PARTICLE | 11.18 | 14 BELOW

Taking the momentum from their early show at The Temple Bar, Particle took the stage of the 14 Below with fervor unseen at some of their previous outings. The band had switched around their stage set-up with Eric Gould standing front and center to helm the ship into the black hole of Space Porn.

They kicked off with "Kneeknocker" that in effect got people to immediately bob their heads, and wave their arms. Gould’s turbocharged bass rifts powered this snowplow of a tune through a flurries of sick sounds complimented perfectly by Steve Mulletz’s keys. The sound begin to spiral into a jam reminiscent of “Bubblehouse” jam that had been put on 78 RPM and had the audience sweating keeping up the pace. A 25-minute opener!

Next up was the Stevie Wonder infused "Pipedream". The synthesized horns coupled with the Dickey Betts like guitar licks coming from Dave Simmon, were a perfect one-two punch. The place begins to steam up with music and perspiration and the band kept laying it on. Then came "Ed & Molly". Inspired from Darren Pujalet’s hard-hitting drums, I felt like Dr. Ian Malcom from Jurassic Park who has caught sight of a T-Rex in his rear-view mirror. I was scared, but knew once it caught me, it’s teeth would sink in and give my body that buzz we all look for at a good show. Lastly came "Ready-Made Gangsta" > "Space End". I hurried back with the final drinks for the night, as last call was upon us and led me to believe that the band was only going to play for another 10 minutes, maybe. Not only was I wrong, but the music thrown in my face should be a crime. There were a series of ultra-climatic rifts that had the room shaking, sliding and boogieing to these heavy beats and sounds. Just when you think you can let out a “Whew,” the band leans back and throws another fastball at ya. Twenty minutes later, the crowd gasping for more, they were choked by the obnoxious fluorescent house lights and shouts of a bitter non-overtime paid staff that wanted to send us on our way.

Don't miss Particle at the Meeting of the Tribes on December 2 with Sound Tribe Sector 9 at the Club Fais Do Do in LA!

Jeremiah Springfield, out.

[Published on: 11/21/00]

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