A sign reading, "The Fishtank, Home of the Green Genes," is the first thing one sees when walking into the club. Walking towards the bar, there are smiling faces and members of the band scattered about this growing, yet intimate crowd. Time draws near as Green Genes begins their first of two nights of live recording, which will be released on an upcoming CD, at the Fishtank on January 24th.

A hypnotic, jamming blend of bluegrass, jazz, and rock sets the tone as the first set explodes with "Fanny Hill," a short, three to four minute tune, with such thick bursts, that it seems to be an unnecessary warm-up for these talented musicians. The next three songs, "22," "Boiled Taters," and "Sand Dollar" grooved by as new listeners began filling the floor. "Adding fuel to the fire" I think is the best saying for this dancing audience as the Genes sparked "Six Feet Underground." A truly wonderful song, with tight jams and fast harmony skills displayed throughout. New bluegrass at its best! The set continues with "Fighting Song" and their twist on "St. Stephen," which was impressive, and "Foraker Stomp," "Tin," and "Salty Dog" to finish the set. Amazing is one word I'd use to sum it up. They played with much heart and soul, never mind the physical aspects of what the Green Genes does so well.

Returning from my own set break, I found that the sign reading "The Fishtank, Home of the Green Genes" was not the center of attention, but the fear of not being allowed back in became top priority. As a full house was pouring outside a small crowd began waiting in line, braving single digit temperatures. Quick words led to a blessing and open doors where a "fishtank" became a human tank, all feeding off one energy source. Not the least bit uncomfortable though, as smiles circled the room and set two brought heavy dancing to the house.

I found myself drawn in, putting my set song pen down and letting my body feel the music. With eyes shut, ears open, and feet tapping, the second set flew by with hopes of more, lots more. Too soon, the show was over and the audience began to dwindle home satisfied, recapping the night and preparing for another to come. On my departure, I took the opportunity to cheers the band and a young lady who had intently listened, danced, and kept the key smile. She wore a long sleeve Green Genes t-shirt, and she, along with everyone else make a neat scene surrounded by great music created by four down home musicians, Lexington's and the world's own Green Genes.

Adam Wade
JamBase | Kentucky
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[Published on: 1/28/03]

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