I've been checking out JamBase and listening to jam bands for many years and I've seen some great acts many times times including The Allman Brothers Band, the Grateful Dead, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gov't Mule, and Widespread Panic. I go see these bands every time they come near my town because their music is an important part of my life and I want to be a part of it whenever possible.

As these "older" bands continue to fade away we rock and roll fans are forced to look for new talent to replace the classic rock bands we've loved during the course of our lives. Understandably we don't view "rap" as an inspiration. Brittany (sp?) and N' Sync just don't feed our soul. We want real music...guitar, bass, drums, and keys. We want speed, tone, creativity, dexterity. We want the peace, the love, the family. We want the guitar to cry, to scream, to lift us up, to speak to us. We want bass which shakes our bones but not our automobiles. We want drums and percussion that are fast and effective but at the same time keep us in time and puts us all on the same page. We want keyboards that groove us and make us want to dance. We want to be moved. We want to be affected. We have high expectations which are hard to meet. Fortunately we now have access to JamBase so we can fill these needs.

Guess what people...I think I found us a goldmine.

The name of the band is Perpetual Groove from Savannah, Georgia and they are incredible. Here's what one happy fan posted on the bands website forum at

"I've come to realize it's the beginning of a great ride we're on my friends. First time you here Pgroove you think, "Damn, who were those guys" The next time you hear them you start recognizing the songs and you find yourself singing "Walking in place", "Keeping it real", or "It's a thing in the back of my head" all day. After that you're on the website daily looking for upcoming shows within 100 miles and posting messages on the forum for your new friends to see. All of a sudden you look up and you are a vital part of the Pgroove family and you start feeling like you'll be the lucky person in 20 years who gets to tell their friends cool stories about the band's early days.

I personally believe it's exceptional music which borders rock opera to me. Each song takes you on a different journey. At one point your flying through space, next your frolicking through the hills hand in hand with your sweetheart, next your grooving at the Funky Café, then finally your standing on the edge of a cliff and your heart starts pounding and the excitement starts building and building until you jump and realize you are soaring like an eagle. And that’s just one song!!! (Sweet Oblivious Antecdote)

As a fan it's purely addictive. On the way home from the show I was listening to a Pgroove CD furnished to me by another fan and decided my brain needed to slow down for a minute before I ran off the road. I took out the CD and tuned in to the radio. After rejecting several stations because the songs sounded too simple I popped the Pgroove CD back in. At this point I came to terms with my addiction and I have to admit it's nice to have an addiction that isn't deadly for a change."

Perpetual Groove consists of four extremely talented and creative musicians who collectively create a sound which cleanses the soul and invigorates the mind. Brock Butler plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals. This guy started playing in the second grade. It's obvious by the speed and dexterity he shows during his performances. I define his style as "sweet." Matt McDonald plays the keyboards and his music blends in to provide as "full" a sound as possible. One of my favorite songs which showcase's Matts talent is "Bobblehead Funk." This song will make your grandmother get up and groove. Adam Perry plays the bass and gives the songs their creative direction and familiarity. He also plays a great solo on the song "La Casa Bien." And finally Albert Suttle is an exceptional drummer who can hit more licks in between measures than most drummers play during an entire song.

I am so hooked on this band it borders ridiculous. But hey people, don't believe me. Go see it for yourself. Do it before they hit the big time. You will be glad you did…I promise. They are playing all over the Southeast including Harvest Fest and they have a strong presence in the Southeast. Check out the website ( to find a show near you. I'll go ahead and welcome you to the pgroove family now. See you at the shows.


[Published on: 9/12/02]

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