BIG WU FAMILY REUNION | 05.24 - 05.26

The mood is afoot, our existence more ready than ever to embrace a more worldly viewpoint. Being a member of such a sincere musical scene opens our eyes to inner beauty, creativity and pure kindness. Be witness to successful, positive and appropriate vibes for the times we now live in. People want to share; they want you to know about the importance of being together, being positive and being considerate of others. Each of us should know the time is now: Be creative and compassionate.

This is what the Big Wu Family means to me. Not because I came up with these beliefs on my own, but because that is how I was welcomed into the family. It is how I would want you welcomed into the family and everyone agrees. We better ourselves through each other, in both happiness and hardship. You will find amazing people at The Big Wu Family Reunion. Friends will become family; family of eternal bonds. One of my blood relatives even joined me for the previous Family Reunion, my brother Andrew, who will be joining me again. Share it with everyone that helps you live as a positive being.

On May 24th-26th at The Jamboree Campground inspiration rises at every turn, every note, every pass and gazing smile. People are there to watch, learn, listen and love, genuinely absorbing it all. It is way beyond the music, but the music brings the most powerful catalyst for manifesting compassion through and for art. Some believe time is art and I’ll agree. I would also say we are art and, in turn, can create beautiful works. Musicians, organizers, volunteers, fans and friends all help make the Big Wu Family Reunion art. You will too. This three day festival challenges the imaginative mind and breathes beautiful outcomes.

For you strict music aficionados trying to catch a taste of what our Midwest musical lands have to offer, currently seventeen bands are lined up for the event. In no particular order, they are: (national acts) The Slip, Garaj Mahal, Commander Cody, Olospo, Tarbox Ramblers, Ancient Harmony, Particle, El Buho, Railroad Earth, Umphrey's McGee, Dr. Didg, (locals, but favorites) The Big Wu, Sweet Potato Project, Happy Apple (Jazz Group of the year, Minnesota Music Awards, 1998-2001 ), Levitt8 and Kung Fu Hippies. (This line-up may be subject to change, but is nearly accurate).

Five thousand people are invited this year and let your imagination run wild on the glory that we will behold. No predictions, forecasts or seers can grasp how embracing and life changing The Big Wu Family Reunion will be. Each minute: a new story, new face, new inspirational moment. Every smile genuine, each helping hand gesturing, that you, I, we can be altogether.

[Published on: 3/11/02]

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