I was sitting at my desk wondering, what could Skerik be up to these days? I've been seeing his name flying around the internet here and there with this group and that. I thought if I'm wondering what he's up to, some of you might be interested in knowing too. So I fired off a few questions and here we are: "Where the Heck is Skerik?!"

By Susan J. Weiand
What was the last show you played?

Ghoulbooty (Feb 5 at Nectar in Seattle) but we changed it for Mardi Gras to GRA-BOOTY!!! Eight-piece super funk unit featuring Davy C. on drums, Thaddeus Turner on guitar and vocals, Gerald Turner on bass and vocals, Chris Littlefield on trumpet, Elizabeth Pupo-Walker on percussion, special guests Steve Scalfadi and Mark Cardenas on keyboards, and Skerik on sax and vocals. We used to play every Halloween in Seattle, eight years in a row. I think this show was our 10th or 11th!!! We had a blast, played three and a half hours straight, no break, until they turned the lights on!! The way it should be!!

What is the next show you will play?

Next show is with Mike Clark and Robert Walter - we are doing a little northeast run. We are gonna have another blast! We haven't really played together since the Prescription Renewal tour, so everyone should be ready and willing! (Check crittersbuggin.com for all show dates, etc.)

What is the next album you are releasing?

Critters Buggin is re-releasing Stampede through Ropeadope's new partner RYKO. The first release had no distribution so now it's proper! Skerik Left for Dead in Seattle gets released this summer, as does the new Garage a Trois record entitled Outre Mer, it is a movie soundtrack for a French film that we recorded last may. Syncopated Taint Septet has a new record recorded by world famous freak S. Husky Husvulds. We are looking for a label!

Are you recording anything now?

By Susan J. Weiand
Working on the new Beta Popes record with Bobby Previte (drums), Jamie Saft (guitar and keys) and Skerik (sax and vocals) - it is really heavy. Black Sabbath meets Bobby Previte, riff rock lives! Also Inner Mounting Flame Orchestra - G. Calvin Weston (drums), Shazad Ismaily (bass), Skerik (sax) - recorded a live record in Seattle, and hopefully Mell Dettmer will be mixing it this year.

Please describe the intentions and creations of The Dead Kenny Gs.

The Dead Kenny Gs is what happens when people are influenced by Art Ensemble of Chicago and Bad Brains, and are also sick of the greed and commercial lies of the music world. Smooth jazz is the equivalent of someone trying to sell children in a Mosque in Saudi Arabia. It uses a spiritual medium for the sole purpose of making money, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

I couldn't be more happy with this band, we are totally committed to making music together and will be on tour in April, going into Jazz Fest, check it out! Mike Dillon (drums, marimba, tabla, timpani, percussion, vocals), Brian Haas (Rhodes piano, melodicas, efx), and Skerik (sax, efx, vocals). I hope that answers the "intentions" part i.e. sincerity, we are sincere. As for creations, I can only hope everyone comes down for a sample. As Ornette Coleman said, "All listeners are equal in their opinions!"

What bands will you be touring with this year (that you know of now)?

Garage a Trois, Dead Kenny Gs, Mike Clark, Crack Sabbath, Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet, Beta Popes, hopefully more, somebody please call me!!! Check out crittersbuggin.com for all scheduling. That is the only "official" site for all my touring activity. I DO NOT have a Skerik web-site at the moment, but we are working on it...

Any new bands on the horizon?

I think I mentioned all the new bands earlier. The real search right now is for record labels that understand and can get out diverse instrumental music. Things are rough right now on that level. Syncopated Taint Septet has an amazing record done right now, recorded live in an amazing studio in LA (Sound Factory) by an amazing engineer (Husky) all to two inch analog tape, mixed to half inch tape, no expense spared, and my VISA card can prove it!

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[Published on: 2/1/05]

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