So with the meridian point you are affecting something directly, so like with the Tama-Do concert would that be affecting your whole being?

Right. The outline of the concert is built to do that. The first movement that we will be playing is to realize the chakras. Then the Cycle of Fifths expands those so then you are open and ready to receive what's next. Then we go through three different modes, that are of course for winter, which are based on the Chinese root note D and the Hindustani, Gunkali and Dorian sliding modes which is basically a meridian, the modes are a meridian. So we remind you of what's about to happen, open it up, and then play the meridian. Then we close with a triple warmer sing along movement.

Now because it's in the mode of winter does that affect something in particular in the body as opposed to spring or summer?

It's the water element, so the kidneys and bladder.

Some of the stuff I've read on the cancer cells is absolutely mind blowing to me. And I'm curious, have there been any cases of people being cured through this? Is there any concrete evidence you could bring to somebody who doesn't agree?

All I can say is what he's [Fabien] shared in workshops. But the stories he's told have been amazing. I will repeat one story he told us. There was a lady in a mental institute who hadn't spoken in like ten years or something, and just sat in a wheel chair and didn't say a word. So he approached the lady and saw that she had something around her head that could be cleared with Chinese bells, just metal bells. So he rings the bells around her head and next to her ear and she turns and looks up to him and says, "That's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard." And that was the first thing she said in ten years. And I think that's more of the kind of clearing that goes on. But what he's said he has done for like a tumor is the power of dissonance, two notes right next to each other on the tuning and that is what's most effective in breaking apart cells.

[David takes out some of Fabien's books and shows me pictures]

Above is a experiment not with human cell, but with cotton. Cotton balls were photographed as "Jacques," a healer, first magnetized them while sending energy from his hands to them (picture 1). Next he added a prayer to the energy (picture 2). For the final photograph sound was added as he said his prayer (picture 3).

He put these pictures together and got this pretty solid thing going on, and he took it to medical journals and seminars in France and he was pretty much laughed out of the building. And he was just like, "Well I believe it but I can't change the world by myself." So he went to England for a few years and just continued his practice. But I think more and more... like the EKG Monitor, that machine can detect your heartbeat, or the magnetic field of your heart from 12 feet away. So that's the first Western clue that you have something outside of your skin that could affect that organ, and magnetics, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields, and quantum physics, all of that.

And there is a great deal to be said for everything being connected. Maybe it's not just sound, not just vibration, but just to be more open minded about things is the first step. Now I know that it is only done with acoustic instruments, can you explain why?

The acoustic instruments have overtone harmonics that are actually addressing the higher vibrations that would be in the aura. The sampled instrument or the electronic instrument doesn't have those overtones. Because like what we were just talking about the quantum physics or the highest vibrations that affect the lower vibrations of solid organ, tissue, and matter, that correlates to the chaotic infinite number of overtones that happen when you pluck a string in the air.

Has Fabien heard Sector 9?

Yeah he came to a House of Blues show in L.A.

What did he think?

By Liz O'Keeffe
He loved it. He was like front row balcony, and the House of Blues is a nice place, and the techno beam's going on, and we haven't even talked about light, he doesn't do anything with just sound, light is the next vibration, and color. So the simple analogy is that the music is the medicine for the wound and the light is the bandage to hold the medicine on. Otherwise you'd have this medicine on your body and then you walk outside and the bus goes by and it rubs off, or the rain washes it off, so to fix that you have to get the sound into your body and you put light on top of it.

You mean you literally put light on it?

Yeah different colors, he's basically got these light pens.

Wow, that's really cool. So obviously different colors serve different purposes?

Yup. They go from red to purple for the different energy centers. There are also colors in Chinese medicine so it doesn't always mean the same thing. Kind of like, "why am I affecting the liver from my big toe?" So there are colors that help organs and colors that help energy centers.

So there is sound and color, is there anything else that is major for Tama-Do?

Movement. It's like an adapted Qigong series, which is like a standing meditation using breath; the sound of the breath, and visualizing color to a point. So a full Tama-Do treatment has the sound, has color, and you learn the Qigong movement to prevent the return by movement.

For more information about Soulstice '03 Winter Harmonizing Concert, taking place Sunday December 21 at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, check Tickets available at

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