I think music is an escape, a place where you can kind of see your own soul without the everyday attachments. And I think the zones we are getting into are really deep, and the space you are talking about is what is going to allow our audience to actually get there.
--Darren Pujalet

As Mickey Hart and I begin to wrap back towards the origins of Hydra he explains the name, "So my new instrument is part RAMU which is my electronic samples and all that, the Beam, and all the acoustic drums - kind of a giant horseshoe. It's a new creation I made from my collection for this musical experience. I called it 'Hydra' because it has so many heads, and it has that hydra-ness to it. And those guys liked it and somebody said, 'Hey, let's call it Hydra.' And that's how we got the name." When asked to elaborate on RAMU (which is a key component to Hydra) Hart's voice speeds up and his excitement is tangible through the phone lines. "Random Access Musical Universe, that's what it stands for. RAMU is a sound droid. It's a robot with a giant memory bank that contains all of my database, my samples, all of the instruments in my collection. Over the years I have put them into the database, and I access it through pads. And it's a MIDI so I can combine instruments from all over the world, so it's a unique instrument."

Mickey Hart :: Hydra :: 04.07.05
All this talk about electronic samples, robots, and RAMU, coupled with my familiarity with Particle's penchant for somewhat repetitive late night excursions, had me wondering if this band really could reach that "zone" where the music takes over and life starts to stand still... or speed up... or dip into what Hart called the "spiritual dimension." And knowing that Mickey Hart has done extensive research into how the brain reacts to music, I decided to simply ask him if he thought Hydra could heal? "Absolutely. It's about trance. There are numerous ways to get trance. The basis of trance is a certain kind of redundancy. And this band has that ability to trance, it's a trance band. And there's auditory driving, it's quite loud. And it's not headed in the direction of entertainment necessarily, although it does entertain, but that's not its primary mission. Its primary mission is to take you into the zone - all of us: me, you, and anybody who gets near that force-field. You get sucked into that force-field, and all of a sudden your reality is quite different, and that is the first stage of trance. In simple terms it's about neurotic function. It's about how the brain reacts to certain rhythmic or vibratory stimuli. And each different kind of vibration gets a different reaction in the brain. The synapses fire, send a signal to the mid-brain, then the mid-brain sends that signal to the rest of the body. And it's sort of like a rush of adrenalin, like an adrenalin cocktail in a way. What it's really doing is connecting you to another parallel reality, another universe that lives inside of you. Some people call it the soul, the spiritual center, spiritual dimension, sacred, all that kind of stuff, but it really puts you in the moment. What it does is, it puts you in the now, in the flow, in sync. See, you are made of vibrations, and so when you get these kinds of vibrations your brain wave is altered in certain ways. Now science is trying to find out exactly how to re-create this on a daily basis and make it medicine, and that's what we'll be seeing in the next few years. See, musicians know it works."

Mickey Hart :: Hydra :: 04.07.05 :: Santa Cruz, CA
And again we are back to the thread that ties this beast together, that notion that music can take us to that "parallel reality," that "spiritual dimension," or in Pujalet's words as opposed to Hart's, "that place where you can kind of see your own soul without the everyday attachments." Or more simply, "the zone."

When thoughts turn to the future, both Hart and Pujalet are excited and optimistic. Pujalet says, "In true Particle fashion, it all just came together so fast. And it's tough to say what the future will hold, but I would expect to see some kind of recording, and when you do, I think it will be one of our best pieces of work - something we'll be really proud of. I know this project is going to record very well." While Darren talks about a record, Mickey looks at the road. "This is a unique union of sensibilities. I think it's very powerful... If it goes well, which I assume it will, gosh yeah, I'd like to take this fucker around the world."

Words by: Kayceman
Images by: Casey Flanigan
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No Energy Sound was mixed wrong and No light show ??? HOW

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Great story and commentary from the band! Existence is vibration!

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hydra was rockin ... no complaints here