Preshow inspirational thought:
Everything is alright, you have to know that. Here is affirmation of birth and rebirth, a dedicated synopsis for 4.19.02’s musical drifting. My inclination is Steve Kimock will fulfill my yearning mental palette. Waiting for something new (done by someone experienced) to re-unite me with musical diversity. My path was drifting in dedicated love for a specific band, but they need to be temporarily forgotten, as I need to be reminded of many musical stylings.

Above are my notes of inspiration before I walked out the door to adventure Minneapolis. On April 19th, 2002, the Steve Kimock Band journeyed into the welcoming atmosphere of First Avenue. This place is a welcoming mat for many national acts and each performance I’ve witnessed has been thoroughly appreciated by the entire crowd. Tonight went beyond appreciation and affirmed the connection the mind makes when live musicians take stage. Recently I’ve been meeting many new people; just randomly introducing myself via email, eventually to meet up with them. Last evening was the one of these random encounters and I met a group of very kind people. Well, we hung out together at a local establishment, had a few drinks, some of us dined and then we were off. No sooner than walking into the doors of First Avenue, we all parted in different directions and did not meet again that evening, metaphorically demonstrating the musical adventure we would soon embark on. Each of us spaced out amongst the crowded universe, we would witness the same music, but from different perspectives.

Slowly the band, Steve Kimock on guitar, Mitch Stein on rhythm guitar, Alphonso Johnson on bass and Rodney Holmes on drums, built slow instrumental jams into epiphanies of sound. No lyrics tonight just instruments, which is why I am swayed toward SKB and other instrumental bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Medeski Martin & Wood and Sound Tribe Sector 9. The first set was calming and a perfect sonic sample of why SKB is so revered. This wasn’t an all out groove-till-you-hurt set, but a warm-up jog and stretch for what would be a collective mixing of moving bodies that came in the second set. Everyone seemed very comfortable and utterly content. Gracefully I leaned to someone warming up for the next day’s celebration (4.20) and asked for a taste. Quickly, the guy standing next to him pulled out a badge and we were hauled away. No, that’s not what really happened, thankfully. The guy next to him turned around and stuck a sticker to my shirt that said (you’ll laugh), “Shut up and Dance.” He told me big time. For the rest of the evening I wore the sticker with pride. I think I may have given it to someone late into the show because it was nowhere on my person when I woke up in all of my clothes the next morning. Yup, it was one of those nights: meeting new, wonderful people, sharing some laughs, listening to music that transcends total physicality then, born again, returning in new form from this space travel, reuniting with old friends and sharing more laughs.

This lifestyle seems very exotic and complex, living to breathe with musical encounters, transcending boundaries into a mental capacity to share oneness in movement and thought. Instrumental music is a perfect gateway to this astral highway. In no way do I intend to brag of how lucky I am to see these truths, but fortunately for you and I, we have an outstanding capability that, although it maybe innate to all of nature, it is not used by everyone. Again, on this night in a simple club in Minneapolis with a phenomenal band, my friends, I traveled beyond, my thoughts of sharing with the musicians, the people around me and now, to you. The hardest thing to grasp about where we all go on these musical adventures is its simplicity. Just like the peace of the world, one simple idea could forever change the minds and hearts of all in nature regardless of size, shape, creed or color. There is an obvious oneness felt amongst everyone, being truthful to these feelings and sharing them with others is what you, the musicians, and we, the music appreciators, do best.

Thank you all for being with me on our adventure through this infinite time. A special thanks goes to the Steve Kimock Band and the fans that shared with me on this special occasion.

Michael Shearer
JamBase Minneapolis Correspondent
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[Published on: 4/22/02]

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