By Sarah Moore

Located somewhere between the musical genres of Medeski, Martin, and Wood and Ben Folds lies the special, developing slot that is the Scott Fisher Band. Unfortunately, since their debut CD only has five tracks, they leave the listener demanding more than the sweet brief taste that the self-titled CD provides. Led by keys and vocal guru (and namesake) Scott Fisher, the band evokes a dirty sound with a fresh twist. Drummer Josh Yafa (ALO, Jack Johnson), brings to mind a certain styling such as that of Billy Martin. Guitarist Bob Dunham and bassist Matt Voth complete the unique mix of sounds. I can see many open endings where this band probably takes off playing live.

The disc begins but with what else: “Introduction.” Ringing in at a mere two minutes, this track, in this critic’s opinion, should be expanded, worked with, and added to. Perhaps their live shows incorporate more expression instead of choppy songs? The next track, “Struggle,” involves a loose, open-ended groove. Fisher incorporates some peanut butter and jelly keys because it is so sticky with goodness. Dunham picks up and gets down to the nitty gritty. The next track, “Tragedy Untold,” infuses Fisher’s falsetto vocals with a keen sense of timing. “Chemicals” sounds very 60’s-Beatles-esque with a present-day twist. The last track, and perhaps the most jam-oriented, “Wonder Why,” is a live track from a show at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon on May 12th of this year. Danceable rhythms fuse with some wicked organ in this terrific track.

While I would have enjoyed hearing more in this disc, Scott Fisher Band is still a fantastic CD for this fresh, young band. I look forward to hearing more from them.

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[Published on: 8/23/05]

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