Rykodisc has announced a new series of special one-disc Frank Zappa compilations, each individually prepared by active rockers who are themselves Zappa fanatics. The first two releases have been compiled by Jon Fishman of Phish and Larry LaLonde of Primus.

The releases are essentially "mix tapes" that reflect Jon and Larry's individual tastes, and include personal reminiscences in the form of liner notes written by each compiler. Intended for Phish and Primus fans who know about Zappa but are daunted by the size of the catalog, these discs are also revelations for long-time fans, who may never have listened to "Dumb All Over" back-to-back with "Alien Orifice."

Says Fishman: "It is safe to say that the work of Frank Zappa, his music primarily, but also his humor, politics, social commentary...all of it...has not just been a fundamental influence on me, but is actually more like part of my metabolism."

Fishman's picks are:
1. Excentrifugal Forz - from Apostrophe (')
2. Apostrophe (') - from Apostrophe (')
3. Magdalena - from Just Another Band From L.A.
4. Dog Breath - from Just Another Band From L.A.
5. Cheepnis - from Roxy & Elsewhere
6. Son of Orange County - from Roxy & Elsewhere
7. More Trouble Every Day - from Roxy & Elsewhere
8. It Can't Happen Here - from Freak Out!
9. Keep It Greasey - from Joe's Garage
10. For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch-Hikers) - from The Grand Wazoo
11. What Ever Happened To All The Fun In the World - from Sheik Yerbouti
12. Rat Tomago - from Sheik Yerbouti
13. Wait A Minute - from Sheik Yerbouti
14. It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal - from Waka/Jawaka
15. I'm The Slime - from Over-nite Sensation
16. Sofa No. 2 - from One Size Fits All

The discs will be released on October 15.

For general information about the Zappa Picks series, see:

For specifics about Fishman's disc, including pre-ordering, see:

-Dan Hantman:

[Published on: 8/21/02]

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