All I can say is WOWzer and WOWzier. mamaSutra let some serious funk fly at Velvet Jones last Thursday. I'm still shaking the boogie out of my shoes. Thanks to a great band for some great music.

The night started with the house DJ spinning some tracks while lovely ladies hooped and twirled on the dance floor. The band snuck on stage while we weren't looking and made a seamless musical segway from the DJ. Before anyone knew it, the backbeats of the DJ were replaced by the FAT beats of mamaSutra, and we were off. They played late into the night (to the point where the club manager was tapping his foot - ooops!) but the dancers wouldn't stop, so neither did the band.

Can a band loosen up and tighten up at the same time? I would argue an emphatic YES and give this act as a prime example of one doing so. mamaSutra would consistently take the crowd (and themselves) way out on a funky musical limb only to bring it back home tight and focused. This is no ordinary “jam” band. These cats are able to smoothly integrate heavy bass-laden funk with complex poly-rhythms; mix in swirling-looping guitar lines, soaring sax and flute, and the craziest organ/keyboard mix; as well as some spicy-sexy vocals - all as a four piece! They truly bring the music to a whole new level.

Be sure not to miss the next opportunity to catch this act. You will be sorry you did. The next time they play in Santa Barbara is at Absinthe on Friday, May 9th. Mark your calendar!

For another “do not miss,” I would submit their third annual 420 party as well (this year on 4/19). It was pretty epic last year, with more than 800 in attendance all grooving to multiple acts, dancers, black light areas, drinks and eats, an Alice in Wonderland theme and mamaSutra funking until dawn.

This year they've chosen a cool venue in the Venice area and a Wizard of Oz theme. Should be sweet! The place is A LOT smaller than last year with a cap of only 350! If you plan to go to this “off the hook” party get your tickets now at mamaSutra's website. It seems they are going pretty quick. Personally, I grabbed a couple of extra just in case.

Thanks again to mamaSutra for a fantastic night of fun and funk. I can't wait to fill up boogie shoes once again.

Greg H
JamBase | SoCal
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[Published on: 4/1/03]

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