The memory of the late Allen Woody was honored last night at Roseland Ballroom in New York City, below you can read the two most passionate reviews that were submitted...
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Now I've seen more than a couple of shows in my day, but this was definitely one of the sickest ever. Tons of guests, folks on and off stage all nite long, including but not limited to Warren Haynes and Matt Abts, surviving members of Gov't Mule, all of the Allman Brothers Band, including Jimmy Herring and without Derek Trucks, Chris and Rich Robinson, Steve Gorman, Eddie Harsch of The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic bassist David Schools, Berry Oakley Jr., Danny Lewis, Johnny Neel, Merl Saunders, Edwin McCain, Darius (Hootie) Rucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Artimus Pyle, Kevin Kinney, Hot Tuna’s Michael Falzarano and Mountain’s Leslie West, now approaching 60 and fit as a fiddle.

Highlights included Phil Lesh's set, major goosebumbs for me during Unbroken Chain and Black Peter (Warren's slide was literally "crying"), and Doin' That Rag w/ Rob Barraco was real cool. Sunshine of Your Love was balls to the wall Rock &/or Roll. Phil was doing the Neil Young stomp at the end!

To see Jimmy Herring, Warren and Oteil up front with the Allman Brothers was something special. Dreams with the Robinson brothers was cool. Chris was groovin', really belting out the soul. and Rich was really ripping, trading licks with Warren and about a 3 pronged attack! "Soulshine," one of my all-time favorites, was especially sweet w/ Greg, Warren, and Little Milton (an old blues guitarist that had a friendship with Woody) each taking a verse. Phil returned for an amazing Franklin's Tower, with Oteil singing. Pleasantly surprised to see the double bass assault of Phil & Oteil. Major magical moment: Phil soloing and Oteil scatting over it....SICK!

The Black Crowes were real loose, a short set, highlighted by Kinky Reggae. But the Fourth set, the Jam, brought the house down! Two Mule tunes kicked it off, and who knows if and when we'll see them again. Then the covers started flowing. Low Spark, Shine On You, Wish You Were Here (w/ Woody on screen), and my all-time favorite tune, Cortez the sweet. Lovelight and GDTRFB had a ton of guests, including the Crowes and Phil.... And "Simple Man" (Skynyrd) was a definite highlight for me. I Shall Be Released had everyone out and was a sweet way to end 6+ hours of music. other thing...Kate Hudson is even better looking in person...

All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Savannah Woody Education Fund.

J Bau
New York City
JamBase Special Correspondent

One For Woody: A fitting musical tribute

I had the good fortune to attend this show and thought I would share my thoughts.

Rarely in today's brave new world of corporate rock and mega concerts with tickets prices reaching upwards of $200, does one have the opportunity to see so many top notch musicians gathered in one place for such a good cause. The Roseland was packed and Phil and Friends hit the stage within a few minutes of 7PM. A large taping contingent was evident as well as several video cameras so perhaps there will be DVD/CD of this show made available. Phil's latest incarnation features return stints for all members. Molo on drums is a given, Rob Borraco on keys, Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring on guitars.

Wasting no time they dive right into a nice pre-Dark Star jam. Initially this jam seems very dissonant and angry. From the first moments of the show it is evident that Warren is playing his heart out. This dark jam lasts for a few minutes and finally resolves to the lilting notes of Dark Star. This Friends line up is a monster. They play with tremendous intensity and huge ears; it is a feast of musical sensory stimulation. The post verse jam of Dark Star begins to fade and the opening strains of Unbroken Chain begin to filter down from the PA speakers, like the first few flakes of the season's first snow. This is a tight version of Unbroken, but it, as with the previous tune, seem to be slightly truncated. It is as if the band has an agenda and limited time; they are clearly determined to get it all in. Next up am I Know You Rider and this is searingly hot. Warren and Jimmy take turn belting out these exploding cascades of notes. The tune ends with a familiar Phil bomb and a little interlude jam that leads to the first of several major suprises. BLACK PETER. What a great selection for the night, what a beautiful rendition. I believe Warren sang this one and the climax at the end was monumental. As things begin to settle down a bit, more Dark Star becomes evident and the second verse is reprised in all its majesty. The Wheel that follows features nice vocal harmonies and benefits greatly from the restructuring of the arrangement which results in a really nice stark moment of counter point just before the "round, round robin run around" part. Seems like things should be winding down when to the delight of almost everyone, the delicate strains of Doin' That Rag become evident. Immediately recognizing the tune, the crowd surges and Rob begins to sing this most challenging of Dead classics. This tune has got it all: trippy lyrics, mega chord changes and a full step modulation during the 3rd chorus that happens right in the middle of a line of lyric. The band plays this song with reverence and the precision required to pull it off is wonderfully evident. They expound on the "all fall down " for a few moments and now I am thinking Box of Rain to close. Couldn't have been more wrong. Like a runaway freight train, Sunshine of your Love comes bursting out of the box with white hot intensity. For good measure, some traditional liquid light gets displayed on the panels behind the stage and the band rages through this song in overwhelming fashion. What an opening act. Phil sets a great tone for the evening. See this band in the next 6 weeks if you can, they are quite impressive.

Next up the ABB featuring again Warren and Jimmy. Blasting out of the gate with a soaring Trouble No More, it's fascinating to see how different these guys sound than just 1/2 hour ago. Stand Back and a beautiful version of Jessica follow. Then Little Milton joins them for a stirring rendition of Soulshine with great licks being traded back and forth all over the stage. This was followed by the Robinson Brothers on one of the wildest renditions of Dreams that you might ever hear. To wind things up, Phil joins the mix for a version of Franklin's Tower that included lead bass, and lots great AV images on the projection panels of Stealies morphing into mushrooms and the like. Quite psychedelic, or was that me?

The Black Crowes rocked hard as they always do and were joined by Warren at the end of their set While not my cup of tea; they were well received by the crowd, which had become enormous by this time. The place was totally packed in, you could hardly move.

Now comes a finale that would do the memory of Allen Woody proud. The various line-ups are listed below and I will touch on some of the highlights. A beautiful slide show of Allen during Shine on You Crazy Diamond, An elegant Cortez the Killer, more Little Milton, a huge Lovelight and a wonderful Goin Down the Road. Artimus Pyle on drums during Simple Man, Leslie West on Mississippi Queen and a haunting I Shall be Released to close out the evening.

This was a special night of music in so many ways. There seemed to be no egos anywhere all night, everyone shared the moment and we all benefited greatly from that. Warren Haynes gave the most heartfelt, stirring, and inspired performance I have ever seen. He played his heart and soul out last night and it was a privilege to witness. He was on stage for over 5 hours and never less than totally phenomenal. As a tribute to Allen, I think this night captured the essence of his music perfectly. I can only hope the show will be released as a DVD/CD with proceeds to benefit the family. It would be a lasting tribute to a great player.

Larry Brent, New York

The Setlist
Set 1: Phil & Friends (Phil Lesh, John Molo, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring and Rob Barraco)
Jam> Darkstar Verse1> Unbroken Chain> I Know You Rider, Black Peter> Dark Star Verse2> The Wheel> Doin' That Rag> Sunshine of Your Love

Set 2: Allman Brothers Band (w/ Warren Haynes)
Trouble No More, All Night Train, Stand Back, Jessica > Revival, Soulshine, Dreams, Franklin's Tower (w/ Phil Lesh)

Set 3: Black Crowes
Hot Burrito, Kinky Reggae, Boomer's Story, Chevrolet*, Shake Your Money Maker*, Oh Well*
*-w/ Warren Haynes

Set 4: Warren Haynes/Matt Abts and Friends (included Dave Schools of WSP on Bass, Johnny Neel on Keys, Danny Lewis, Merl Saunders, Kevin Kinney and MANY others)
Lay Your Burden Down, Fallen Down, Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr./ Gordie Johnson/Neel/Lewis), Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gordie vox) Warren/Matt/B Oakley Gordie Johnson/Neel/Lewis/Phil/Molo
Wish You Were Here (Oakley and all on vox), Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr. Gordie Johnson/Neel/Lewis Cortez the Killer Warren/Matt/Schools/Kevin Kinney/Jimmy Herring/Darius Rucker/Edwin McCain? Straight To Hell (Kevin Kinney vox)Warren/Matt/Milton/Schools/Neel/Lewis,
When the Blues Come Knockin (Warren/Milton vox) Warren/Milton/Molo/MerlSaunders/O'teil/Neel Lovelight (Milton vox) Warren/Phil/Merl/Molo/Jimmy/Chris Robinson/Barraco, GDTRFB (Warren/Chris/Phil vox) Warren/Oakley/Harsch/Freed/Artemis Pyle, Simple Man Warren/Matt/Robert Kearns/Leslie West/Pyle on cowbell
Never in My Life (Leslie on vox) Mississippi Queen (Leslie on vox) Warren/Matt/Pyle/Harsch/Lewis/Falzarano/Hook Herrera/McCain/Neel, I Shall Be Released (Warren sings first verse/Neel tribute verse Kevin Kinney 1st verse/Mccain 3rd verse)

All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Savannah Woody Education Fund.

Watch The "One For Woody" Webcast!

[Published on: 9/22/00]

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