By Matt Layton

It is no secret that life is hard. We are born, we grow up, we die; and in-between all of that, we are left to our own devices to sort through the muck and weed out the beauty. For a lot of us, that beauty is found within music. I shutter at the thought of a life that does not include music in some form or another. After all, practically all of my favorite memories are stored with a soundtrack to fit.

What I have always looked for in a band is the ability to cover a lot of ground - to think outside the box and to not fall into line with one specific genre or style. Over the years, I have stumbled upon several bands that posses this quality, but the list remains rather small. I am talking about a sound that you might not be able to swallow the first few times through - the kind that you must acquire like a fine wine. It is these types of bands that have been more and more appealing to me lately, and the frontrunner in this category is, without question, a band out of Columbia, MO, named Bockman.

Canan & Weir by Matt Kanable
Originally named Bockman's Euphio, the band formed in late 1999 as a four-piece led by guitarist/vocalist Sean Canan. "When I moved to Columbia to go to school, I was aching to put a band together" Canan tells us. "Oddly enough, the first person I met was Andrew Weir. After a while, we became desperate for a bass player, and that is when Andrew introduced me to his high school friend, Wil Reeves, who was gigging around town with drummer Matt Schumacher. That was the original line-up until Matt quit in 2001. Then, we recruited drum wiz Danny Carroll and have not looked back ever since. Although at times we have been a five-piece, the current line-up of the four of us fits perfectly." It is interesting to note the normalcy of this comment when describing how the band came together - especially because there is nothing normal about this band and how it came to be. The real story starts with the name Bockman's Euphio and where it came from.

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