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Nershi, North, Janover from the EO show
at the Crystal Ballroom April 05 :: By Josh Miller
On Saturday, May 14, The Everyone Orchestra will perform with special guests including guitar wizard Henry Kaiser and members of The Disco Biscuits, ALO, and Samantha and the Ritual and surprise guests plus opener Ten Mile Tide. Guest Speaker will be Kevin Danaher, co-founder of Global Exchange, a human rights research and action center in San Francisco.

Conservation Value is a not-for-profit organization that provides practical information about steps that people, companies and government officials can take that will improve their finances, health, and quality of life while also benefiting the environment.

The Everyone Orchestra is a revolving cast of musicians who come together to raise funds and awareness for local non-profits through performance of songs and improvisational music. Everyone Orchestra performances are unique in that they culminate in unpredictable segments featuring a conductor who directs both musicians and audience alike in interactive, lively, and highly danceable jams.

The mystery of the unknown keeps the musicians present and on their toes, making for the one-of-a-kind magical musical moments Everyone Orchestra has become known for.

Saturday, May 14, 2005The Independent, 628 Divisadero St. San Francisco; www.theindependentsf.com. Tickets $15/Advance General Admission; $50-$100 for 2 levels of Benefit VIP tickets (very limited availability) for philanthropic fans to choose from: (for $50, fans will receive a VIP laminate, signed poster, and access to a special VIP section with a spread of environmentally conscious foods; for $100, fans will receive all of the above plus access to a stage-side VIP section and a Meet & Greet session with the artists). Tickets available at Ticketweb - 1.866.468.3399, www.ticketweb.com or at The Independent Box Office www.theindependentsf.com.

Complete list of players for The Everyone Orchestra performance at The Independant
Steve Adams (ALO) - bass
Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits) - bass
Matt Butler (EO Founder) – drums, vocals
Kevin Danaher (Co-founder of Global Exchange) - speaker
Cecil "P-Nut" Daniels – midi-sax, vocals
Jordan Feinstein (Samantha & The Ritual) - keys
Henry Kaiser – guitar
Troy Lush – multi-instrumentalist
Mitch Marcus - sax
Dan Lebowitz (ALO) – guitar, conducting
Samantha Stollenwerck – guitar, vocals

About the Everyone Orchestra:
Since its inception in 2001, The Everyone Orchestra has performed its shows nationally featuring such luminary musicians as The Derek Trucks Band, Steve Kimock, members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, Ratdog, String Cheese Incident, and many others. Through the events and work of The Everyone Orchestra, funds have been raised for contributions to non-profit organizations around the nation including The Sierra Club, The Pangaea Project, Cascadia Summer, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Music :: Activism :: Improvisation

About Conservation Value:
Conservation Value was founded in 2004 by a conservation biologist and peers in the business, media, medical and conservation communities to increase public awareness of and access to win-win environmental solutions. Our mission is to provide practical information about steps that people, companies and government officials can take that will improve their finances, health, and quality of life while also benefiting the environment.

"There's a lot of negativity weighing down the public psyche right now—things like high gas prices, rising health care costs. What we are trying to do is shed light on the many win-win solutions that are out there that can help people and businesses save money and boost profits, while at the same time creating a cleaner, healthier environment," says Executive Director, Jon Gelbard. "Just think—you can save over $1,300 dollars a year on gas by replacing your SUV with a hybrid that gets 50 mpg. That's money saved that instead of just going to oil companies, can now be spent on computers, clothing, travel, concerts, CDs, home improvements, education, outdoor recreation, you name it. It's a patriotic way to rejuvenate America, do your part to help free us from foreign oil."

How We Do It:
1. Conservation Value has created and maintains a web site full of resources for people, families, businesses, tribes, and government officials to save money, boost profits and productivity, and improve their health and quality of life through conservation.
2. Conservation Value distributes positive-visioned publicity to inform the public about how our web site can benefit people, families, businesses, tribes, and government officials.
3. Conservation Value conducts education and outreach activities to increase public awareness of the benefits to our economy, health, and quality of life of maintaining a healthy environment. These include benefit concerts, holding information tables at concerts, conferences, festivals, and farmers markets, school and university lectures, and more.


[Published on: 5/9/05]

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