Most Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROTFL) Moment(s) on the Boat:

Ron Voyage doing chin-ups
Photo by Matt Hogan

To put Jon and Ron Voyage into words is a difficult task. These guys were the dirty little secret that got out on the Jam Cruise. Jon Voyage and "his brother," Ron, spent four days messing with people and making a complete scene wherever they went. Once people realized that this was FUNNY, they became irresistible. I can safely say that everyone on the Jam Cruise had a ROTFL moment that revolved around the Voyage brothers, but my favorite was when they were accepting their "Most Hooked Up With Guys and Girls and Least Sleep" award, Ron took the microphone and gave a huge shout out to Brownstein saying, "Do you guys know Brownstein? He's great!" That raised some questions but one never questions a Voyage brother. When the DVD comes out, you will all get a sense of what these guys added to the boat.

Ron Voyage, Kathleen, and Brownstein
Photo by Dave Vann

Kathleen Propp of Madison House Travel - the woman behind all of your JC3 travel arrangements - shared this story about Ron and Jon: "I think my favorite was when Jon came up to let me know that Ron had broken a rib doing a move. As they are professionally trained in the Dance Art of Hip-Hop, they understand that a slippery surface is imperative. So it was surprising to know that Ron was injured when Jon had poured beer all over the wood flooring."

Best New Band on the Boat:

Remarkable Elba Kramer
Photo by Jeremy Jones

Many new bands get created at festivals like these because there is such mutual respect among all the musicians. Most of them are on the road all the time in opposite ends of the country and therefore rarely get a chance to even be in the same place. Similarly, an event like this gives musicians in "bigger" bands the opportunity to showcase their side-projects. The String Cheese guys brought the Remarkable Elba Kramer featuring Kyle Hollingsworth and Zilla featuring Michael Travis, and Fishman was aboard with the Jazz Mandolin Project.

Aron Magner & Jake Cinninger
Photo by Dave Vann

And there was the new Disco Biscuits side project called Moshi & Matov vs. DJ Omen (aka bassist Marc Brownstein and keyboardist Aron Magner). While this new project has been in the works for some time (and a new band name and album forthcoming), a sick new band was created with Joe Russo on drums and Jake Cinninger on guitar in the Endless Summer Lounge. Jake was invited on stage and all of a sudden, we have a new amazing band that is totally unique from anything anyone's ever heard before. The dance party that ensued when Jake took the stage and tested the waters with a new brand of electronica/metal guitar playing was dizzying and everyone got "that feeling" that something exciting was happening and we were all there to witness it first-hand.

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