RAQ | Thursday, July 18, 2002 | Quixote's True Blue

Burlington’s next band, RAQ, headed west for its first Colorado tour and turned many heads along the way. The band is making some noise for Burlington, which has been a bit quieted since the hiatus. The band composed of, Marc Scortino on keys, Chris Michetti on guitar, Jay Burwick on bass, and Greg Stukey on drums. The band has a sound that is definitely Burlington, and they could not be more proud of that. Coming from Burlington, the band faces no tougher critics than in their own backyard. The band plays towards its influence instead of hiding from that other foursome from Burlington. RAQ, is not afraid of sounding like Phish because Phish was an unbelievable band that changed music forever. The band has nothing but the utmost respect for that which is evident in their music. They have taken this unique Burlington sound and turned it into something that works for them and in turn, worked for a sparse yet interested crowd at Quixote's True Blue Thursday night.

RAQ is one of the most musically tight bands I have seen this summer and that comes as much of a surprise considering they have been together for less than a year. Their groove section of Burwick and Stukey lay down some great beats that Chris Michetti can shred over. Marc Scortino led most of the vocal numbers throughout the night, but you can expect to hear vocal performances by Burwick and Michetti as well. Their songs are playful and musically easy to dance to. The band played the majority of the second set straight through and are obviously enjoying their chemistry together. The crowd was made up of several people from the East Coast that are traveling with RAQ and enjoying this Wild West scene. There were also several people that had heard the buzz and could not refuse to hear what Burlington had to offer. The crowd was not disappointed as the band delivered a fun, and extremely tight two sets.

RAQ is having a lot of fun being out of their hostile home territory where critics seem to be abound because of their similarity to their predecessors. Their sound was well accepted out West and will continue to be enjoyed by fans of the scene nationwide. After playing a sold out New Years Eve show at the Mercury Lounge and playing at High Sierra this summer, the name RAQ is quickly spreading around the scene. The band released their first studio release Shed Tech, and has received good reviews thus far. Expect to hear much more from this band in the coming years, they seem to have plenty of music and their talent is unquestionable.

Greg Berman
JamBase Denver Summer Correspondent
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[Published on: 7/20/02]

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