Caught is a great name for this album. It’s catchy - well, some of it is - so you’ll be caught by that. The other parts are more swirling and maze-like, so you can get caught in that, too. The Burning Dirty Band, a young quartet from Winchester, Virginia, is also caught — caught in tight grooves and all caught up between making a great studio album that still packs the energy of a live show. But most of all, Caught is four guys, caught on tape, having an amazing time.

Burning Dirty Band | CaughtProduced by Pavement’s Steve West, Caught is 11 songs that run the gamut. There’s densely layered soundscapes like “What Is”; winding compositions like “Thor,” an epic journey through the dreams of a sleepy hound dog; and funky grooves like “Twisted,” possibly the world’s happiest hangover song.

The band is completely locked into each other, with the bass and drums laying it down and mixing it up, while the electric guitar and keyboard wind around each other in dramatic melodies and psychedelic solos. If you’re looking for three-minute pop songs or Dylan-esque poetry, you won’t find them here. The lyrics are somewhat sparse, the choruses repeated like mantras — the music is where the action is.

The Burning Dirty Band’s next gig is Saturday, July 26th at The Little Grill in Harrisonburg, VA. If the energy on this disc is any indication, it’s going to be a rockin' show.

Susie Ochs
JamBase | Midwest
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[Published on: 7/16/03]

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