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Why is it important to vote?

It is the only aspect of the process that we actually have any control over. It is our voice.

Is this election any different than elections past?

The polarization aspect of this election is intense, I have never seen such love or hate for the politician of their choice. From my perspective, this is probably one of the most significant elections in light of Iraq, world opinion, terror, erosion of civil rights, the economy and education to name a few. Unfortunately, to quote Dave Palmer, "politics is the realm of the Banal and Duplicitous." I wish politicians were dedicated to humanity and not corporate interest. Can you say Bucky Fuller!!!!!!!!!!

Do politics have a place in music?
Why or why not?

Alice Cooper said something about musicians being morons and that people should not get their info from morons. Nonetheless, I think musicians and artist should try to provoke people to think. Musicians like Bob Marley, Fela, The Minutemen, Public Enemy, Bad Brains, Fishbone, K.R.S. One, and The Clash were all vital in waking me up to see something different than what the media forces down your throat. At the same time, the music rocks and you can just dance if you are too high to think!!!!!

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Editor's note: While we did not set out with a particular political agenda we do realize that these responses have all been leaning Democratic, if there are any artists who can represent a Republican point of view we would love to hear from you.

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