Art Show Featuring Josh Hunter and Michael Everett
Connecticut Yankee | San Francisco, CA | August 7-10th

Art has served as inspiration since its inception. And for many there is no more powerful form of art than music. The music we go see is meant to (amongst other things) inspire us. It should enter us, touch us, move us and then translate into our everyday lives. We should not leave the show and allow that music to be trapped in the past or held only on CD. The music should be our inspiration and should propel our own art, and our own lives - living being an art form in and of itself.

Garcia | By Hunter
One band in particular has spawned the artwork of one very talented young man named Josh Hunter. Josh and I met at Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre in 2001 in the midst of a hot summer Widespread Panic tour. Josh and I stood in the dusty lot of New Mexico on the 19th of June talking, dreaming and preparing to dig into one of, if not THE, best Panic shows I've ever seen. With two years of hindsight I feel it's safe to say that that day changed, or at least acted as a catalyst, for both of our lives. At that point we had wild dreams of being artists, he with pencil, ink and paint, me with words.

Many people stop at the dream; Josh did not. Josh has now created his own world found in "Illustrated Dreams," the name of his artistic outlet. The union formed between Josh, myself and the music has constantly pushed us, it has always been THE source of inspiration. I continued to see Josh day after day, and year after year, always at Panic - often at other shows, and always with posters under his arm. Josh would walk around with these magnificent pieces of art that he worked countless hours on and spent his own money to print up, and he and his brother would be seen all over the country just handing them out. Josh told me, "As far as distribution, typically it's me and my brother with maybe a few friends working to get them in the hands of fans. And, as a rule – however many are printed, half get given away – it's kinda like spreadin' the love. That's what it's all about to me, sharing it and spreading it. Sometimes a band will hire me to do a poster to sell as merch, but I would much rather give 'em out. People will not forget that type of experience. I really like to give them to people, then immediately run off, sometimes watching from a distance the response. It’s like passing out smiles. There’s an absolute sincerity to those 'thank yous.'" That's just the kind of guy Josh is: kind, considerate, talented and knowledgeable.

WSP Show Poster | By Hunter
Josh has always been an artist, but the first time he ever did anything for "public consumption" was a 1999 Ratdog Halloween show. From there his art and his life has blossomed. Through relentless work Josh made quite a name for himself on the scene. In addition to the posters he would pass out and sell at shows, Josh's art was recently featured in An Honest Tune magazine, he has done benefit work with The String Cheese Incident, has worked with Planet Bluegrass, done art for the Fox Theatre shows featuring Sound Tribe Sector 9, Steve Kimock Band, and the Derek Trucks Band. In addition Josh has also been working more closely with Widespread Panic, and is currently employed as a graphic designer illustrating t-shirts and logo designs for businesses in Missoula, Montana. While the Panic family has long been aware and supportive of Josh's art, he was asked to created a "gobo" design for the band's Savannah, GA show over the summer. (Gobos are the light instruments that project images onto the backdrops on stage). To top it all off, Josh's art will be used as the official show poster for the upcoming WSP shows at the Warfield Theater on August 7th - 10th. Having someone from "outside the box" picked for a Bill Graham Presents poster is very rare, and speaks to the talent Josh possesses.

Art Opening Poster | Hunter & Everett
It was artist Michael Everett ( who pushed Josh Hunter to go for the Warfield show poster. Josh elaborates: "Michael challenged me to do the Warfield poster. It was always my dream to do one of the Bill Graham Presents posters and I really felt ready to try. It was a life changing experience. I spent somewhere in the vicinity of 90-100 hours completing that piece. There was so much inspiration behind it, so much of myself and my feelings surrounding the importance of those dates (August 10th being the anniversary of founding WSP guitarist Michael Houser's death)."

Josh and Michael first met in Boulder at the Brewgrass Jamboree. Michael was having an art show and Josh had donated some work for a silent auction. Michael ended up bidding on Josh's work. When they first met Michael told Josh, "I’m going home with that Miles Davis print!" and he did.

Some of you might be familiar with Michael Everett. He recently did a poster for the Aron Ralston Benefit in order to raise money for the injured young man. But that only touches the very surface of Everett's work. Michael came on the art scene in 1995 when the Grateful Dead hired him to do summer tour posters after being awed by his artwork on the mail-in envelopes he sent in for Dead tickets. Michael's tour posters were so wildly popular after that (the last Grateful Dead tour) that the poster was printed in a second edition, with 25,000 being made. Michael continued to work for the Grateful Dead organization, doing posters for Phil Lesh's Unbroken Chain Foundation, Furthur Fest, The Other Ones, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Dead and more. In 1998 Michael began working with The String Cheese Incident, and has gone on to work with Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, Yonder Mountain String Band, and many more. In addition to a plethora of band work Michael was also responsible for this year's gorgeous High Sierra Music Festival poster.

SCI Tour Poster | By Everett
These two young artists encompass all that it means to be inspired. They have taken the music they hear and funneled it into their own creativity. They take their experiences and create new ones so that others may in turn become inspired. This is what it's all about. Get out there and leave your own mark... BECOME INSPIRED.

Michael Everett and Josh Hunter have a collaborative art show that is running in accordance with the Widespread Panic shows at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. The art show will be held at the Connecticut Yankee (100 Connecticut St. at 17th) on Aug 7-10th from 2:00-7:00pm. This is a rare opportunity to check out some truly amazing art and support a couple of the artists that have been helping to build and nurture our scene. Come on out and show some love.

The Kayceman
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[Published on: 8/8/03]

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