and opening doors for bands in a community of music lovers that wouldn't normally be seen live. I will admit I'm not a fan of all the bands at Bonnaroo, I go and see the bands I love and skip the bands I don't love, and also check out bands that I haven't seen. So who is to say what is good music and what is bad music. I have seen a ton of shows live, and all of these shows can be defined as Good or Bad and some Great, but whether "I" liked the show or not there was always a large group of people dancing, jumping, moshing, or just jamming to the music. Which proves that it is nobody's choice in what should be aired musically. It is up to the listener to decide whether they like the music being played, and it is also nobody elses business whether they want to dance all night to a band that you hate.

I remember at the last bonnaroo i ran into a guy that was walking around outside bonnaroo. We were talking about the different shows that we were going to see, and this girl next to us said she drove all the way from Arizona to see WSP, and this guy totally ripped her apart, saying how much he hated Panic and how they sucked. I was so moved by his and her comments that i had to tell the guy, "DUDE, nobody gives a fuck about how much you hate WSP", there will be 50,000 people there watching them play.

This proves that music is subjective. I don't like when people preach to me about religion and how I shouldn't believe in this or that, and I don't like when people tell me what kind of music I shouldn't like. I have respect for all types of music, (I just like some genres of music, and some bands, better than others, but I always open my ears to new and old music that I haven't listened to before). This is where I think JamBase has the right idea, they give us a great supply and steady stream of the music we love while continually adding new artist to the list. I appreciate what JamBase has done so far and I would like to see them expand into other genres of music, to support more people and build a larger community of music lovers. There are music lovers in every genre, and music snobs in every music community, but how will we ever know about new music and new bands unless we are open to them. I think that the bulk of JamBase users are open minded and they will be open to see new music on the site. As long as we can all consider it high quality music. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see Britney Spear's tour dates, or headlines on the site, but I know there is great music out there that hasn't been listed on JamBase yet. Maybe there can be a search function to distinguish the different genres, so when you want to find jambands, funk, jazz, bluegrass, or anyhting else for that matter, you will have the option to do so. Until then, lets all give new music a chance, (as we have been so far) and have JamBase widen our spectrum. I know we are a community of music lovers, but the name Jam doesn't have to represent the genre of music as much as it represents what we do when we hear the music we love.

sleeper02169 starstarstarstar Wed 10/26/2005 05:34AM
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Live shows should be the criteria first in choosing new bands to cvoer .. One thing lacking from Jambase is coverage of where the scene is flourishing and where not to go to see bands

UmPhreakMcN2F starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/26/2005 07:08AM
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Before you start covering other types of music, you should do more show reviews for 'jambands'. I rarely see UM, DUO, pnuma(i don't think ever),New Deal, Conspirator, and sts9 show reviews. That is (should) be the main purpose of this site. To tell us when 'jambands' play, how their recent shows have been compared to the past, what direction their going in, special info such as (new cds, special tour dates), and when festivals are and information about them. Once you guys get on top of show reviews more then cover whatever you like, as long as you keep up on 'jambands' show reviews. After all you are 'jam'base.

nameless1 starstar Wed 10/26/2005 09:40AM
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i think as long as the musician(S) being covered are not a maintream thing that i can hear on any radio or music television station then jambase is doing a good job. jambase is a good tool for those of us who are interested in seeking out and finding good music.

phunkygemini starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/26/2005 10:24AM
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Thank You Jambase for all you do!! 95% of the time I'm totally satisfied with your choices of bands to showcase even if they are not necessarily my cup of tea. I live in a VERY rural town where jamheads are few and far between, so I appreciate being exposed to the different bands you write about. Please, more bluegrass articles. And Please,
pick up a cd by Ras Alan. He produces some amazing Appalachian Raggae. I would love to see him on this site.

Hotchkiss starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/26/2005 10:36AM
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hey UmPhreakMcN2F, theres tons of articles and show reviews in the archievs.

Mattharlow87 Wed 10/26/2005 10:50AM
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What bands should JamBase cover?
JamBase should stick to what they are doing now, which is providing non-mainstream bands an outlet. Superfly is also doing this very well with Bonnaroo and hopefully Vegoose. Of course some of the incredible bands featured on JamBase have converted on the charts and have massive fan bases(Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, etc.) but on the whole JamBase usually spotlights the lesser knowns; the bands that play for the music and the energy; the bands that cater to their fans; the bands that don't mind playing deep tracks instead of just their well known hit songs.

Keep up the good work and please don't turn into Rolling Stone!!!!

chrislane Wed 10/26/2005 12:45PM
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The true nature of community is found within its diversity. What one lacks, the other provides. One of the great things about this site is the way it informs people of new and better music and musical possibilities and options. It would be silly to restrict any band - no matter how plastic or poppy - access to the community created by this website. To me, awareness of the site should be the only requirement for inclusion on jambase. If you come to this site looking for a specific band, it's easy to find. I don't feel like the database is overcrowded or all-inclusive to the point of being distracted. This is a great place and the minute it starts slamming its doors it will be less cool.

folkthepolice Wed 10/26/2005 07:52PM
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i see the point of including diverse music on the site. but personally, i visit jambase b/c of the coverage of folk, roots, bluegrass and similar styles. it seems like the indie synth-pop scene (some of which i do like) gets a little too much press. it is really nice for me, as a fan, to have an updated & well-designed site specifically on folk/roots/bluegrass, as they seem hard to find despite the vast resources of the internet. if more types of music are added, i just hope that the stuff i'm into is not covered less.
but whatever you do, please no mainstream pop. if there is a review of one of those god aweful 'now thats what i call music' records, i think i will cry.

Evan Bozarth Wed 10/26/2005 11:23PM
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Evan Bozarth

The more you think about these things- the more you realize its all connected. Its all Pop Music. Besides, most great music defies categorization. Musical genres were only invented to organize things on a shelf - plain and simple. Jambase isn't here to draw lines in the sand. Its here to report and inform people about great music. All the readers have to do is trust them.

Quality music- that should be the criteria. Sure there's usually a big emphasis on the LIVE compnent, but that shouldn't be set in stone. And the thing about positivity and funloving bands- that's not always what we want. Many folks like Panic cuz its darker and NOT all hula hoops and rainbows. And what about the Mars Volta -the closest thing to psychedelic and prog rock on the popular music scene today - and very dark. They completely deserve mention on this site because they're great.

The fact that this site is even OPEN to jam music is good enough for me. Too many other outlets choose to shut out anything that even smells of jam. Jambase is coming from the other side of the fence- BE OPEN- challenge people!

At the same time, the jamband scene has its fair share of boring and recycled garbage, which I don't think deserves mention at this level. But- I trust the editors of Jambase- I trust that they know the difference between quality music and mediocre music. Keep going guys, and follow your ears.

knockkneedman starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/27/2005 08:25AM
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I think that you guys are right on the money and do a great job. If you think a band puts on a good show and is true to the music, then how can you argue against puting them on this site. There is no specific genre of music in jam music, that is the point I think. If you guys think someone out here might enjoy a band, by all means put them on here, I'll check it out and I think there are plenty of others that would to. Keep up the good work.

phishphreak2003 starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/27/2005 10:12AM
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I agree with UmPhreakMcN2F, i would like to see more concert reviews on some of the bigger jambands that are touring right now. You guys post a lot of good reviews on newer up and coming bands and i saw one of the doobie brothers the other day, which is fine because it gives me an idea of someone new to listen to. Yet its still nice to read about the ones you already know. Because some people still may not have heard of them yet. and going back and reading some of my post its not all clear but i'm going to try and post it anyway, rough night.

kullerpanic starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/28/2005 06:35PM
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Music Moves Me!

In ways that are impossible to describe, yet I know the majority of you feel the same way, or you would not be a part of OUR extremely diverse counter culture. A culture that is the epitome of the melting pot that is America, just look at all of the various heads and various types of music that you have no-doubt run into throughout the years and shows that you have been a part of. It is this diversity that makes every show, festival and interaction within our family so completely wonderous. It is this diversity that sparks the flames of new and progressive music in our scene and continues to fuel the fire of the bands that many of us would be lost without. We are creating and witnessing the unique beauty of the blending of genres and the excitement of always pushing the limits just a little further than we've gone before.

I think that for a music community that is founded on genre blending and always being on the cutting edge of improvisational musical experiments and counter culture, there is no way that any of us can criticize Jambase for exposing us as a community to ever expanding and diverse music.

To each his or her own...but how are we to know unless we poke our musically curious (even if musically snobby) noses in and see and hear were the music takes us.

Bravo to Jambase for helping to expose and engulf me and us in this wonderful scene, and keep up the great work.

skylark05 starstarstarstar Sat 10/29/2005 02:13AM
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I love your site and will always be here.

whoyou starstarstarstar Sat 10/29/2005 10:54PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I think that as long as a band plays their songs differntly than they do on their cd's, then they are a jam band. and as long as they experiment and try to push the limits and create somthing different and new, then they are worthy to play at bonnaroo and worth the time to see, I missed this past year due to unemployment and lack of money, but i went in '04 and it was fantastic. The black keys played who are not really considered a "Jam Band", but i thought they were awesome and would like to see them again so i think you guy's should cover any type of music that is good i like everything from moe. to mike jones however i did see a review of a death cab for cutie cd, what is that about. also i think you need to have a sit down with phish and explain to them that they need to reform. please.

lotusvibe starstarstar Sun 10/30/2005 07:52AM
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Hello I think that all jam bands obviously should be on jambase, and also just good music. It really is hard to say what is appropriate for jambase and what's not. In my opinion just good music is what should be on. Jurrasic 5 The roots and Mogwai and all good groups that play at festivals and do not recieve much coverage on jam base. Sure Jurrasic 5 is a hip-hop group but they kicked ass at bonnaroo and Fire lake festival. Now what I never want to see on jambase is BS emo and punk bands. Not that all the music is bad but I know I wouldn't care to read about emo music.

mbridges starstarstar Mon 10/31/2005 10:20AM
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sorry to say it.the bands that shovel out the most money get the most press...........just like relix!BUT I STILL USE JAMBASE AS MY #1 SOURCE OF MUSIC INFO!i know there are a ton of bands thatb desreve more press than they get,but that would take someone going through every freakin band that registers here and really trying to figure it out!what if there was a feature(main article/front page) about a band that deserves more attention,but doesn't get it(as in bands that dont even draw 200 people but play their ass off).things like this would catapult bands and not lead Jambase down to the Rolling Stone route(whats cool/not whats good)............Relix has been heading that way for a long time!

caesarsidekick Mon 10/31/2005 01:39PM
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Seeing as very few bands on the scene are REALLY jamming -- that is, improvising as a group, whether that means leaving room in composed music for various degrees of spontaneity or just making music from scratch with very few or no rules (Garaj does this, Phish did this, Grateful Dead. . .), not just leaving space for the guitar player to blow some licks, or composing extended sections of instrumental -- I don't see how you could possibly narrow the field down to just jambands. When I think of jambands, I think about the grassroots music scene -- scores of bands that have built their own business models, toured relentlessly to build a fanbase, use street teams to promote shows and basically have said "up yours" as much as possible to the big corporate music monster. SO, Ben Harper is cool to have on here, but don't give me Norah Jones or Steve Winwood, just because they were booked to play the same festival as Umphrey's McGee and Groovy Funk Lemon. To me, they're sponging off of a scene that was built with heart, not just business contracts. I'm not saying that Norah shouldn't be at the festivals. She and those like her help expose others to music that would otherwise be hidden. But, don't write about them on here! They'll pay you to advertise anyway. They got that money, money, money now don't they!

Crouching Critter starstarstarstarstar Mon 10/31/2005 10:53PM
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Gram Parsons once said something like there's only two kinds of music: Good & Bad
thats subjective but I think we all agree more than we disagree so keep this site broadminded....
I have appreciate all the info on New Orleans & it's scene both before AND after Katrina... Please keep that & even expand that!
I would love to see the Austin & Texas scene coverage expanded significantly also: LONESTAR musicians from Willie Nelson to Wayne "the train" Hancock; from Topaz to King Orba; from South Austin Jug Band to Bob Schneider; from Will Taylor's Strings Attached to Guy Forsyth... that's all incredibly good shit folks!!
Likewise there is a Oklahoma music movement called RED DIRT MUSIC--it upholds the legacy of folks like Woody Guthrie & Bob Wills and yet it JAMS way more---bands like the Red Dirt Rangers, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Crouch & Stoney LaRue... they're freaking unbelievable talents and gig all over the country but especially the Midwest & Southwest....
Jambase should Expand & Grow to cover all the good stuff
& thanks as always!!

quannumthrow Tue 11/1/2005 04:10PM
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The bands and scenes that are news worthy here must be breaking new ground and expanding horizons. I agree with that wholeheartedly. Another idea would be to have a page devoted to bands/musicians/producers/DJ's who are outside the standard definition of Jamband but that your audience may be into. I like a lot of the music I read about on Jambase, but I would love to know some of the other things people out there are listening to that don't really fit.

snozzle Wed 11/2/2005 03:31PM
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You said that "scores of bands that have built their own business models, toured relentlessly to build a fanbase, use street teams to promote shows and basically have said "up yours" as much as possible to the big corporate music monster. SO, Ben Harper is cool to have on here, but don't give me Norah Jones or Steve Winwood".What exactly do you consider an original "business model?" Basically what you outlined is the same business model used by labels both big and small. You are aware that the "big corporate music monster"s started off as sweet underground companies with heart and soul, too, right? So what is the difference? Is doing what you do well (if not better than your competitors)a bad thing? Music is music- good or bad; and just becuase a corporation financed its conception should not relegate it to the confines of 'corporate rock'. Corporations may make bad cheeseburgers, but they are perfectly capable of making good music. Differentiate between the two and whole world of quality music will be opened up to you- which, as a reader of this site, should be an experience you are open to. By the way, I saw Norah Jones for the first time at a Keller Williams and Charlie Hunter show when she joined Hunter on stage. Should I have recognized her wretched sellout tendencies back then before "Come away with me" came out? Or should I be glad that a record label with the ways and means to make her available to me has chosen to do so?
It makes for an interesting anomoly. Here, in a space created for the purpose of open communication, the first subject to be dealved will likely mark the death knell of this site and ones like it- that is to say- as soon as some things gain popular mass appeal, there are those people that will automatically renounce any and all of its virtue for the sake of being 'counterculture correct.' Its okay to make money for being really good at something, just as long as you don't step on anybody to get it. If we all remember that- and remember that this little jamband club of ours really is open to new members- we shouldnt need to define it to death. Does it rock your face off? Does it make you wanna dance, sing, shout, etc? Good! Then it belongs here! If its played live then it fits on a site that encourages any and all to "go see live music."

silkyfatz starstarstarstar Thu 11/3/2005 01:39PM
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well, well, well, what an amazing question. fact of the matter is, jambase should have any band with substance represented here. don't get me wrong, there are plently of crappy musicians that write great lyrics, but if the whole is great (album and live show) why shouldn't they be represented here. this website is dedicated to bringing you the noise on solid live acts. well hell, i have seen phish over 20 times, but in no way does that mean all the shows were good. hell, coventry was fucking awful. but also one of the best shows i have seen was a phish show (3/1/03 Greensboro, NC)
there are plenty of bands that put on a good show, even if they aren't traditional jambands. fugazi is one of the greatest live shows of all time, but who knows about them other than umphrey's likes to cover a couple of there songs (waiting room). de la soul puts on a hell of a show, but there a rap act, so how would we know unless you just went. i see as much live music as possible because it is a huge part of my life, but i certainly don't just go to see jambands live. there are a whole lot of other bands out there to see, and a lot of them put on great live shows. they deserve coverage on jambase as well.
i guess all i am saying is don't just subjicate jambase readers to jamband music. yes that is a big part of what we all love, but there is so much more. i love phish, and ween, and umphrey's, and i could go on and on. but i also love dylan, buddy guy, my morning jacket, kanye west, outkast, de la soul, tortoise, and many others that don't get enough respect for what they do on albums and in person. so give them all there due, and give them all a chance.
last but not least, if you don't own a fugazi record, go and buy one. they created alternative music as we knew it in the early '90's. also, go see mood cultivation project and new monsoon. both these bands and a great addition to the jamband scene, and both put on a hell of a live show.

grotelub starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/4/2005 07:07AM
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Whatever it is you're doing, keep it up. That's all I gots to say.


BadManWalking starstarstarstarstar Sat 11/12/2005 08:51AM
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I agree with a lot of people in that more bands should be represented, but to all the people who say that any band with a good live show should be represented, I say this: What if your definition of good doesn't follow with a lot of other people? What if other jambase regulars don't take any pleasure in the raw energy of a good fugazi or Bad Religion show? What if the socially conscious hip-hop of Saul Williams is worhtless to them? Therein lies the problem. I think, in order to have a presence on Jambase, a band should have some remarkable aspect in their live show, be it improvisation or massive energy. Also, I have to say, the focus should be kept on bands with more grassroots followings.

phloes1 starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/14/2005 12:18AM
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Something that I feel has not been addressed in this discussion is that of a DJ. Jambase's idea is to go see live music. Some of the best live shows I've seen in the past year are those done by DJ's. DJ's such as Simon Posford(hallucinogen, younger brother) and DJ DB to name a few. I feel that jambase doesn't include these artists in their website because they are not bands. Although if you were to ask anyone what is better house music(assuming they have heard both) the New Deal or Josh Wink they would laugh at you because the New Deal's house music is so cheesey.

Now don't take my criticism offensivly. There is so much great live music out there that goes completly unnoticed by this website because they are not a band. Live music encompasses much more then the artist's on the stage but the scene, stereo, etc.

Furthermore, before posting I did a search for the Bays on jambase. Nothing came up. The Bays are COMPLETE improvisational music. They do not have records, songs, nothing except energy. So I think that music overseas should also be explored.

And more psychedilica just for me.

Girdog starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/16/2005 07:41PM
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Possibly open up a link seperate from or within for a more broad base of genres and keep jambase homepage stickin to the roots-(how to define?-purely judgemental and if there would ever be ones perfect representation in this matter then it would be their own website.)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would like to see a genre search engine in use to find that particular sound you want and this in relation could possibly be addressed in the 'great genre debate'.

Anyways peace and love Jambase crew and fellow jammers and I look forward to seeing what can develop from all this.


PhishnTrey starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/21/2005 04:32PM
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Everone wants Phish to come back, including myself. I would love to the them make a amazing comeback and forget like the breakup ever happend. BUT... Everyone starting these bring Phish back websites and petitions. Dont get me wrong i would be the first in line to get tickets to every show to every tour if they came back. How many of u got a chance to see Trey w/70 volt parade? How many of u hate Shine. Well ill admit I really dont like Shine, But go she Trey live look how happy he is. Same as Mike, Page, n Fish. There individuals they have been together for half there lives. They made some of the best music in history. But if there Phish again and they are not happy but you are, whats the point whats the us of them going on stage feeling uncreative playing YEM or Wilson or Chalkdust. Really think about it, I love PHISH i always will till the day i die. But as a hole they can do then everyone needs to except that or cry about till they realize what im trying to say. With 70volt parade Trey came out onstage in Philly before the lights went on the was jumping up in down smiling, shaking is head felling the emense energy coming fromt he crowd. That is what its all about energy, the music.

atouja1 Wed 11/30/2005 12:30AM
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The sole purpose of labeling music into genres should be for informative purposes only--to give an idea of the sound/feel of a band. The categorization of music should never limit people from being exposed to a band that puts on a rockin show or has a solid sound. For the people that want to limit the site's scope to "jamband" music, I pity you because you are missing out on tons of quality music. Music should never be pigeon-holed, it is meant to be accepted with an open-mind for it is one the most pure, good things this world has to offer. If a band rocks your world, so be it. If they don't, at least you had the opportunity. I am sure that most that come to this site people know the indescribable feeling of discovering a novel band that really does it for you. This site provides a great service, for it provides an efficient and effective means to spread the word if a band should be checked out. For example, I am not a huge rap fan; but The Roots have an amazing live show. If this site excluded The Roots solely based on their genre, it would be an injustice to music lovers alike. This site should keep on keepin on. Keep the music alive!

flatbottomfrank starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/30/2005 09:00AM
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How did we start well sure with the dead and all the other shoulders of the giants like zappa the allmans, but for me it was Phish, 1993 jones beach. i never had seen a show like that i had just bought rift and already had nectar and expected to hear most of rift and maybe some of their other songs from older albums as did and do most bands. well wrong i was and i was blown away. to me this makes a jam band, the live show, right i mean thats where the jam is anyway. so any band who doesnt play every song off there new album, who changes the set list and isnt broadcast on corporate radio is a jam band. there is no genre to jam bands jazz, rock, blues, country, bluegrass,hip-hop whatever the point is you could see four shows in a row and it wont all be the same. no matter if a song is 2 minutes or 30 if theres talent in it its worth knowing about.