Saul Williams

Why is it important to vote?

Well the importance in voting is in learning how to play your part in the decision making process. Learning that you are part of a collective and that your voice counts. That's the importance of voting, is learning the importance of your voice.

Is this election any different than elections past?

Yes and no. I think that I'm old enough to really give a fuck. However the fact remains that the true powers that be are not affected by elections. So the real change that we want to come about will only be changed on the surface through voting. We have to make some strong inner changes, some strong inner decisions as individuals that will do the... I'm not a Christian but I'm about to quote Jesus, where he says, "It will turn son against father." You know, "My truth will turn son against father blah blah blah..." That's the type of shit that has to happen truly in this society. So the guy who is the heir of you know "such and such corporations" that manipulate so many people in whatever other nation that they manufacture their products in. The son that's the heir has to say, "You know what dad; we're going to make your company philanthropic when I become the head of it." So the change is going to have to occur by us having the courage to stop perpetuating what our parents instilled in us. And that's a very hard thing to do. Because what did our parents instill in us? Our parents instilled that we're different, we're better than that, we're chosen (laughing cynically) all these things that make us different, that distinguish us from humanity, and the lesson of today has to be our oneness with humanity. We have to find the courage as individuals to stand up against the bullshit that we face in our individual particular plight. To say that we are one, in the face our friends, in the face of our loved ones, in the face of our family, and in the face of the law.

Do politics have a place in music?
Why or why not?

It always has. You think about what put U2 on the map it definitely wasn't their album Pop, it was more like their album War. That had a fucking voice and it means something. What put Public Enemy on the map? I mean even if we talk about fuckin' Iggy Pop and the MC5 and punk rock and all these cats talking about the bling generation, that meant something for all those kids to stand up and say "FUCK THAT! I'm fuckin' wild!" That was important for that era. That was a political statement. The fuckin' Beatles were political. From their transition from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to "A Day in the Life" that was political!

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