Showcasing highlights from their past 2002 New Years Run, The Disco Biscuits have released three "broadcasts" of their new TranceFusionRadio series. These discs include powerful segments from their end of the year concerts, with Broadcast 2 being virtually the uncut second set of their 12/29/02 show from Philadelphia.

Many gems are hidden within these three discs, which boast magnificent sound quality after being re-mastered by Biscuit sound engineer, Jon Lesser. Broadcast 1 has two of the series' highlights in the almost half-hour odyssey of "Crickets" > "The Very Moon" > "Crickets" from the third set of the New Years show, and some of the most impressive improvisation of the entire three discs in the coolly percussive jamming in "Humuhumunukunukuap'ua" > "Save the Robots" from set one of the 29th. This one will impress you, and any Anti-Bisco-Head who thinks the band still plays at 250 bpm with overwhelming new-wave synthesizer sounds and can't sing. In fact, these discs as a whole truly display the band's musical maturity, impeccable communication, and their accomplishments to date in carving out their own unique and infectious sound in the crowded world of improvisational rock.

Each track displays different styles of the Biscuits' dance-based musical realms, which so many people have grown to adore. The "I-Man" > "Pygmy Twylyte" > "Little Lai" from Broadcast 2 illustrates how fluently the band moves from tight 4/4 trance based rhythms and melodies to more patient slower building grooves that are impeccably executed. The "Little Lai" jam is one of the more impressive pieces on any of the albums, a must hear for anyone.

Broadcast 3 opens up with a huge "M.E.M.P.H.I.S." whose second improvisational section is simply sublime and will tingle the spine of any Bisco-dub-lovers. The MEMPHIS boasts the smoothest segue of the Broadcasts as the band seamlessly slips in to the middle slower section of crowd favorite "Save the Robots." Robots transitions perfectly into the dark Magner-scribed breakbeat epic, "Spaga," as the landing point of this three song Biscuit journey. Immediately following is the ominous "7-11" > "Mulberry's Dream," a combination of two Gutwillig songs which juxtaposes two of the bands' styles and illustrates the unique versatility of this avant-garde quartet.

These TranceFusion Radio Broadcasts are the best sounding live Biscuits you will get your hands on, and with the selections hand picked by the band themselves, each jam is truly outstanding. Look forward to future TranceFusion Broadcasts, but for now, get these while you can!!

David Calarco
JamBase | West Coast
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[Published on: 6/4/03]

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