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Why is it important to vote?

By Adam George
I think it's extremely important to vote, especially if you are a young person because each individual needs to be represented. But more than anything, in this day and age, the situation that we are in with the administration is a direct result of the apathy of a large percentage of Americans from the last election, and even the last mid-term election, where the turnout at the polls was extraordinarily low. In my tenure on this planet I have never experienced a more passionately divided America as I am seeing right now, so I think it's incredibly important that everybody gets out there and has their voice be heard.

Is this election any different than elections past?

Well I think there are many reasons why it's different. Obviously we are in the midst of a pretty sticky situation in the Middle East. There is this insane percentage of Americans who don't have passports, which means there is a good portion of the American public that are insulated in this bubble knows as; The United States. So they have not traveled, they have not seen the world, they have not met other people and other cultures and I think it's very difficult for them to have a perspective of what the rest of the world thinks of what's going on, and I think that's extraordinarily important. As I do my interviews on a daily basis and I talk to people in Australia and I talk to people in France and I talk to people in Canada and folks in London and on and on, these people are extremely concerned with what we've done as a nation, and what choice we're going to make here on November 2. And it's going to reflect heavily on us as a people. The eyes of the world are watching.

Do politics have a place in music?
Why or why not?

I think everything has a place in music. I think humor has a place in music, I think tragedy has a place in music, I think music is an avenue to express ones self. And if what you want to express is something political or social or whatever, that's what you gotta do. And for me, at this point, when we put out this Bucket of Bernie record and during the time period I had to write these lyrics, nearly every conversation I was having with friends and relatives and colleagues and what not was about the impending war in Iraq, so it was very difficult to not have the contents of the lyrics not reflect those current events.

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Editor's note: While we did not set out with a particular political agenda we do realize that these responses have all been leaning Democratic, if there are any artists who can represent a Republican point of view we would love to hear from you.

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