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Why is it important to vote?

By Susan J. Weiand
As a human being, there are an infinite number of ways that you can show kindness and compassion to your fellow man. We don't normally think of voting as a way to express these feelings; but in an election year as an American citizen, it's the one shot you have to do something real toward the quality of life. It's not just an opinion or a personal belief or a lifestyle issue... it's a vote and it counts.

As a citizen of the planet, it's even more important that we do our best to provide some checks and balances against the multi-national military industrial lust for power types. America is just too powerful and too influential in the world to allow it to be run by an inbred bunch of radical right wing Christian millionaires and a constituency with no world-view. Forgive me if that sounds harsh but let's be perfectly clear- the current administration wants war. That's an impossible position for me personally to support. My vote goes to one less kid growing up, throwing rocks at tanks.

Is this election any different than elections past?

I think the last election was different. I hope we can get the vote out this year in sufficient numbers to defeat this administration without having to turn to the Supreme Court to select a winner. That was a total fiasco and a huge embarrassment to the U.S. on the world stage. I think the rest of the world saw what happened four years ago more clearly than most Americans did, and I think "we the people" got a free pass because of that (sorry about your election, so sorry about your president, etc.) If we don't correct that mistake this year, it's going to be open season on American citizens all over the world, for real.

Do politics have a place in music?
Why or why not?

Music has the power to influence and motivate people, to bring them together and deliver a message. If the message is social change, then the people can use their power to make that message a reality.

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Editor's note: While we did not set out with a particular political agenda we do realize that these responses have all been leaning Democratic, if there are any artists who can represent a Republican point of view we would love to hear from you.

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