SUNDAY :: 07.17.05

All Good by Jake Krolick
On the walk over Sunday morning, we chatted with a crew from Georgia that swore the only thing better then a bluegrass beginning to a day is a funk start. Funk is what we got, starting right off with Ivan Neville and his rag-tag group of extended family and friends. Their set was all hopped up on the funk juice and made our weary feet move. Ivan introduced his band as a plumber, an electrician, a garbage man, and well, Ivan was the self-proclaimed drug pusher. Nestled in-between the funk was the gem of the morning - a short, but oh so sweet Duo set. The pairing of keyboardist Marco Benevento and drummer Joe Russo made sounds that rivaled a full orchestra of musicians, or at least that's how Victor Wooten described them when he took the stage. The Duo announced that they could stop the light shower that began to fall as Marco said "Sure, we can bring the sun or at least buy it." This kicked off a solid track from their album Best Reason to Buy the Sun. The two snaked and slithered through a jazzy morning mix that placed us in a cozy warm zone of musical bliss. Rain or no rain, we would enjoy the taste of all that this group had to offer. I couldn't help mentally comparing them to The Slip with the grand airiness of their sound. As The Duo ended, two folks in front of us just yelped over and over, "MORE DUO!" I couldn't agree more!

Victor Wooten :: All Good by Jake Krolick
Victor Wooten was a blast, rounding out our funk sandwich with a full backing band including two female singer/rappers. One of these women also worked a bass while lyrically assaulting us. A mention of his performance wouldn't be complete without talking about the guitar player's solo shredfest. He worked his way through bits of Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, and some original bad-ass moves with his guitar and his teeth. Steve Kimock continued the rotation back to an airier sound as he played a "La Petite Groove" and what I think was just some random jamming before his "Steel Guitar Rag" closed the set.

All Good by Sam Friedman
We decided we had had enough and skipped out on the Dark Star Orchestra, though I heard that Kimock sat in for most of the second set.

This year's festival reminded guests of other All Goods in that you just have to expect the worst when it comes to weather. Perhaps we were all a bit spoiled last year, but I've seen just how amazing Marvin's Mountain top can be with the sun. To answer the initial question, is bigger better? Perhaps, if you are talking about a bigger line-up, but for this festival, I like the crowds a bit smaller. All in all, the festival was a blast, with some minor weather inconveniences that slowed us down but never stopped us. I can only hope Walther Productions continues to bring us mainstream acts as well as the stellar smaller acts like The Bridge. Next summer, please pay off the weather gods. The only thunder I'd like to hear is the sound of David Schools' bass.

Jake Krolick
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[Published on: 7/28/05]

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