Music is a place where lives are led; in the world where the fine balance between intellectual brainwork meets undaunted emotional release, artists find themselves in the free world in which they have created. The balance of this world is the balance within themselves, their minds building and shaping in accordance with their souls unveiling a luminous landscape of energy and expression.

Color and Talea manifest these ideas in their purest form. In the pursuance of their art they interconnect forms and sounds through dynamic musicianship and intrinsic chemistry; wiring energetic drumbeats and lyrical bass lines with shape-shifting, phosphorescent saxophone melodies traveling across worlds of structural, improvisational, rhythmic, and harmonic possibilities.

The trio began to find their place and gave birth to Color and Talea in the winter of 2002. Led by tracheotic transformer alto saxophonist Anthony Buonpane (pronounced Boo-own-pah-nae) along with the beats of the heavy heavy Adam Sturtevant and the bona fide bottom of bassist Benjamin Das, the trio has spent a lot of time in the shed and the studio over the past few months, decisively sketching their paths in accordance with the release of their self-made debut record, Gallery of the Muse. In celebration, the band will be holding their record release party at New York City’s Knitting Factory on October 24th with a little help from Boston drum n bass soul selector DJ Seishi and Buttah.

Evidence of their growing relationship, Color and Talea has become a tighter band, unselfish and unafraid to take chances. At times the band has concentrated on a single composition for hours at a time approaching their interrelating ideas from as many different angles as possible, fashioning each piece to fit in their grand puzzle picture. Setting the metronome at absurdly slow levels in further exploration of sound and reason, Buonpane, Das and Sturtevant hold strongly the belief that "practicing nearly anything slowly and diligently has proven itself to be one of the most enhancing practices to our overall playing ability."

In a live setting the band excels both in showmanship and performance. With each song, the trio touches on a new sensation, cooking in all tastes. Their record of cerebral prose, Gallery of the Muse, is their cookbook. Blurring the dividing lines of jazz-infused groove, free transcendental sonics and the synergies of the electronic world, Color and Talea is intelligent and elegant in their creation of sound. Anthony Bounpane’s aggressive, effect-driven style often reaches explosive levels, but is just as emotionally charged in serenity. Complimentary perfection is found in the ease-fueled, literal writing of bassist Benjamin Das, who, when things really begin to open up, is the backbone of each movement. The work of drummer Adam Sturtevant is a house of thunder and precision, laying a dynamically sound foundation underneath the laid plans of Das’ nimble bass lines and providing an open path for Buonpane to tear into if he pleases. When given the room, Sturtevant wraps himself into a beat-making frenzy with the possibilities of him invoking an avalanche if he found himself close enough to a peak.

In recent months the trio has been enticing audiences of new listeners in Boston, New Jersey and New York, building a solid, appreciative fan base. The record release for Gallery of the Muse, to be on Thursday, October 24th in the Old Office Space within New York City’s Knitting Factory, is sure to encompass all things lucid and inventive, reflections of the band’s passions for musical expressionism. Don’t sleep.

Robert Krevolin
JamBase | NYC
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[Published on: 10/14/02]

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