Last Saturday night was one of the first truly beautiful nights in Colorado at the end of the winter, and we were treated to a music icon on this very special night. The drive down to the show almost made me take the top off my car and cruise down to Boulder in style from the Fort. This was the first show I’ve seen in a while, if any, where I actually knew friends of ours were going to be there, so that made it a lot more fun. I love the Fox Theatre for its perfect sound and great views from any place in the theatre. This show was packed, and for good reason.

The place was crowded as the band walked on stage and everyone was wondering what might they have on their minds for us. The band is a very simple foursome consisting of Steve Kimock on guitar and steel pedal, Mitch Stein also on guitar, Rodney Holmes on drums, and Alphonso Johnson on bass. Even though I’ve seen Kimock with many other projects he has done, I have never seen this actual solo project. This night showed off Kimock's improv side more than the funk, and they delivered a beautiful night of soft jams with bits of rock and funk. With my girlfriend by my side, we were ready to embrace this soft night of music and kick back with some good friends.

From the beginning, the show came out with old favorites and new surprises. The first song, a Zero flashback, “Rainbow’s Cadillac,” was one for all to get their groove on. Steve came out to prove that he is one of the new masters on the guitar. With a perfect rhythm section at his beckoning he can let them flow between him with masterful solos. Without the sax it was a little weird to hear this song, but they did an excellent version. The next was a new song that I was very interested to hear, “Elmer’s Revenge.” This song was beautiful and I hope that this band performs it more frequently because it is a wonderful song. “The Long Form part I,” was the next song. They definitely jammed this song out to the extreme but almost too much. A lot of this show was a tribute to Steve and Rodney where the rest of the band just seemed to flow behind them. The next jam had a techno type riff with a mysterious keys section coming from nowhere. “Sabretooth” was a song that really made no sense for the show but followed up with probably the best piece of the night, “Hillibillies on PCP,” which was the perfect blend of southern funk that closed the first set. The entire band had a perfect groove of southern blues and r&b with Steve providing the main guitar beat. After his initial beat, the band went into a great mix of improv where none of them played solo, but perfectly as a whole. This was a perfect song to go into set break and a great song that had my mind humming all night long.

The second set opened with two very slow and melodic songs. The first, “You’re the One,” went on for about twenty minutes and had everyone pretty tired by the end. This was not a bad song, just a bad set opener. This band needs to realize that they are good as a whole, not as just individuals soloing. The next was a beauty, “Kissin the Boo Boo,” another one of Steve’s older songs. This was as beautiful as any version I have heard. The improv was slow but each member flowed together as a whole instead of any major solos. I can dig this because they are a band not just the name on the marquee. The last true jam of the night was the funk killer, “Better Git Hit in Your Soul.” This song was fantastic and made me yearn for a “5 b4 funk” encore.

We were treated to the Boulder curfew once again and did not get an encore. I think the band could have done one but they looked tired. This show was very good on impov, but not a lot on sharing. You could barley hear Mitch over Steve which was kind of sad. The music was great and the fans were weird in Boulder, which made it a fun night and another one for the books.

Dallas Kuykendall
JamBase | Colorado
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[Published on: 3/3/02]

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