Leftover Salmon
Kentucky Theater | Lexington, KY | 11.13.02

Another wonderful evening featuring Cajun Slamgrass pioneers Leftover Salmon began with a bang as the latest incarnation of the band opened with the fitting composition “Are You Ready For The Country?” Obviously the crowd felt right at home from the first chord! Kentucky has long been a hotbed for bluegrass, and Leftover has always blown away the many fans from all over the state that travel to each and every appearance. From the days of playing the Brewery in Louisville to their most recent appearance last spring at the Lexington Opera House, the band has undergone a few changes, physically and emotionally.

This outing was as heartfelt by myself as many of the kind folks who attended the Kentucky Theater that night. The two sets were very tight, with some unfamiliar songs coupled with some of the favorites fans know by heart from the beginning to end. “Lonesome Road” was the second tune, an obvious lament about the trials of living a life on the lonely highway. Always a welcome song for any weary traveler. “It’s Your World” was included nicely in the first set. This song is always very inspirational to me. It seems to give a bit of hope to the hopeless. Some of the other highlights included my favorite tune from years past, “Jokester.” It is a tune about having a really good time, if you catch my drift. Continuing with the greatest inspirational songs is “Breakin’ Thru.” This song strives to reinforce an individual to go after their personal goals and never doubt themselves. The first set ended with the wild and rambuntcious ditty called “Bill’s Boogie,” and quite a boogie that was!

Are You Ready For The Country?
Lonesome Road
Clinch Mountain
It’s Your World
Paving Eisenhower
Breakin’ Thru
Bill’s Boogie

After a very welcomed setbreak, drinks replenished, smiles aglow, the band returned for a second helping of that wonderful bluegrass! Mmmm... bluegrass!! The first song I recognized was actually a long lost regular in my personal music jukebox, “Tu N’as Pas Aller” (“You don’t have to go”)!! One of the reasons why Bridges To Bert will never leave my reach. All the musicians seemed to enjoy this rendition as much as the crowd. Energy was flying around the theater and then hovering right under the magnificent skylight built in the ceiling. This theater was about the see some of the best music in Lexington in years. "Whiskey Before Breakfast"?? Hey, we are in Kentucky, why not?! “Madame Rosin” followed with Drew Emmitt wailing on the fiddle. The whole band seemed to keep increasing the level in enjoyment with each song. “Muddy Water Home” - what else needs to be said other than: incredible. I have traveled hours in the 1990s just to hear that one.

As the night continued so did you awesome array of songs the band pulled from their bag of tricks. “Zombie Jamboree > Whispering Waters” left many people with their jaws on the ground. Such a fun song into such a beautiful ballad. It was ten minutes or so of heaven. The second set came to close with what can only be described as FUN!! “Pasta on the Mountain > Going Back to My Old Kentucky > Pasta.” WOW. It felt green all over town the rest of the night. So to close my review I must warn the faint of heart. Be careful if you go see the Salmon crew!

Then they pulled out the most unsuspecting song, your favorite and mine: “War Pigs.” It blew me away! How much of this song fits into our culture might be different in each and every person’s mind, although I believe Vince sings this song for a reason. It was an amazing way to end an amazing evening of music with Leftover Salmon. I have learned this from seeing this band and many more over the years: music is good for ya!

Molly and Tenbrooks
Tu N’as Pas Aller
Fayetteville Line
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Over The Waterfall
Madame Rosin
Muddy Water Home
Just keep Walking
Pike County Breakdown
Zombie Jamboree
Whispering Waters
Riding on the L&N
Pasta On The Mountain > Old Kentucky > Pasta On The Mountain

Encore: War Pigs

Rusty Garrison
JamBase | Lexington, KY
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[Published on: 12/6/02]

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