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Why is it important to vote?

By Ron Gerber
Without a vote is without a voice, and I know that sometimes your vote seems to go unheard, that's how I felt after the last presidential election. However, that said, for the last three years my resolve has grown stronger against the direction of the current administration, and therefore I am doing more to voice my position and opinion, but in a mostly private manner, one on one with friends and acquaintances, and sometimes even strangers. That's what voting does for you, it gets you involved, and being involved is the only way we can evolve.

Is this election any different than elections past?

Yes and no. There was a time, long ago in the sixties, when I was politically involved, but not voting as a protest to how things were going, and the system itself. I believed at that time that the choices were too limited, and we were only choosing the lesser of two evils. I see now that sometimes that choice is needed, and it is because of that, that I started voting again in the last four presidential elections. I'm batting 500 so far.

Do politics have a place in music?
Why or why not?

It seems to me that politics has a place everywhere. Why should music be any different? What people have to realize is that we are all just people, with differences of opinions in all manners of life, and as people we should express those thoughts and feelings and exchange the ideas, and not be persecuted for any of those as long as we are not out to hurt one another. This is the importance of voting. Express yourself!!!!!

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Editor's note: While we did not set out with a particular political agenda we do realize that these responses have all been leaning Democratic, if there are any artists who can represent a Republican point of view we would love to hear from you.

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