"Okay, so the show is advertised as 9:00, which means 9:30 at the absolute earliest, more than likely 10:00?"


After arriving at the Fox Theatre a shade before 10:00, it was evident that the band had not yet taken the stage. Indeed, it was 10:30 before I saw the band first assemble itself. Hmmm. I had heard that the OM Trio had brought in a guitarist to some of their shows recently, but this sounded different than the OM Trio I had anticipated. After conferring with others, it became evident that--no, this was not the OM Trio at all--Particle was now starting up their show. I had missed the OM Trio as they actually began at 9:00. They were a band that I was really excited about, and I completely missed the boat. D’oh! I can only hope that the Frisco boys make it back to Colorado... soon!

Particle kicked things off with a black and white backdrop accenting the entire show. After tuning/jamming for a minute, the screen behind the band began a countdown from ten as the band broke (on cue) into the first tune of the evening. I have never seen these guys. I have never heard them before. Sure I have seen their name around, but this was my first true exposure to what Particle is all about.

They boast a fairly standard arrangement of instruments: keys, bass, guitar and drums. The night began with an absolutely incessant, propulsive beat with sounds coming from the keys that reminded me of Saturn Missiles. For some reason Steve Molitz (keys) of Particle reminded me quite a bit of Brian Haas from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Perhaps it was some stylistic similarities, but I think it was more due to his complete immersion in the music itself. Even as the band was starting off the night, it was obvious that Molitz was having the time of his life. There was a solid minute where he didn’t play a single note because he was dancing to the music. No joke. He was going nuts, and the crowd seemed energized by his attitude.

I’m not the biggest fan of techno/dance/house/whatever-you-want-to-call-it music. In fact, I have professed to hate it with every bone in my body. Particle tweaked their own version of “techno” to such an extent as to draw in a variety of people into their sound from a panoply of musical tastes. For me, goose bumps don’t lie. I actually had goose bumps during the first song of the night from Particle. The band was able to create a massive wall of group sound that few other acts are capable of replicating. With each instrument making slight augmentations to its own pattern within the jam, there was no clear ringleader to the band which was refreshing. Particle is all about the audience having a great time during the show, and it is evident in both the band’s collective energy and the unique sound they produce onstage. More "space-porn" opportunities for Particle people abound on their current touring schedule.

Words by: Nathan Rodriguez
Images by: Brad Hodge
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[Published on: 3/14/03]

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