Kimock and Holmes
Chester's 2004 By Jeremy Scott
Fayetteville, Arkansas is known as an Ozark oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it is there that the Steve Kimock Band, along with Robert Walter, will once again play a three-night Halloween run culminating on what many refer to as the "high hippie holiday." Fayetteville has, for many years, been a consistently creative and inventive environment for Kimock to get together and relax with old and new friends and really create some inventive and enjoyable music. Since Fayetteville always seems to contribute to his creative process, one can expect the same from the upcoming trio of shows.

For the past couple years, the Fayetteville shows have fallen into a spring and fall rotation, often involving a variety of different musicians besides the "regular" SKB lineup. As Harold Wieties (Harold and his friend Ira Schwartzman have promoted all of the Arkansas shows) explains, "The relationships between Steve, the local fans, and us has always had more of a family feel than your normal "music business" relationships. The shows are set up and carried out with a lot of trust between all parties. There is very little of the usual agent/manager business involvement. That makes it an ideal situation to invite guests and provide other special lineups of musicians that would like to play together. It reminds me of how music should be done but, for a whole variety of reasons, usually cannot be."

This year, the friends joining Kimock are Rodney Holmes (SKB) on drums, Reed Mathis (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) on bass, and Robert Walter (RW2C) on keyboards. This will be the first time for Steve and Robert Walter performing together, and the musical possibilities are truly exciting! Mathis, JFJO's immensely talented bass player, joins the musical conversation with Kimock for the third time while Holmes, Kimock's musical partner in the Steve Kimock Band, takes his familiar creative role on drums.

Over the past decade, Kimock has played some awe-inspiring shows to packed houses at Fayetteville's legendary Chester's Place. Chester's, which recently closed its doors, played host to numerous special nights of music for Steve Kimock and his many musical adventures. From Zero to KVHW to SKB, to the ever-evolving lineup of old and new friends with Steve Kimock & Friends, Fayetteville has bore witness to more than its fair share of blisteringly hot shows. The poignant statement on the marquee of Chester's, as it hosted its final run of Kimock shows in March 2004, summed it up best: "It's not the real-estate, it's our Mojo." But to fill that void, George's Majestic Lounge, a long-time club within a block of Chester's, was recently purchased by a new owner who committed the venue to a full-time music club. With many former Chester's employees on board, it seems an ideal option for future Kimock magic. As Wieties recently noted, "Chester's definitely had that special vibe going. I saw it so many nights... things like the music being brought down to a whisper and you could hear a pin drop. I mean this is a bar we're talking about, and there were times that bartenders and customers would be gently putting glassware down on the bar so not to cause any noise. Cool stuff. A lot of people thought that the Kimock shows would cease here after Chester's closed, but in the end it's not the real estate, it's the people that make that kind of stuff happen." Steve Kimock shows are a part of Fayetteville's culture and lifestyle. Happily for all, the journey continues.

Steve Kimock & Friends
Steve Kimock--guitars (Steve Kimock Band, Zero, KVHW, Other Ones)
Robert Walter--keys (20th Congress, Greyboy All-Stars)
Rodney Holmes--drums (Steve Kimock Band, Santana, Brecker Bros)
Reed Mathis--bass (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct. 29 - 31 (Halloween Costume Ball)
George's Majestic Lounge
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Tickets and info @

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[Published on: 9/16/04]

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